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Discussion on SoP and CoC

Postby Nanaki » Wed Oct 03, 2018 3:50 pm

Last night, there was a rather lengthy discussion on both Standard Operating Procedure, and the Chain of Command. While the topic covered a lot of cases and situations, the overall takeaway is that both are rather outdated, some parts extremely so. While it can be argued that you can ahelp/fax when things go wrong, the fact that admins have to step in is heavily indicative that something is broken in the first place.

Here are some of the cliff notes I managed to get:

- Gateway access needs to be looked at. Right now, the Colony Director, Research Director, Head of Security, and Head of Personnel are the only ones with gateway access. While this has not been an issue when the gateway has sat mostly unused, the gateway has seen more recent use which has caused a number of issues to prop up. My feeling on the issue is that the current access level both fails to stop abuse, we have already had at least one recent gateway event where the Head of Security rushed in with security to play dungeon crawler at the event (with the RD not being too happy about it), but at the same time we have had issues where, when the above four roles were unavailable to open up the gateway after it was declared safe by centcomm, it took the Chief Engineer hacking their way through maintenance, depower the gateway area, and then crowbar the shutters open to open it up.

- Both the Quartermaster and the Pathfinder should probably be full heads, to quote: "They both lead departments and have tasks to achieve. But both of them have some other head who's generally rather unrelated to their actual department who can randomly step in and shit on what they do. Like, trade and supply would actually be a really important role on the Tether, as an example, where it's supposed to be a fuel stop for all the ships in the area."

- Reviewing Exploration's role as part of science. In the current status quo, science and exploration really do not have much points of interaction, exploration rarely can bring anything back from science, and, science cannot really support the explorers all that well (at least, without materials). One of the suggestions have been to move Exploration to Cargo. The Pathfinder and QM could possibly be joint heads in this, with the Pathfinder handling all off-station tasks and the QM handling on-station tasks. This idea has merit, on account of the exploration areas being very resource rich, usually, but the explorers rarely can exploit this because it requires a miner willing to come along.

- SoP needs a lot of updating, Expedition SoP in particular is so flawed that even admins do not take parts of it seriously anymore. Known issues including the pilot's 'shuttle authority' being abused, the lack of Pathfinder within SoP (due to it being a new role), and the Research Director being encouraged to go on shuttle expeditions when heads (outside of pathfinder) should really not be going off-station.

- This is my personal thing, but, either expeditions need to be something that can be more easily assembled and done, without it being a major operation, or expeditions should have something on-station to do.

This list is rather... incomplete, which is why I am uploading the full conversation so that it can be discussed.

[2:51 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: I would like the tether's maintenence to be more generally useful for getting around. I'm not keen on the way the maints are on Tether.
[2:51 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: and other departments still feel
[2:51 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: so barebones
[2:52 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: I like Engie as is tbh
[2:52 AM] Ascian: Medical is huge but... its not laid out very well
[2:52 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Med could use some love
[2:52 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Ye
[2:52 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: But that'd require a major overhaul, and I'm not skilled enough for that I feel like
[2:52 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: we need a window to overlook the engine room
[2:52 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: we need more use of z-levels
[2:52 AM] Ascian: one of the huge problems with medical is that there are windows everywhere and all it takes is a single fucking dust spek to depressurize most of medical.
[2:52 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: See, Moth
[2:52 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: I want to agree
[2:52 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: but
[2:53 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Here's the issue
[2:53 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: The more verticality we have like that
[2:53 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: the more spread out things will get, ironically
[2:53 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: aurora station does it pretty good but they also dont split stuff between 7 z-levels
[2:53 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: because we've got to contend with the fact that the areas above and below most locations are already packed(edited)
[2:53 AM] I'veSeenFootage: We need
[2:54 AM] I'veSeenFootage: A secret bar at tether midpoint
[2:54 AM] I'veSeenFootage: And a proper casino
[2:54 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Secret bar no
[2:54 AM] Ascian: Soft once set up an observation deck at midpoint
[2:54 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: casino yes
[2:54 AM] Ascian: the RD actually jumped off it
[2:54 AM] Ascian: with a parachute
[2:54 AM] I'veSeenFootage: Strip club.
[2:54 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: @Ascian lol you know what's going on with base jumping rn right
[2:54 AM] I'veSeenFootage: Maybe a syndie Hq
[2:54 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Or has been
[2:54 AM] Ascian: It was completely broken
[2:55 AM] Ascian: but it seems like it was fixed recently
[2:55 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: I'd really like it if the station was reduced to 4 Z levels. Cargo and engineering up in space, maybe the AI too, move everything else to the surface levels. Make the space levels be largely stuff that doesn't make sense to be where the bulk of the people are likely to be.
[2:55 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Cheri, Ali, and someone else tried to go base jumping
[2:55 AM] I'veSeenFootage: We need syndies to resleeve as the same person and get sec to shoot all of them
[2:55 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Got fucking killed
[2:55 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: @#1 Softest Woof~??? I like that idea, actually.
[2:55 AM] Ascian: I like that idea too
[2:55 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Best departments can finally lord over the peasants.
[2:55 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: :^)
[2:56 AM] Ascian: It makes no sense that medical is in space
[2:56 AM] I'veSeenFootage: Medgay
[2:56 AM] Ascian: when most casualties are on the surface
[2:56 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Agree
[2:56 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: im gonna get images of some good z-level shenanigans
[2:56 AM] I'veSeenFootage: Its called people dying before they arrive
[2:56 AM] I'veSeenFootage: Get with the times
[2:56 AM] Ascian: and the surface medbay is completely useless.
[2:56 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Surface medbat is a fucking joke lmfao
[2:56 AM] I'veSeenFootage: Delete surface
[2:56 AM] Ascian: its huge but it has nothing
[2:56 AM] I'veSeenFootage: Blow up the whole moon
[2:56 AM] Ascian: except a MED-U vendor
[2:57 AM] I'veSeenFootage: Release tether
[2:57 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: It has a fucking body scanner doesn't it
[2:57 AM] I'veSeenFootage: RELEASE TETHER
[2:57 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: Seperating half the station from the other half via a single elevator just
[2:57 AM] Ascian: it has a body scanner, sleeper, and a med-plus vendor
[2:57 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: What the fuck good is the body scanner gonna fucking do
[2:57 AM] Korn on the Foxe: @Ascian joining in later, it makes no sense for HoS to have access to gateway anyways according to SoP
[2:57 AM] Ascian: and... thats it
[2:57 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: meh
[2:57 AM] I'veSeenFootage: blow up the elevator
[2:57 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: My main thing is, there's a TON of wasted space on the surface. Like, you could do way more with the space there. While, the space levels are kind of not designed super great, they use most of the space, but they use it kind of poorly I feel like.
[2:57 AM] I'veSeenFootage: Oh wait its blowup proof
[2:57 AM] I'veSeenFootage: Right
[2:57 AM] Korn on the Foxe: Yet every gateway the HoS sprints in to play dungeon crawler
[2:57 AM] Ascian: @Korn on the Foxe From what I was told, only the RD and CD should have gateway access
[2:57 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Like @Ascian "Oh yeah you're lungs are collapsed."

