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Set Character Size

Postby Zap-zapper » Thu Jun 15, 2017 10:04 am

Please, return that glorious verb.
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Re: Set Character Size

Postby VerySoft » Thu Jun 15, 2017 10:05 am

No thanks. There's plenty of ways to do that in the game without making a magic button to just allow it for no reason.

Now, it'd be cool if it was an expensive trait to be able to set size at will.
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Re: Set Character Size

Postby arokha » Thu Jun 15, 2017 6:36 pm

I removed the verb at the same time as adding the fifth way to resize yourself:

[*] Shrink/grow mushrooms
[*] Shrink/grow chems
[*] Shrink ray
[*] Bluespace jumpsuit
[*] Mass Alt nifsoft

And, like I said when I removed the verb, I'm more than happy to work with anyone who gets an approved SCA for a character that can change size at will to get them the ability to do that without any of the above items, but it shouldn't be a thing anyone can do all the time, in my opinion.
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Re: Set Character Size

Postby jemli » Fri Jun 16, 2017 2:36 pm

I think it should be added back in, because it still has reasons to be around. For one, it serves a similar function to the OOC escape verb, in cases like where the meek of was filled with microcillian and injecting it indiscriminately, or a missed shrink ray shot hitting someone randomly.

It also gives a way to still be able to change sizes in situations where any of the above might not be available. The mushrooms require a botanist, Chris require medical to go through a long process that gives a very tiny payout for the effort involved, the shrink ray requiring both research and mining to be able to obtain, and, frankly, the bluespace jumpsuit isn't useful to anything except oral vore. And if the character is against getting a nif, they're out that way as well.

Lastly, it isn't a problem at all if the people are just using the resize verb in the dorms, since what they're doing in there should be private anyway. But if they're doing it in the bar and claaiming it to be magic, that should be when admins step in.
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Re: Set Character Size

Postby Mister Grimm » Sat Jun 17, 2017 9:07 pm

I also think it should get added back in, it makes scenes that include size changes much more difficult now. Not only that, but if someone breaks someone else's prefs then they can't fix it on their own, they would have to go to one of the IC methods, which depending on the situation could be never, or take hours. Not only that, but shrink chems and shrink shrooms are the same thing, so it would be four methods, not five. The chems come from the same source as the shrooms, and making the shroom chems can be excessively expensive at times for something so simple.
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Re: Set Character Size

Postby Kligor » Sat Jun 17, 2017 9:45 pm

While I havent played in a while I will say I feel it should also be added back in, given Ive had multiple scenes where the shrinking simply had no correlation to the methods here. While the fifth option sounds cool I feel more variety and more options is a great idea. I also guess I either didnt get the memo for this or something, but Id like to add that the server could probably do with a small vote on different changes to stuff such as functionality of verbs and such. Fixes and small tweaks like damage values dont need to be mentioned though. Anyways, overall it should be added back, given the variety of reasons that people can change size which do not pertain to the current methods.
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Re: Set Character Size

Postby Scree » Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:20 pm

I will code a box that fits in your pocket with a button on it to allow you to resize. Hell, an implant would make sense too. Adding more and more IC ways to do it is a great idea. Hell, if it helps people, I'll stick a vendable "adjust your own size" item and stick it in vendors. Hell, even the loadout. Maybe give it some limited rate or charge or something.

To the people worried about people prefbreaking them: I've dealt with FAR more people just mashing resize repeatedly in the bar and going from tiny to giant and back over and over and over while greytiding than I've ever dealt with hypothetical "what if someone gets hit by a shrink ray by accident" scenarios.

tl;dr the verb has caused more and larger problems than it's solved, and it was only ever really intended as a debugging thing until more IC ways of doing it were implemented.
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Re: Set Character Size

Postby Dhaeleena » Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:27 pm

I think we really need the verb back. We could have a thousand IC ways to change sizes, But i think the verb should exist.
Otherwise it is made harder to change size back to normal if you are unwillingly shrunk or grown and you dont want to deal with being forced to get a size changing item that goes against your prefs to change sizes again.
Then it hinders scenes, greatly, Not having the Verb hinders scenes a lot as it forced the people on the scene to modify their scene to contain such items and objects to change sizes.
Someone suggested an implant you get easier to change sizes...well if that implant goes through rounds and is super easy to get and everyone can get it and people will fluff it as whatever they want..isnt that exactly that the verb was?
The verb existed to facilitate private scenes between other minor things, But the biggest reason was dorm roleplays.
Quoting someone on discord now.
" the verb does have a warning explicitly stating it's purpose, and with more IC means of altering size in the game that purpose could just be enforced far more strictly
ie using it for anything but resetting prefbreaks or for dorm RPs could be justification for drawing the ire of admins considering how many options are available outside of dorms"

Also i have a suggestion. That the admins are given a way to add/remove/ban the Resize verb from people that abuse it.
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Re: Set Character Size

Postby Vorrarkul » Sat Jun 17, 2017 11:40 pm

I used to support the idea of getting the verb back. Having considered it, I think encouraging the alternative of ahelping when your preferences are broken will be healthier for the community as a whole, since the admins will be aware when someone's being reckless with a shrinkray, or a microcillin-spiked medibot.

As for alternatives to the items above... honestly, I'm open to more items- a microcillin-laced soda from vending machines was mentioned in the discord. However, I am Against returning the verb. There are other, non-vore-related mechanics we have implemented; for instance, implants that let one simulate producing milk, or laying eggs. Both of these are whitelisted items created for a single, specific character- not even just for a specific player, a specific character. I support the idea of a resize verb implant that can be applied for in the same way.
As for the idea of changing someone else's size, I would argue in favor of a sizechanging belly, and for a loadout item that simply allows you to change someone's size twice, before needing a recharge of its battery. A commercially available shrinkray, if you will. Hell, if prefbreaks are a concern, just make the gun give a sizechanging prompt!
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Re: Set Character Size

Postby Shadowmane » Sun Jun 18, 2017 12:07 am

I'm sorry, but I really do have to agree with the others here. The verb was not only extremely useful, but practically required for certain private scenes. Otherwise, players would be forced to spend hours working on IC methods to gain access to the ability to shrink/grow (ie, wait for shrink shrooms to grow, make an extremely complicated multistep recipe as chemist, etc, etc..). And while they are working on all this unnecessary prep-work for a scene, the possibility of something happening that completely derails it only increases. Furthermore, it seems very limiting that the only IC methods for shrinking and growing should be determined by the game mechanics. I mean, what if people have a means of shrinking or growing that DOESN'T involve one of the IC methods and they don't feel like going through the effort to file a character request solely for this ONE power.

Now, I know that Scree offered to code in what sounds like a shrink box as an inventory item and that is very kind of them to offer, but really all that does is make it so that you always have to have said item on your character if you want to shrink or grow. Such a band-aid fix seems like more of a hassle than simply returning the verb considering they basically do the same thing. Plus.. Do we REALLY need ANOTHER item that we have to keep track of just to use something we all had access to originally? :(

Finally, I've been here for around three years and I have never once seen anyone randomly shrinking and growing in the bar exclaiming: "LOOK! I have magical shrinking and growing powers!" or anything similar to that.. Sure, I have no doubt that someone COULD do that, but I think the actual occurrence of such was rare to nonexistent. Plus, the old verb did have a VERY clear warning on it. And as far as I knew, the admins always did a good job of enforcing that warning. So really, there doesn't seem to be any reason not to return the verb in my mind.
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