[PontifexMinimus] Yuliy - Continued micromanagement

[PontifexMinimus] Yuliy - Continued micromanagement

Postby Harry.K » Tue Feb 04, 2020 9:26 am

Byond account and character name: Yuliy/Marshall Easter
Discord ID (if applicable): N/A
Banning admin: PontifexMinimus, Scree
Ban type (What are you banned from?): Job banned from command/IAA
Ban reason given: Continued micromanagement, hostility against admins whenever they point that out, constant tattling to Ace in an attempt to cow admins to his agenda. No more. Clearly does not fit these roles and should not perform them in any circumstance.
Ban length: Permanent
Approximate date that the ban was placed (including time zone): GMT ±0 Feb 4th 14:12
Your side of the story: There was an incident where I have seen the suspicious crate that a single cargo tech was literally dragging right on the front of my eyes.
There is no other cargo tech, and there are only 6 on the station, excluding myself. One was a Russian Griefer, followed by the log.
Coming out from the shuttle, and there was only that one single crate.
I've ordered them to explain what it is, however, they've lied multiple times. Ended up deciding to demote them, without a charge, however.
But on the reason of this ban, they've banned me for IC issue, simply closing their ears when I tried to explain how I've noticed it.
Also to say when they've said I've shown the hostility against the admin, they ignored they were the one who was aggressive, to begin with.
And to include on this log, it is evidence that Scree doesn't care even a single bit of the announcement and didn't even bothered to read.
This is not the first time of Scree and PontifexMinimus doing their valid hunting against me.

Why you think you should be unbanned: Followed up on the announcement- https://discordapp.com/channels/1738318 ... 8138724392, it was an IC issue and I had my valid reason to check the said crate. They simply ignored that part and showed up aggressive action first when I've mentioned it.
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Re: [PontifexMinimus] Yuliy - Continued micromanagement

Postby PontifexMinimus » Tue Feb 04, 2020 9:48 am

Scree asked you to not instantly try to get people into trouble of the smallest of things and stop micromanaging people.
Your response was "I'm telling Ace you asked me to do this", a behaviour previously seen with "Catblaster", who actually told you pretty much the same thing.

[2020-01-31T22:50:20]ADMIN: PM: Yuliy/(Marshall Easter)->Cat Blaster/(Duke Henry): Really am thinking I should notify Ace. Sorry if this feels like a threat, but few admins did poked me for minor SoP breach.

[2020-02-04T08:50:58]ADMIN: PM: Yuliy/(Marshall Easter)->Scree/(Scree): You're really trying your best to validhunt against me OOCly, aren't you? I've messaged Ace about your attitude right now, just to make a note. And when you hover that crate, it's literally saying, 'Suspicious crate,' tag of 'I just wanted.' How about you change the name of the item's name, so no one can be suspicous?

You refuse to listen to the quite gentle guidance to maybe let things slide and not constantly hound people or do their job - the epitome of a controlling micromanager.

Dude is fucking whack as HOS. Keeps ordering people to do things outside their remit, like sealing off sections of the facility on green, that sort of thing. Character SERU-561 by Demicus_Maximus (HeadAdmin) on Sat, September 14th of 2019

Talked to about doing jobs as the CD (specifically resleeving people while not only did we have medical, but medical was working the resleever). Advised that if he thinks that there should be someone doing a job while playing CD, they should be faxxing unless there's some kind of emergency situation. by VerySoft (GameAdmin) on Sun, November 10th of 2019 Remove

On his watch as HoS, oversaw an officer arresting people for literally being naked in a subtles scene. Got him to refresh his cache as he was seeing an old version of spacelaw that still had nudity as a crime. by Scree (HeadAdmin) on Sun, November 10th of 2019 Remove

Lost their cool in a big way when Azura apparently interrupted something they were doing. Didnt ahelp, and instead started screaming at them over PDA using brackets. The message is below. Informed thm that it is absolutely unacceptable to start going off on how much they hate someone instead of ahelping. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ ... nknown.png by Slingerblade (GameAdmin) on Sat, January 4th of 2020 Remove

All these incidents are closely clustered together whenever you are active.

In adminhelps you are belligerent, appeal to higher authorities and refuse to budge even an inch, to the point where you think we are out to get you. Summa summarum, I think you are not fit to occupy command roles - in fact, you make them very unfun to interact with for the community and for the sake of the community, I removed you from them.
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Re: [PontifexMinimus] Yuliy - Continued micromanagement

Postby Scree » Tue Feb 04, 2020 9:49 am

That announcement doesn't say what you think it does.
It says you won't get banned for SOP breaches because IC rules are not OOC rules.
It does not follow from that statement that you won't get kicked to the curb if you join as captain, play supercop, barge into cargo repeatedly and inspect their crates in code green, and threaten people with demotion instead of brig sentences because you saw a single unlabeled crate.

Just because something is breaching IC SOP doesn't mean it's not also breaching OOC rules. All you have to do is not validhunt every single instance of possible crime in an unfun manner.

The point is, your playstyle as director is not fun for other players on the server, you were asked to tone it down, and you refused to do so and tried to lawyer about how it's actually totally okay for you to barge into cargo repeatedly and prevent other players in the video game from having fun. Talking to you about it is like talking to a wall, because you always bring out this laundry list of technicalities for why it was okay for you to be an ass to another player.

Last time I spoke to you, you were HoS and you were having your officers literally brigging people for being naked and roleplaying in subtles. Because they "didn't have a permit". And when I asked you what the hell you were thinking, you linked space law - which was not only out of date on your cache (at the time it wasn't even a crime) but didn't even list arrest as an option even when it was technically a crime. And you still didn't see anything wrong with breaking up two people trying to have a non-disruptive scene because technically the letter of the IC law allowed it. You didn't even seem to consider that it was a dick move on an OOC level.

All you had to do is not go out of your way to look for excuses to demote people as director. And if you're playing director to swing your authoritah around, then we don't want you as director.
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Re: [PontifexMinimus] Yuliy - Continued micromanagement

Postby Mr_Signmeup » Tue Feb 04, 2020 1:08 pm

It's definitely time for you to take a step back and re-evaluate how you handle yourself in command. You're not on Colonial Marines herding marines who want to unga. We're a different audience and you need to adapt yourself appropriately.

No support.
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Re: [PontifexMinimus] Yuliy - Continued micromanagement

Postby VerySoft » Thu Feb 06, 2020 3:46 am

I agree with this ban, I don't really think that you belong in command roles based on your temperament.

No support.
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Re: [PontifexMinimus] Yuliy - Continued micromanagement

Postby Kisuke_Gema » Thu Feb 06, 2020 5:07 am

Failed to understand the reason for this ban - still blames other people and the admins instead of taking responsibility.

Zero support.
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Re: [PontifexMinimus] Yuliy - Continued micromanagement

Postby Aces » Thu Feb 06, 2020 5:48 am

The whole "I'm gonna tell Ace" thing especially pisses me off because you've only ever contacted me I think once, but I know you've threatened my admins with calling their manager several times now. Don't think I haven't seen or heard about it when people like you do this.

If you sincerely thought the admins did something wrong you'd not only actually contact me, you'd not bother telling the offending admin that you're running to me to do so.

Appeal rejected
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