"Can you fix it?"

"No, we gotta take you upstairs."
[2:57 AM] Korn on the Foxe: Yes
[2:57 AM] I'veSeenFootage: Hahahahah
[2:58 AM] Korn on the Foxe: SoP states that the HoS needs both of their permission to even be there in the first place
[2:58 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: Like, just on Surface 3, you could fit a whole other department on the empty space to the west of the pool.
[2:58 AM] Aegis (Xander): i'm impressed they could speak with collapsed lungs in the first place
[2:58 AM] Aegis (Xander): maybe they're fine after all :GWnanamiThinkingBTTV:
[2:58 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: Same story on the northwest of surface 1
[2:58 AM] Ascian: But, at the same time
[2:58 AM] Ascian: I kinda feel gateway access should be expanded
[2:59 AM] Ascian: not restricted.
[2:59 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Give CEs gateway access pls
[2:59 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Allow angry slime to let the tide in
[2:59 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: and there's enough space around and under surface medbay that you could probably fit all the important things from medical in there.
[2:59 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: just delete the shutters when running event
[2:59 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: so people can use it
[2:59 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: easy peasy
[2:59 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: lemon spaghetti
[2:59 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: nono
[2:59 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: I don't delete the shutters
[2:59 AM] SilverTalismen: I suggested making medical surface side useful and was shot down
[2:59 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Dude I was giggling like an idiot as I
[2:59 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: snuck through maint
[2:59 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: I become a wolpin with the captain's spare
[2:59 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: and pried shit open
[2:59 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: and hit the buttons
[2:59 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: *snap
[3:00 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: were you a wolpin i ate one time
[3:00 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: probably
[3:00 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: and was very confused when it started emoting back at me
[3:00 AM] SilverTalismen: @#1 Softest Woof~??? What do you call a Wolpin with a gun for a arm?
[3:00 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: haha
[3:00 AM] Ascian: Soft is always wolpin
[3:00 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Not always
[3:00 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: @SilverTalismen I... am not sure! Tell me!
[3:00 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: there was the time Table was a wolpin
[3:00 AM] SilverTalismen: @#1 Softest Woof~??? A wolpinized cutie.
[3:00 AM] Ascian: but yeah... its really odd the way gateway access is set up now
[3:00 AM] Ascian: im not really sure why
[3:00 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: and spawned 50+ on me for daring to not like what they were doing
[3:00 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: if there's a wolpin running around, it's probably me, usually.
[3:01 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: thunderdome event in the viewing room
[3:01 AM] Ascian: either it should be CD/RD only, OR it should be a lot wider than it is now.
[3:01 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: i ate a wolpin that was in there
[3:01 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: I USUALLY use them to do things I can't do or test with admin commands.
[3:01 AM] SilverTalismen: Question
[3:01 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: CEs should clearly have access to gateway lel
[3:01 AM] SilverTalismen: Why do Explorers not have gateway access?
[3:01 AM] Ascian: because admins want the RD to lead gateway expeditions.
[3:01 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Explorers were added after gateways were dropped
[3:02 AM] Ascian: I initially gave gateway access to the Pathfinder but that was shot down
[3:02 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: @Ravenous Mantis-Moth Oh! I was testing the monitors to see who had their cameras on and labeled correctly actually, then the camera cut away and my body was burning, haha
[3:02 AM] SilverTalismen: Yeah I know ^ but I mean couldn't they realistically receive it when gateways function again
[3:02 AM] Aegis (Xander): were you the one that gave xander wolpin ptsd
[3:02 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: Whoopsie
[3:02 AM] Aegis (Xander): ptwd
[3:02 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: I thought you were just some random ai.
[3:02 AM] Poojawa: tfw coders get desperate enough to just throw shit at the wall till it works
[3:02 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: Also heres an example of offices overlooking
[3:02 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: z-level
[3:02 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: https://gyazo.com/7cc86a976efb8ecabd29a070c7fc1956
[3:02 AM] Ascian: @SilverTalismen honestly... I have no idea.
[3:02 AM] Ascian: There really needs to be a discussion on the role of the RD
[3:02 AM] Ascian: because there is a very big divide
[3:03 AM] SilverTalismen: Shrugs
[3:03 AM] SilverTalismen: I'ma sleep now byes!
[3:03 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: CE is the best head anyways
[3:03 AM] Ascian: a lot of RDs want nothing to do with expeditions
[3:03 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: change my mind
[3:03 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: CHANGE
[3:03 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: MY
[3:03 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: MIND
[3:03 AM] Poojawa: CE imply garbage
[3:03 AM] Ascian: or gateway stuff
[3:03 AM] Poojawa: real ones are called Chengs
[3:03 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: >Cheng
[3:03 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: out of here with that weeaboo sounding shit
[3:03 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: CE is faster and easier to say
[3:03 AM] Poojawa: CHief ENGineer
[3:03 AM] Poojawa: scrub
[3:03 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: I know what it is
[3:04 AM] Poojawa: Cheng rolls off the tongue better
[3:04 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: I disagree
[3:04 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: chingcheng
[3:04 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: SEE
[3:04 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: CE
[3:04 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: See EE
[3:04 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Now cee here(edited)
[3:04 AM] Poojawa: you get to identify the racist people with it too :^)
[3:04 AM] Ascian: but right now gateway access is... wierd
[3:04 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: >Call it weeaboo
[3:04 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: ???
[3:04 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: I think the general thinking is that the pathfinder and explorers and all that are meant to be used primarily for the away shuttle, and the gateway is the RD's domain under normal conditions. Which I soooooooooooort of agree with usually, because there's like, nothing else that's exclusive to the RD role really.
[3:04 AM] Poojawa: No, dork
[3:05 AM] Poojawa: > chingcheng
[3:05 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: I'm not rascist
[3:05 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: :unamused:
[3:05 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: all my asian friends are.
[3:05 AM] Ascian: well, the RDs basically rule over all of science, so that is their domain, while the Pathfinder/explorers generally dont have their own department.
[3:05 AM] Poojawa: :honk:
[3:05 AM] Ascian: Hell, any head can just grab the shuttle and fly off with it.
[3:05 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Wait
[3:05 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: they can?
[3:05 AM] Ascian: yeah
[3:05 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: They can, but they'll get bapped if they make a habit of it
[3:05 AM] eve-il: Asci
[3:05 AM] eve-il: Meowy
[3:05 AM] eve-il: Puss puss
[3:05 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: I disbelieve you
[3:05 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: PDA server
[3:06 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: Is the only unique thing for RD
[3:06 AM] Ascian: yeah, RD is the only one with access to the AI Core and Server room, IIRC
[3:06 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: Because they get the monitor decryption code
[3:06 AM] Ascian: that is their main thing
[3:06 AM] eve-il: RD is an RP heavy role
[3:06 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: CEs can access the AI upload, but that's it I think
[3:06 AM] eve-il: Unlike the CE
[3:06 AM] eve-il: Or the Captain
