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Re: [mrsignmeup] worksbythesea - toxic behavior

Postby TheFurryFeline » Sun Aug 11, 2019 1:02 pm

Alright.... I've held back from this thing for a while because I didn't think that I could respond to this with a clear head. But now that's not going to be an issue.

Mr_Signmeup wrote:I'm back and during my absent I was reminded of the fact that you impersonated a completely different and unrelated character to send a death threat to the Colony Director which I find pretty unacceptable to impersonate someone unwillingly and without their OOC knowledge. Considering the server works with 'continuity', such reckless actions while using another person's name could have severe effects on their reputation. If you want to impersonate someone, impersonate someone that doesn't 'exist' on station or have no knowledge of existing on station. IE; 'John Doe', etc.

It also violates our global rule 6. 'Please be respectful of other users. You can disagree with someone without being a hostile douchebag.' Cause, IMO, telling someone to kill themselves, even when you mean it in-character to someone you barely know on a personal level is very disrespectful and can cause OOC issues.

I was the very one who was the Colony Director mentioned here and the poor sap who got impersonated was right next to me after having been resleeved, awaiting getting issued a new ID so they could go and recover their items. At the first moment, I forgot that they didn't have any of their stuff and Sam was all shocked that shi got the message before realising that it was someone impersonating the resleeved person. I ordered an IC investigation but without much evidence to go with, it got shelved.

Additionally..... It took me a bit before I wound up reporting the death wish sent to Sam to Resh and to eventually find out that my gut instinct was right that it was Jolly that sent it.... I agree with Resh here; I don't recall very many occasions before this where Sam and Jolly had bad interactions so there's.... No sane reason to send such a message, least of all trying to hide behind the name of someone who was already on station.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say this was a case of meta-grudging if you sincerely dislike me as a player, letting that bleed into the very communicator messages that were sent to Sam's Commlink. Proof of difference of typing style came when the resleeved person used their own Commlink to compliment Sam on how well shi does hir job. Adding in two sections of the messages I saved for reference of differences.

The Real Person wrote:Them: Me's just wanting to say, you'd doing a GREAT job as site managers.Not listen to the dorks... it been so chaotics and you's handling it all very wells.
You: Thanks, that means a lot to me, hon.~ Like, seriously, appreciate the compliment.
Them: Even just in minings, me couldn't handle everything goings on, and you's doing the whole stations! Just wanted to say. You's doing greats. Don't let thems get you downs because they not knowings how stressful it is.

Impersonator wrote:Them: Yer an awful Site Manager
Them: Find an airlock

Next topic...... The wedding shift....

Worksbythesea wrote:Hey I don't know who you mean when you say people joined and talked about me, but if people did I have no control of that since I was banned from the discord prior and server without any warning. On the issue of the wedding, I under the impression that I was supposed to treat is as an expedition, and Jolly never had a good relation with Azura or any of the characters he brought along. I was treating it IC like an expedition first and a wedding trip second because I was never explicitly told otherwise. I guess I should have kept my cool and not tried to cancel the whole thing, but with Azura's bad attitude with me and Softfur's involvement, I was feeling kind of irate.

Mr_Signmeup wrote:1. Your previous attitude has shown a lot of 'no fun', IE; attempting to prevent people from doing xenobiology as the Research Director. Being a detriment to a player-ran wedding on Virgo 4 and causing a ruckus there, such as stating edgy crap like; "Happy Wishes to the soon to be divorced couple." or naming the shuttle "42% of people divorce" based on a suggestion by another player. It's a big 'bruh' moment when players do shit like that. Just spit in the face of a group of players who are just trying to have fun and be like; "Oh, cause of this procedure/regulation, I can be a complete ass to someone and not get in trouble for it cause I'm legally allowed to do it."

Wickedtemp wrote:One of the reasons would be the playermade wedding event. Command, that round, were acting as if they were OOCly trying to ruin it in as many "BUT SOP SAYS.." ways as possible.

They treated it like an expedition and put Jolly in charge. Jolly forced everybody back to the station. The HoS made all of the attendants line up to be searched. They literally made the sec-tape lineup around the teleporter. Internal Affairs tried to convince Command, Security and Medical to ignore any and all calls for help from wedding attendants, even OOCly intentionally having their character 'misinterpret' CC's faxes that literally said the exact opposite. Looking for reasons to ruin someone elses fun is indicative of overall shit OOC behavior.

