TheDavestDave-Medal of Unity-Roy Tilton

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TheDavestDave-Medal of Unity-Roy Tilton

Postby TheDavestDave » Thu Nov 07, 2019 8:30 am

Name of Item:
Medal of Unity
Item description: (try to keep it short and sweet)
A silver medal awarded to a group which has demonstrated exceptional teamwork to achieve a notable feat.
Sprites (or link to sprites):
in game already
Any additional resources: (in a .zip or .7z file, including sounds and DM files with code in them)

BYOND Key (Username):
Name of Character:
Roy Tilton
Main Job(s) of Character:
Why your character should have this item:
Blew up his first ship on purpose. The NTSS Clement and the cloneing mistakes on board
Additional Notes:

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