[3:06 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: CE is actually important tho
[3:06 AM] eve-il: Think about it
[3:06 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: RD isnt
[3:06 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: O-Oh
[3:06 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Th-thanks
[3:06 AM] eve-il: Captain is literally just a nibba with all access
[3:06 AM] eve-il: Nothing else
[3:07 AM] eve-il: Out of RP, that is
[3:07 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Captain is just a special needs assistant
[3:07 AM] eve-il: Thus, RP is important
[3:07 AM] Ascian: but yeah, you just need head access to get into exploration, BUT you cant unlock the lockers without exploration access
[3:07 AM] Ascian: which, IIRC, only actual explorer roles have
[3:07 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: Captain's usually an IC babysitter with all access. u wu
[3:08 AM] Ascian: yeah, captain does not really count because of their all access
[3:08 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Can we re-add Captain as a name for CD
[3:08 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: I mean like, TECHNICALLY none of the heads are really all that important if the staff is competant. I do more than most CEs as an electrician.
[3:08 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Make it an option, not the default
[3:08 AM] Ascian: CMO really is only important because their job specific gear is really OP as fuck.
[3:09 AM] Ascian: without the job specific gear they kinda wouldnt have anything.
[3:09 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: i dont go head because people are really hesitant to RP with you if your a head and i dont care for the responsibility
[3:09 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: Hypospray wont even matter when syringes un-nerfed
[3:09 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: im not here to be a grumpy
[3:09 AM] Aegis (Xander): without the gear they'd be "doctor but now you do paperwork too"
[3:09 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: i just wanna chill
[3:09 AM] Ascian: syringes are going to get nerfed again
[3:09 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: @#1 Softest Woof~??? the reason that is is also because we have extended access 24/7
[3:09 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: syringes are clearly too OP
[3:09 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: we should make it so they do 1u
[3:09 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: when full
[3:09 AM] Ascian: basically, the next planned nerf for syringes is to make it so they break after X number of uses.
[3:10 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: without that access change in debug, Engies and Atmos techs wouldn't share access
[3:10 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: same goes for like
[3:10 AM] Ascian: so, syringes are still disposable but improper syringe use does not fuck over the patient anymore
[3:10 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Doc and Viro
[3:10 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: Viro is an alt title for docs now actually
[3:10 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: Doc and Viro are merged on conceptual level
[3:10 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: oh right
[3:10 AM] Ascian: yeah, virologists are an alt title for docs
[3:10 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: Poor syringes
[3:10 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: Also
[3:10 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: :snake;
[3:10 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: And yet you still have nurses saying 'I DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO VIRO'
[3:10 AM] Ascian: the only medbay roles are CMO, MD, Paramedic, SAR. I dont count psychologist as medbay staff really....
[3:10 AM] Korn on the Foxe: >pick RD
>demand to know where every scientist is at all times
>berate the scientists for using science tools to do scenes
>be the best RD
[3:10 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: Better example is Chef/Bartender/Botanist
[3:11 AM] Korn on the Foxe: :^)
[3:11 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: :snake:
[3:11 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: and yes that's true @Iroquois Pliskin but we have that out of nessesity usually, because you never see a fekken atmos tech usually
[3:11 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: I agree!
[3:11 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: I'm just pointing out why it is that heads aren't as important
[3:11 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: yaya
[3:11 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: Atmos? I have heard of this mythical land
[3:11 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: it's not mythical
[3:11 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: you want mythical
[3:11 AM] Ascian: and SAR is basically just Paramedic with exploration access added on top
[3:11 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: heads coordinate all the other dumbs
[3:11 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: circuits
[3:11 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: CIRCUITS
[3:11 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: most heads i deal with just yell at their employees for doing scenes
[3:11 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: thats their job
[3:11 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: instead of working
[3:11 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: to the bone
[3:12 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: not even rp wise
[3:12 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: just
[3:12 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: @Ravenous Mantis-Moth R8 my head
[3:12 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: 'hey fuckwit, DO YOUR JOB'
[3:12 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: never had any complaints
[3:12 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: thank
[3:12 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: so good head
[3:12 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: Especially if you’re in medical
[3:12 AM] Korn on the Foxe: I end up treating RD as more as a secretary for the department as everyone decides to PDA me for shit instead of our relay for some reason
[3:12 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: when you asked if i was building something
[3:12 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: most other heads would be
[3:12 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: "NO"
[3:12 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: Cause you’re the RD
[3:12 AM] Ascian: Korn, more that you got a reputation for being reliable
[3:12 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: "get a signature"
[3:12 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: "and show me where"
[3:12 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: It’s asking for permission essentially
[3:12 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: "or ill call sec"
[3:12 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: >Preventing an Engie from building shit
[3:12 AM] Korn on the Foxe: *snap
[3:12 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: ???
[3:12 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: When the PDA you
[3:12 AM] Ascian: im a fucking SAR and you have no idea how often people ask for me by name when they want medical treatment or surgery.
[3:13 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: its happened
[3:13 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: a lot
[3:13 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: @Ravenous Mantis-Moth Like at most I'd just want to see what's getting built and where because "Hey that's neat lemme see."
[3:13 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: ya, all the head roles above all else are to make sure that the relevent jobs they are responsible for get done. Doesn't mean the DE's a super engineer, just that they make sure engineering jobs are done. And the CD coordinates the heads.
[3:13 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: when they PDA you orders for science, inform them that they need to bring a signed form over with stamped signature from their department head.
[3:13 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: (make QM a head pls)
[3:13 AM] theoun, skelegon: @Ascian now you understand the "PLEASE ASK FOR SCIENCE NOT LURIE" rants back in the day
[3:13 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: thats my experience with most heads, no matter the department. Do something slightly inefficient as doctor but the person still is cured?
[3:13 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: if they use the requests console, its official channels.
[3:13 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: HOW DARE YOU
[3:13 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: I got fired from Medical
[3:13 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: by a CMO
[3:13 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: for that
[3:13 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: @#1 Softest Woof~??? >QM

