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AutismoBirb - Greyshirt

Postby TeaTree » Thu Feb 21, 2019 12:09 pm

BYOND Key: AutismoBirb

What kind of character/language do you want to apply for: Vat-grown human/ No language as words are beyond him.

Name of Characters In-game: (If applicable)

Are they a fan character of another franchise?: Negative, He's from the home turf of SS13

If so, what the hell are they doing here?:Every sever needs one, we all know that!

How long you've been playing Vorestation: I Haven't

What is this character's backstory?: Garith Greyson; A Vat grown human of the Greyson line.
Greysons are a experimental breed of NanoTrasen workers known as a Tide, no pay loyal to the core and the best part. Replaceable, conditioned from birth he was meant to be the perfect worker much like the rest of his kin As though with everything NanoTrasen private funded was a ultimate failure, the Tides would prove to be unstable and generally useless with higher tiers of them seemingly able to work most areas of station crew and maintain a station to its basic needs if left unprovoked though incredibly defiant to any and all objectives brought to them from a member of command even more so to any site security.

Garith is of a mid tier echelon of the Tides, Compliant to what the stations basic needs are but utterly vacant on social cues or any forum of outside requests seemingly doing as he so pleases though completely passive if left to there own devices, has proven to even assist security teams if the station is threatened, It's to be duly noted to all crew not to attempt to remove his gas mask and grey jumpsuit as the subject can become incredibly agitated/aggressive if personal possession is removed from them unwillingly.

though not trusted with anything more than the role of departmental assistant NanoTrasen have sent him to a frontier station in the attempts of surveying his development or throwing him to the mines to test the tides combat capabilities we are not too sure it was lost in the shipping manifest for him.

If they speak any special languages, why do they speak them?: Due to his conditioning he can't speak, though has been observed to mime or grunt in dire circumstances

What do you expect them to bring to the station's RP by this character being allowed?: He'll throw a proverbial wrench into the expectations of folk and there views on a "shitter" to show a odd skill of being able to IC'ly play something that shouldn't be in a HRP fashion.

Play out the following simulated RP scenario (also feel free to alter this, as it is just an example scenario):
Recruiter: "So, tell me about yourself... what was your name again?"
You: The man would sit idle in his chair with a blank expression on his face eyes darting around the room as he would quite visibly be looking for something.
Recruiter: "Riiiiiiight..." The recruiter scribbles on his notepad, taking down notes. "Tell me about how you came to live on Virgo Prime."
You: He'd take instant notice of the pen as it moves throwing both arms forwards in the wild attempt to grasp at the pen though due to the length of the table he'd be helplessly making grasping motions with both of his fully extended arms and hands as his eyes are solely focused on the pen.
Recruiter: The recruiter reels back slightly, hardly making eye contact as he reads off the standard list of questions. "Do you have any past experience working on NanoTrasen stations?"
You: He'd bring his eyes up to the man once more when the names brought up seeming fidgety though still making grasping motions.
Recruiter: He give a apathetic raise of the brow, writing down some notes, or perhaps doodling. It's impossible to tell which. "And what do you think you can bring to the company?"
You: He'd stop almost instantly with his motions attempting to reach down to something in his empty belt continuing to grab it visibly concerned and confused to where ever his missing apparatus is.
Recruiter: "Very well. Thank you for your time. We will contact you as soon as there is an opening suited for you." The impatient recruiter finally looks up again and waves the applicant along, ready for the next potential new employee.
You:At this point he'd be under the table seemingly lost searching around for the still missing object, this would go on for a couple minutes before a member of staff had to bring in a crowbar to the man seemingly as to instantly calm him down and was escorted out of the room.

Why do you want to play this individual?: Played Garith back in the old days of Apollo and Had a bit too much fun with it making players laugh at the absolute state of the concept of a HRP shitter.
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