I had forgotten that you named the shuttle after statistics of marriages ending up with divorce and that really is a kick in the shin to something that two very eager people had planned for, one of which even asked me to help map the very area that was used for the ceremony. I didn't have enough free time, however, but that's besides the point. They wanted the event they planned to go forward so much, can you see why that they'd be upset about any excessive interference on your part?

As for my/Softfur's involvement, as far as I recall, I stayed with the ship following landing on V4 where some people went off and ran into a deathclaw that had wandered out of the caves and from what I hear and remember of the incident, Jolly forcibly threw the bride for some reason I haven't been able to find in my logs. The player behind said bride wound up so upset following the first return to the station when Resh set up the teleporter system and they went SSD for a while to calm down.

Mr_Signmeup wrote:2. I'm well aware that you have a severe distaste towards vore as a fetish. Which is another 'bruh' moment of... You're on a server, literally dedicated to that fetish and you think its weird and disgusting. So, it's a concern to us a staff team that you could be a detriment to that aspect of the community. Worse case scenario is you intervening in scenes cause how dare they enjoy a fetish that the server is literally dedicated to and is even titled after. The main reason I acted is because newcomers were concerned that they wouldn't even be able to participate in the fetish because of what you think. I can't change what you like and dislike but if a new player can't even enjoy a fetish that they want to do but fears about getting judged by a singular person? There's an issue there. So, that is why there was no 'mediation' because I cannot make you magically enjoy vore. I cannot convince you to like it and I'm concerned with how much you can tolerate it. Cause like I said, worse case scenario is that you kick up such a shit storm because someone decided to eat another on an expedition or something, resulting in said person becoming self-conscious about their kinks and leaving the server to avoid a further shit-fest.

This.... Is a big concern for me, to be quite honest.... I wonder why the devil you want to come back to the very place that revolves around a fetish that you are disgusted by as a whole. I'd also have the worry that Resh here states, whether something happens in front of you and if that distaste would bleed into IC actions...

Long and short, I do not support your return to this server. You've shown quite a lot of toxicity and caused grief and ruckus for players. You may be better off playing on a different ERP server if there is one that's HRP and all.
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Re: [mrsignmeup] worksbythesea - toxic behavior

Postby Mewchild » Mon Aug 12, 2019 6:21 pm

Tubby McPreyslut wrote:You may be better off playing on a different ERP server if there is one that's HRP and all.

Whispering of "Citadel Arepeee" echo from this one statement.

It just seems like a lot of the actions that have been taken by this player are designed to follow the letter of the regs, and not the spirit of the server itself. They reek of an attitude of "If I'm on top, I'm winning, and that's what matters."

Also, not hate, Furry. Your post was excellent, and hit a number of good points
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Re: [mrsignmeup] worksbythesea - toxic behavior

Postby TheFurryFeline » Mon Aug 12, 2019 6:53 pm

Mewchild wrote:
It just seems like a lot of the actions that have been taken by this player are designed to follow the letter of the regs, and not the spirit of the server itself. They reek of an attitude of "If I'm on top, I'm winning, and that's what matters."

That reminds me, the communicator messages came shortly after Sam started taking up the CD spot again because shi had no faith in Jolly's abilities, seeing them cause a ruckus when Max Brooks was being taken to Central as well as hearing more things ICly.

One shift, Sam decided to take up the job of CE despite hir quitting it following some engine troubles reported over comms. After getting the headset, there was an argument over command channels that wasn't even attempted to be mediated by then-CD Jolly, further giving Sam more reason to distrust them and shi finally decided to take Site Manager some days later.

Again, the aforementioned communicator messages came within a day or twin afterwards so what Phi said here seems pretty spot on.... To get messages like that 'reeks of' disdain for someone who took a slot that they'd had for a few weeks.
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Re: [mrsignmeup] worksbythesea - toxic behavior

Postby TheFurryFeline » Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:46 am

I'd also like to take a moment to emphasise that I did not have any OOC issues with the player behind Jolly Rackham, nor was I aware of any disdain towards me as a player that bled through into the communicator messages.

That said, I do not like having to roleplay my characters disliking people because of their actions and/or dislike/hatred towards my characters or others or other actions that may give them negative opinions about people.

Furthermore, I try very hard to not let my dislike of some people bleed into my IC actions, even when I know the feeling can be mutual.
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Re: [mrsignmeup] worksbythesea - toxic behavior

Postby Aces » Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:18 pm

Appeal rejected.
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