You're making my knees weak
[3:13 AM] Avajain: As someone who plays head, especially in medical.
If you are my staff and you don't say your 'going on break' and you don't keep a means of communication active I will yell at you.
[3:14 AM] Ascian: if QM gets made a head
[3:14 AM] Ascian: than Pathfinder gets made a head as well
[3:14 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: I stole your job jaeie
[3:14 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: it mine now
[3:14 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: Lookit me
[3:14 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: D-don’t make QM head please
[3:14 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: I'd be fine with pathfinder being a head
[3:14 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: I am the CMO now
[3:14 AM] Korn on the Foxe: People act like the heads are the 'super worker' of their departments, like they should be able to do everything in the department with max efficiency.
[3:14 AM] theoun, skelegon: also good MORNING
[3:14 AM] Ravenous Mantis-Moth: im glad im never playing medical again
[3:14 AM] Avajain: Tbh i think pf should be ahead
[3:14 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: @Korn on the Foxe R8 Cheri as head pls
[3:14 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: Make pathfinder head
[3:14 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: so RD doesnt have to deal with expeditions shit
[3:15 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: but QM is a head without the title and the perks, that some rando that honestly has nothing to do with your department can come in and randomly shit on you and I hate it
[3:15 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: Lol.
[3:15 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: Yes...but I can also actually play that role
[3:15 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: I ALSO HATE that the RD can deny away missions
[3:15 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: it's the dumbest thing.
[3:15 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: There was a server called Hypatia
[3:15 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: that made QM a head
[3:15 AM] Korn on the Foxe: She rarely talks in the command channel and I have yet to see her get into a sticky unique 'head decision' situation @Iroquois Pliskin
[3:15 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: ...that’s been the case for as long as I can remember soft
[3:15 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: and it was the best shit ever

[3:28 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Do you guys not understand how important logistics is?
[3:28 AM] Avajain: And, I'm gonna note. Ic wise, basically no department can function w/o cargo.
[3:28 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Have you ever played a round without cargo as Science?
[3:28 AM] Ascian: One of the real issues with exploration is that the roles were basically gut down and marginalized because of shitters early in exploration's days. The shitters are gone but the cut-down roles remained.
[3:28 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): Science can't make anything neat without minerals.
[3:28 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: Like, if Cargo's not important mechanically, then I'd argue you could say the same about Science.

Like, they don't do anything actually mechanically beneficial to the station, so why is the RD a head, and not the QM?
[3:28 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): It's very annoying to have research done and then there's no mining.
[3:28 AM] Korn on the Foxe: If cargo was given more duties/responsibilities, then maybe
[3:28 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Cargo is the ground level shit, along with Engie
[3:28 AM] Ascian: ...Cargo has a ton of responsibilities and duties
[3:28 AM] Avajain: Cargo does more than security, so.
[3:29 AM] Ascian: the station literally grinds to a halt without cargo
[3:29 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[3:29 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: @Korn on the Foxe Cargo supplies literally every department.
[3:29 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): Yea, I'd say in a server like Virgo, Cargo does quite a lot to facilitate RP and other fun activities.
[3:29 AM] Fat Burner Mashi: Cargo handles literally every variation of dangerous equipment ranging from munitions, engineering engines, and even emergency supplies.
[3:29 AM] Fat Burner Mashi: :zzz:
[3:29 AM] Ascian: ....You know what?
[3:29 AM] Ascian: I have an idea.
[3:29 AM] Ascian: Put exploration in Cargo and make cargo its own proper department.
[3:29 AM] Avajain: ...i rlly like that
[3:29 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: ...what
[3:29 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: I can dig it
[3:29 AM] Fat Burner Mashi: eh?
[3:29 AM] Princess Vorrarkul: That'd be interesting but it'll never happen.
[3:29 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): Exploration being in science has kind of confused me.
[3:29 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): Because the two really never interact.
[3:29 AM] Korn on the Foxe: I mean, we consistantly go through shifts without cargo sometimes and they dont even have to fill out peoples orders if they dont want
[3:30 AM] Avajain: Rename cargo to logistics
[3:30 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: Because exploration is scientific and stuff
[3:30 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: Or supposedto@be
[3:30 AM] Fat Burner Mashi: Mechanics Konor.
[3:30 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): And the only thing I can think of exploration doing with science is "uhhh we found some stuff."
[3:30 AM] Chakat Mlemical Officer: Polaris had Explorers as Civ roles
[3:30 AM] Chakat Mlemical Officer: mostly just because it was like
[3:30 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): Logistics sounds cool.
[3:30 AM] Chakat Mlemical Officer: "what the hell do we do with them"
[3:30 AM] Chakat Mlemical Officer: "where do they go"
[3:30 AM] Avajain: There is a difference between mechanics and rp wise.
[3:30 AM] Chakat Mlemical Officer: "what category is best"
[3:30 AM] Fat Burner Mashi: The station is quite literally almost an ERP chatroom more than half the time it is online.
[3:30 AM] Korn on the Foxe: Miners are like the one thing that's needed for science but with Toxins, we can effectively get around that
[3:30 AM] Princess Vorrarkul: I think they're in R&D in the spirit of xenoarch.
[3:30 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: Might free up exploration from being bashed for not being science enough cause you do more shoott than science. From my@one trip
[3:31 AM] Fat Burner Mashi: but when actual events/happenings do occur and are needed to be handled, Cargo is a huge good thing to have manned.
[3:31 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: @Korn on the Foxe you can get around needing materials with toxins? Excuse me what?
[3:31 AM] Ascian: and, exploration and science really cannot interact right now
[3:31 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: As I said before
[3:31 AM] Fat Burner Mashi: If you're mechanically looking at this Konor.
[3:31 AM] Fat Burner Mashi: delete every department.
[3:31 AM] Fat Burner Mashi: science only.
[3:31 AM] Ascian: because exploration is barred from most of science
[3:31 AM] Fat Burner Mashi: it can do everything anyway.
[3:31 AM] Fat Burner Mashi: so it's obviously the best one, why have the others.
[3:31 AM] Fat Burner Mashi: ¯\_(?)_/¯
[3:31 AM] Korn on the Foxe: Yes, bombs :P @Westfire/Shimmer
[3:31 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Cargo can make or break rounds, man

