Tasy Ruffles!~

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Tasy Ruffles!~

Postby SilverTalismen » Thu Feb 25, 2016 12:12 pm

Tasy Ruffles Posted:

"Hi Hi!~ I'm Tasy Ruffles!~ Entertainer, or as Nano-transen puts it a Clown!~

I am technically a Ex-Clown after a uhm..incident? with the Clown Federation haha!~

It's a looong story that I don't want to tell right now buut now I'm here under uhh...political asylum? after defecting to Nano-transen!~

*Attatched would be a picture of a a rather attractive clown masked woman [the mask being the sexy clown mask!] and wearing a clown uniform [sexy clown outfit] with raindbow socks going up her thighs and a pair of purple shoes, she's doing a peace sign, her clothes clinging to ever curve she has and emphasizing her breasts*

It'll be super fun to work with all of you!~"

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