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ExpandedWhitelist - Tempest - Wickedtemp

Postby Wickedtemp » Sat Jan 04, 2020 12:03 am

Name of Item: Medhud and Hypospray

BYOND Key (Username): Wickedtemp

Name of Character: Chakat Tempest Venosare

Main Job(s) of Character: Chemist/CMO/MD/OffDutyMedic

Why your character should have this item: Already have the items, this is an app to have the whitelist expanded to include Offduty Medic.

Additional Notes: I regularly clock-in from going Offduty to help out with Medical stuff -sometimes on request and sometimes just because nobody else is in medical and its faster than having someone fill out and send a fax and wait for a response. From an OOC standpoint, it'd be beneficial and overall neat to have while offduty. The MedHUD pr was merged May 31st, 2016. The hypospray was added February 7th, 2017. They weren't given job restrictions until September 13th, 2019. Given that I went 3+ years with the Medhud and 2+ years with the hypospray with zero issues of me abusing it (or at least nothing deemed worth DMing me over), I think the record shows that I can continue not abusing it as Offduty Medic.

From an IC standpoint, Tempest's more than proven hirself capable and as one of the more reliable Medical crew, so there's additional justification for hir carrying Medic equipment while offduty.
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