Look at Cult, Rev, hell, even malf
[3:31 AM] Ascian: like, literally the only place explorers can go is the science hallways and the break room
[3:31 AM] Ascian: thats it.
[3:31 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: Oh. So taking away the miner’s@job
[3:32 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: With boom
[3:32 AM] Korn on the Foxe: I dont get why exploration doesnt have access to science but the HoS does
[3:32 AM] Ascian: and most scientists are not in those rooms
[3:32 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: How many people even work toxins?
[3:32 AM] Avajain: I think, this being an erp server.
A lot of you don't understand how absolutely necessary cargo is.
On action servers most of the time it is one of the most important departments
[3:46 AM] Avajain: Idk what youd do with them, itd need to be figured out
[3:46 AM] Chakat Mlemical Officer: Resources as in actual resources
[3:46 AM] Christy ??: :weary: :gun:
[3:46 AM] Chakat Mlemical Officer: literal physical resources
[3:46 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): Cos you have to have someone looking over the actual cargo bay
[3:46 AM] Christy ??: :skull_crossbones:
[3:46 AM] Avajain: But! That's the point of discussion
[3:46 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): cease
[3:46 AM] Ascian: Maybe have Pathfiner/QM as both head roles, just that Pathfinder handles everything off-station, while QM handles everything on-station.
[3:46 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Prospecting & Requisitions also has a nice ring to it
[3:46 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: @Ascian Joint head roles
[3:47 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: I like it
[3:47 AM] Avajain: ^^
[3:47 AM] Princess Vorrarkul: That would put Pathfinder in charge of mining and exploration but leave QM with just Cargo Techs.
[3:47 AM] Avajain: It's a new idea and it's really cool and innovative.
Everyone will hate it.
[3:47 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): I don't think you should make both the Pathfinder and QM as head roles, one or the other if you're gonna do it.
[3:47 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: Pathfinder controls miners off planet
[3:47 AM] Avajain: No, it wouldn't. Mining on station would still be for the qm
[3:47 AM] Ascian: ^
[3:47 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: exploration. Shouldnt. Be. Independant.
[3:47 AM] Princess Vorrarkul: Why not?
[3:47 AM] Damon Xrim/Gabriel Redfield: Would like for a small village to work at.
[3:47 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: PF was supposed to be its own head, leading exploration
[3:47 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): We're not suggesting that it should be.
[3:48 AM] Chakat Mlemical Officer: I don't think anybody's really saying it should be,
[3:48 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: And it was already shot down
[3:48 AM] Damon Xrim/Gabriel Redfield: instead of a bulky outpost
[3:48 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): It's pointless for it to be independent anyways
[3:48 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: As original suggestion.
[3:48 AM] Avajain: Thats what we are talking about
[3:48 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: Heroman, every time people spitball new ideas, you show up to shoot it down
[3:48 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: jesus
[3:48 AM] Chakat Mlemical Officer: Like... we're tossing around a suggestion to merge it with a different department
[3:48 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: Because giving exploration too much independance is what was wanted to be avoided.
[3:48 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: Make explorers qms problem
[3:48 AM] Chakat Mlemical Officer: it'd basically be, more or less, the same as it is now with Science, except it'd be with Cargo
[3:48 AM] Chakat Mlemical Officer: and potentially a closer merge
[3:48 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: As Vorrar asked, why hero?
[3:48 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: I quit rd cos explorers
[3:48 AM] Avajain: And it'd be a more sensical link tbh
[3:49 AM] Chakat Mlemical Officer: sensible, mlem
[3:49 AM] Christy ??: I've never had an issue with explorers.
[3:49 AM] Avajain: Yeewah i know its 4am
[3:49 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): Except we're not talking about giving exploration independence and instead are talking about merging it with another department so that it has more purpose and isn't independent like it already sort of is.
[3:49 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: I just want to see Cargo given the respect it deserves
[3:49 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): If you were following anything being said.
[3:49 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: I don't know myself. I know that idea specifically is why it was shot down by people in charge. I am just reiterating why it is not the way it is.
[3:49 AM] Korn on the Foxe: Giving them a protolathe that's sync'd to the network in RnD would be nice. Make it one that doesnt print out illegals. Doesnt make sense to me how science does the deliveries and upgrades to machines, seems more like a cargo and engineering thingy to me.(edited)
[3:49 AM] Chakat Mlemical Officer: that's oki, it just isn't relevant, really
[3:49 AM] Ascian: I mean, my main thing is that exploration is tied to a department that really has no vested interest in letting exploration do their jobs.
[3:50 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: Oki~ I gonna ask for some calmness. Some folk getting more heated than I wish they were, so let's all take it down a notch.
[3:50 AM] Christy ??: i like upgrading machines.
[3:50 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: I think we're having a great brainstorm session
[3:50 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): Yea, I think Cargo would have more of an interest in letting Exploration explore than Science does
[3:50 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: I dunno how to upgrade machines. Silly Francine’s
[3:50 AM] Criss Ixtar / Sari-U / Saveloy: If explorer and qm merge, they can go found cargonia on virgo four
[3:50 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: Fanciness*
[3:50 AM] Christy ??: gives me something else to do during/after research.
[3:50 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): Hell, Exploration interacts more with cargo than it does with actual science. Ponder that one for a moment.
[3:50 AM] Ascian: ^^^^^^^^^^
[3:50 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: very true
[3:50 AM] Princess Vorrarkul: I think some people are being more adversarial but I am enjoying the discussion.
[3:50 AM] Avajain: Someone should make a thread about this
[3:51 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): Literally almost every round "Hey we need clotting medication and some other supplies."
[3:51 AM] Avajain: So we dont forget about it
[3:51 AM] Reshy VORE-hees: Exploration is a joint effort of discovering new sights PLUS prospecting for more potential resources.
[3:51 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: except Science hates dealing with them, and they have a better relationship with Cargo
[3:51 AM] Christy ??: @#1 Softest Woof~??? hi soft
[3:51 AM] Fat Burner Mashi: hi
[3:51 AM] Christy ??: Hi mashi
[3:52 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): It also makes more sense to put them in cargo, not only because of relations, but also cos they're closer to cargo than they are to science
[3:52 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): being up in the asteroid
[3:52 AM] Iroquois Pliskin: like, what's the point of being part of Science if your own department despises you?
[3:52 AM] Reshy VORE-hees: And is that the fault of the scientists being unreasonable or the explorers being unreasonable?
[3:52 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: I am gonna say, that the present away missions are generally a lot more beneficial to mining than they are to science. JUST SAYING, I'd be fine with the expedition being part of cargo, with the pathfinder being the leader of that effort. It would be beneficial then for cargo to support the expedition, because they're likely to get materials back to sell and distribute.
[3:52 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: I am pretty sure cargo still has a bunch of leftover resentment over old days of 'empty cargo points for expedition that doesnt happen', but might be anecodtal
[3:52 AM] Chakat Mlemical Officer: I think having it be part of cargo would, in general, be better, but the SOP may need a closer look-over, since it'd need to be changed.
[3:52 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): I mean, what can science really do for Exploration without the assistance of Cargo anyhow?
[3:52 AM] Ascian: tbh, mostly ancedotal, and the shitters that used to population exploration have been gone for a long time
[3:52 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): "Hey good luck don't die please."
[3:52 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): as opposed to, "Hey here's some actual things."
[3:53 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): Science can't give anything without resources. Or at least.
[3:53 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): Nothing worth while.
[3:53 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: @Heroman, Belly Seeker then that’d be more because of them not being allowed to go do their job and the anger should not be at the explorers
[3:53 AM] Princess Vorrarkul: To my knowledge most of the people that used to populate exploration are gone.
[3:53 AM] Reshy VORE-hees: Cause explorring the same three maps over and over can become tiresome.
[3:59 AM] Avajain: Its bad
[3:59 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): that no one ever goes into
[3:59 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: OH
[3:59 AM] Christy ??: the shuttle in the back of the main station that kills people
[3:59 AM] Avajain: And v slow
[3:59 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: Is that what that is?
[3:59 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: I cant think of any other situation like that.
[3:59 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: I thought that was for xenorch
[3:59 AM] Ascian: @Reshy VORE-hees I have had a few expeditions refused recently.
[3:59 AM] Chakat Mlemical Officer: The shuttle that collects so much dust I forgot it's there
[3:59 AM] Ascian: and, not even expeditions
[3:59 AM] Ascian: I have had trips to the beach refused.
[3:59 AM] Christy ??: it has a fucked engine
[3:59 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: In addition to that, I believe there are in fact additions planned that would make sense in terms of bringing exploration and cargo closer together (mythical refueling corps)
[3:59 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: I knew that shuttle was there, I just didn’t know what it was for
[4:00 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: I figured since it was near science, it was science’s shuttle to@do stuff with
[4:00 AM] Reshy VORE-hees: The backup engine just needs to be blowtorched every few trips.
[4:00 AM] Princess Vorrarkul: It's for crashing when its engines fail.
[4:00 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: Sounds fun
[4:00 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): wait
[4:00 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): can its engines fail
[4:00 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: THEN it would begin making actual sense unlike "those two are both underrated and interact regularly, lets mash them together"
[4:00 AM] Reshy VORE-hees: It can if they are not tended to
[4:00 AM] Christy ??: or you know give it a not shit engine
[4:00 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): :Sqrlthink: k
[4:01 AM] Reshy VORE-hees: It's a backup shuttle, after all, @Christy ?? . It ain't meant for regular use.
[4:01 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): I wouldn't say Cargo is underrated.
[4:01 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: Ayesha come onto the rickety shuttle with me
[4:01 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): Heck no
[4:01 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: What could go wrong
[4:01 AM] Korn on the Foxe: The one time I refused an expedition was when the station had no power, there was no actual signed up explorers and it was just @Ascian and later Ahz. I then said yes later when we had power and there was more medical I believe
[4:01 AM] Christy ??: so you'd rather have a failing shuttle for rescue
[4:01 AM] Ascian: It was always both me and Ahz, and, it was supposed to be a beach trip, Kon.
[4:01 AM] Ascian: not an expedition
[4:01 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: Join me!
[4:01 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): I'm just a timid beep who makes robots
[4:01 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: We shall fly to Valhalla!
[4:01 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): don't pressure me :sweat_drops:
[4:02 AM] Westfire/Shimmer: Either deliberately or accidentally!
[4:02 AM] Ascian: and it was mainly a beach trip to take a break from the powerless station.
[4:02 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: Empty medical because all doctors are on beach trip :joy:
[4:02 AM] Korn on the Foxe: The station had no power, low on crew and it was just you asking.
[4:02 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: I still remember that one shift
[4:02 AM] Princess Vorrarkul: @Christy ?? IIRC the explanation is that it has experimental engines that won't explode in the atmosphere.
[4:02 AM] Christy ??: Ooo
[4:02 AM] Princess Vorrarkul: Because hostile atmos is why we have the tether at all.
[4:02 AM] Christy ??: well okay then
[4:02 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: When two non-sar doctors and medical dogborg left, leaving SSD and long-scening doctors on station
[4:02 AM] Christy ??: that makes sense
[4:02 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): fly in
[4:02 AM] Korn on the Foxe: Ahz didnt pipe up until later.
[4:02 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): instantly combust
[4:02 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): honestly
[4:03 AM] Ayesha & Aerserik (Evil Snek): >not using ion thrusters
[4:03 AM] Ascian: Kon, me and Ahz discussed it before I went to you
[4:03 AM] Princess Vorrarkul: If you played Space Engineers you should know ions are useless in atmospheres!
[4:03 AM] Korn on the Foxe: Excuse me sorry, she didnt pipe up cause we had no power
[4:03 AM] Korn on the Foxe: So no radio
[4:03 AM] Ascian: no radio was the main reason I wanted to go.
[4:03 AM] Ascian: being on a powerless tether is hell
[4:03 AM] Ascian: and I wanted to vacation to the V4 beach
[5:17 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: I missed a very good discussion about cargo/ exploration because I was at work
[5:18 AM] Ascian: Explorers have a multitool they can use to sync up the relay.
[5:18 AM] Ascian: does it automatically
[5:18 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: But I have something to chip in on the exploration part, if it gets rolled into the cargo department
[5:18 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: ya but that might not be available to everyone so I put one there for ease of use for now!
[5:19 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: I just figured I'd put the relay where people could get at it
[5:20 AM] Skunk-Brand Hester: Relay this tbh
[5:20 AM] Skunk-Brand Hester: *smooch @#1 Softest Woof~???
[5:20 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: u////////u @Skunk-Brand Hester
[5:21 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: At the moment, Cargo has fuck all to do on Virgo, and I actually see a lot of potential for Exploration to do interesting things for it.
But for that to work, it has to lose its emphasis on BIG MISSIONS and BEACH PARTIES.
Those are fun but they are event level things. They will happen once in a blue moon.
[5:21 AM] theoun, skelegon: Do I need an excuse to [smooch @#1 Softest Woof~???] or can I just do that
[5:22 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: excuses are not needed
[5:22 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: smooches are desirable
[5:22 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: as are laps to sit in
[5:22 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: and hands to hold
[5:23 AM] Ascian: btw
[5:23 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: Exploring space should be fun, but there should also be things like exploration teams or cargo in general interacting with smaller stations, or with freighters passing through trade lanes, both of which can reward some interesting and valuable objects.
[5:23 AM] Ascian: Is it just any multitool, soft?
[5:23 AM] Ascian: or is it the special exploration multitool?
[5:23 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: no
[5:23 AM] Ascian: okeh, just making sure
[5:23 AM] Dr. Helen Page:
Attachment file type: unknown
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[5:23 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: it's the one with the link buffer for ezpz
[5:23 AM] Ascian: because exploration's multitool is a special snowflake
[5:24 AM] Dr. Helen Page: Reasons to fire the cook XD
[5:24 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: it'll probably be removed if it actually becomes a proper normal gateway map
[5:24 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: Or smaller locations that have a payoff. Maybe resource rich, but small asteroids with hostile space wildlife, but not enough danger to necessitate a big team of armed and armored soldiers.(edited)
[5:24 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: I only have it there for now so that it's easier to set up in a pinch
[5:25 AM] theoun, skelegon: [puts Soft on lap with belly to rest against, wraps arms over.]
[5:26 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: *the soft is predictably soft, silky smooth, so warm and soft! Leaning on the tummy and applying the rubs, wagging across thighs and blushing in the wrap! This is a happy soft!
[5:26 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: But otherwise I would like non-mining Cargo to have something to do other than sit around and wait for somebody to need anything.
[5:27 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: And that is my super late chip-in to the conversation I missed.
[5:27 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: Mind, this is entirely within the context of Virgo
[5:27 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: Also, I saw that the little medbay booth that I set up in the 'picnic area' got kept and I am happy <3
[5:28 AM] theoun, skelegon: Tbh, cargo having little to do is fine by me
[5:28 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: @Tally - ??Medibat?? As a suggestion for non-mining, you can be proactive cargo, and build a stockpile of things that are most likely to be needed sooner or later. It's what I do. You can order materials, emergency supplies, blood clot meds, as well as general medicines, spare PDAs, and loads of other stuff.
[5:28 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: I'm fine with it being a relatively low-work environment, sure, but I'd like there to be something to do for when you feel like doing something.
[5:29 AM] theoun, skelegon: It's a low pressure job & you can order what's needed, fill out for fun orders, stockpile, or just order a catgirl and let her loose in the bar
[5:29 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: Pff
[5:29 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: It's smart to have things on hand you're likely to be asked for, that way wait times are less.
[5:29 AM] theoun, skelegon: Just gotta be creative
[5:29 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: I feel like main improvement on current cargo would be a full-on recycling capability.
[5:29 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: Yeah, clotting agents in the beginning of the round are pretty much the #1 thing
[5:29 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: Otherwise I don't know what else Cargo does for people, unless Mining delivers materials specifically to them.
[5:30 AM] Green Claw: cargo is very useful during actual action
[5:30 AM] Green Claw: blob
[5:30 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: ^
[5:30 AM] Green Claw: nuclear
[5:30 AM] Green Claw: shet like that
[5:30 AM] theoun, skelegon: I always have a stock of metal, glass, yellow gloves, usually some food, and whatever else people want, and sometimes I also order in carpet, wood & plastic & start making things and redecorating
[5:30 AM] Green Claw: or if you want to do a party
[5:30 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: We don't have that happen here though
[5:30 AM] theoun, skelegon: Or I just throw a party
[5:30 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: I mean, cargo being able to provide filled up airtanks, and spare PDAs, and materials, is all very useful
[5:30 AM] Dragor the Normal: Did you know
[5:30 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: But when we had a Tesloose a couple days ago, yeah we had a lot of crates get ordered for engineering
[5:30 AM] Dragor the Normal: DnD is made by satan
[5:30 AM] Green Claw: cargo is going to become more useful in the future, when merchant system will be implemented
[5:30 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: I would love a merchant system.
[5:30 AM] Green Claw: and you will actually trade and buy stuff from other corporations
[5:31 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: PDAs are easy, they are also makeable by science, and there are already spares
[5:31 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: Airtanks aren't most needed, admittedly. Main good is the materials.
[5:31 AM] Green Claw: like, you can buy a gygax for money + materials + something specific they ask you for
[5:31 AM] Green Claw: and during red code the prise will raise
[5:31 AM] Green Claw: also, have a clover
Attachment file type: unknown
304.20 KB
[5:31 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: Oh, speaking of airtanks. How come Medical's EMT storage doesn't have an oxygen canister for its EVA stuff?(edited)
[5:31 AM] Dragor the Normal: Oh hey
[5:32 AM] Dragor the Normal: The fetish cartoon
[5:32 AM] Will it blend? Yes, you will.: Cargo's main use I feel is materials and "oh shit something irreplaceable blew up cargo replace it"
[5:32 AM] Green Claw: tight suits
[5:32 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: yaya, but it's just one more thing they can do for people. Having some spare PDAs on hand is really nice. And being able to pass out filled up airtanks to people in space is rarely useful, but when it is useful, it's REALLY useful.
[5:32 AM] Green Claw: is the answer
[5:32 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: More recycling stuff is better. Like, actual cloth as material stack.
[5:32 AM] Green Claw: and Jerry is cool
[5:32 AM] Green Claw: also
[5:33 AM] theoun, skelegon: Proactive creative Cargo is a lot of fun to play even if it's not the same value as an Engineer setting the engine
[5:33 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: And I think 'exploration' being merged with cargo, and kind of refluffed as something else, would work well in the introduction of a merchant system.
[5:33 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: and ya, I hate the trash pit, I would love to have a recycler
[5:33 AM] theoun, skelegon: A recycler would be great yes
[5:33 AM] Green Claw: russian server Tau Ceti has recycler job. You have a big ass magnet which attracts junk from spess, and you recycle that junk into refined scrap, which you can send for points. Also, you can dig some stuff from that junk
[5:33 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: Because there would be freighters and such that come to Virgo, sure, but it'd be really cool to have your away crew fly to a trading station and buy rare things for the crew
[5:33 AM] theoun, skelegon: Even just the crusher like old code
[5:33 AM] Green Claw: Just do not catch aids during it
[5:34 AM] Green Claw: lemme do a screenshot
[5:34 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: And also maybe the random comm chatter could be important for Cargo.
[5:34 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: (tbh maybe it should be renamed to Logistics, because it could broaden the scope a lot more)
[5:34 AM] Green Claw: also, I kinda got now why totally spies is fetish cartoon
[5:34 AM] Green Claw: I remember mind control
[5:34 AM] Green Claw: body part enlargement
[5:35 AM] Green Claw: macro/microphilia
[5:35 AM] Green Claw: brain drain
[5:35 AM] Green Claw: ...what else?
[5:35 AM] Ascian: @Tally - ??Medibat?? EMT voidsuit bay is not a real voidsuit bay, but...
[5:35 AM] Green Claw: twas a long time since I watched totally spies
[5:35 AM] Ascian: It also hardly matters since even the stock oxygen tanks, without filling them, will last you the whole round
[5:35 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: Fat stuff
[5:35 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: Foot stuff
[5:36 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: Furry
[5:36 AM] Ascian: only hardsuits have legit oxygen tank issues and only if you heavily use the thrusters.
[5:36 AM] Green Claw: recycler workplace
Attachment file type: unknown
91.70 KB
[5:36 AM] Green Claw: RIPLEY is without drill, only with clamp. He is crushing garbage
[5:36 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: VMV Joy Without Which Life Could Not Go On would like to request docking permissions with Tethercon to refuel and sell goods.

And then a cargo tech/QM can go to a console, and look at the ship and what they have to sell, and be like "Yeah you can dock, let's trade."
[5:36 AM] Ascian: and even then you can just take it to Deck 2 EVA and fill it up at the oxygen caniter there
[5:36 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: I meant recycling as in, reducing actual stuff around to basic components.
[5:36 AM] Green Claw: And then you send that crushed garbage onto converyor to be processed
[5:36 AM] Verkister ? ??????? Bastard: about to test run generator grub
[5:36 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: Not trash compacting one
[5:37 AM] Ascian: tbh
[5:37 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: Generator Grub?
[5:37 AM] Ascian: it would be nice if instead of a trash pit there was an incinerator or something
[5:37 AM] Ascian: becuase, having all that trash cant be good for performance
[5:37 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: Recycliiinng... At least tg-style one
[5:37 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: Cloth should be a material stack, really
[5:37 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: But yeah what do you all think of my opinions on expanding the cargo role out? Or is this just too ambitious or something
[5:38 AM] Annie's evil twin: Throwing boxed micros into disposals would be much worse
[5:38 AM] Ascian: more stuff for cargo to do is good
[5:38 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: @#1 Softest Woof~??? your thoughts?
[5:38 AM] Ascian: I mean... I also feel an incinerator should be manually loaded
[5:38 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: That would probably come after mythical Refueling Corps, if ever
[5:38 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: I'd code or map this stuff if I knew how tbh
[5:38 AM] Ascian: because of all the lazy cargotechs who just leave the conveyor running without ever looking at it
[5:38 AM] Verkister ? ??????? Bastard: yup
[5:39 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: Trash pit is awful, yes, but its around because no space disposal
[5:39 AM] Ascian: I mean, we could have space disposal.
[5:39 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: And leaving conveyor on is a sin
[5:39 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: So much good trash to recycle
[5:39 AM] Annie's evil twin: What if
[5:39 AM] Verkister ? ??????? Bastard: goodboi's all we have rn
[5:40 AM] I'veSeenFootage: INCOMING ONI
[5:40 AM] Annie's evil twin: Space disposals and all the ejected trash returns as SPACE DUST
[5:40 AM] I'veSeenFootage: WATCH O U T
[5:41 AM] I'veSeenFootage: umu
[5:41 AM] Will it blend? Yes, you will.: Recycling is good
Possibility of people getting recycled, also good
[5:41 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: A disposal compartment on cargo shuttle
[5:41 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: @Tally - ??Medibat?? I mean like, I think that the expedition team would overall be more useful to the station if they were meant more as like, an away mining, salvage, and exploration team, rather than being a science thing. There's way better materials in the rocks on the away missions. And while I like the sound of Logistics, I think it sounds too self important. I would prefer Supply to be the department name, as that's what it is.
[5:41 AM] Heroman, Belly Seeker: Where all trash that didnt get recycled/reused is sent to be disposed of properly
[5:42 AM] Ascian: tbh, exploration as away mining would work a lot better because usually the only thing we find out there are minable rocks... that explorers never touch unless mining happens to be with us.
[5:43 AM] #1 Softest Woof~???: ^
[5:43 AM] Tally - ??Medibat??: That's fair. And yeah. Like I said, exploration/expedition being like, finding trading stations, or resource-rich asteroids, etc.
Big, big problem with expeditions right now is it focuses on big, big things that don't really pay off.
[5:43 AM] I'veSeenFootage: I need to make aussie-accented crocidile
[5:43 AM] I'veSeenFootage: or alligator whatever we have over here
[5:44 AM] Ascian: and the main reason we dont touch is that we dont really have the tools or equipment to mine
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Re: Discussion on SoP and CoC

Postby Wickedtemp » Wed Oct 03, 2018 4:01 pm

I'm glad this is a thread. Adding on to it:

Solar Grubs' SOP is downright idiotic.
Level 4 Biohazard (Solar Grubs)
The following procedures are intended for life forms not deliberately shipped to the station for study. If the Solar Grub has been intentionally sent by Central Command by request of the Xenobiologist, it is probably sterile, and recapture is a preferred option to lethal force. If the Solar Grub is not NanoTrasen property, it is assumed to be hostile and dangerous.

A quarantine is not necessary. Solar grubs will not leave the station so long as there is power to draw from it, meaning they are easy to contain.
Security level elevated to code blue, but privacy rights for individual crew are to remain intact.
All crew immediately begin a search for solar grubs and malfunctioning machines that may contain solar grubs.
Engineering staff must monitor the power net to report locations of unusual power consumption to Security.
Multitools should be distributed to as many crew members as possible.
If a malfunctioning machine is located, attempt to pulse it with a multitool to encourage the solar grub larva inside to flee from the machine.
Solar grub larva can be killed on sight. They aren't directly dangerous to crew.
Adult solar grubs are not to be engaged if discovered by unarmed personnel. They are dangerous, but docile unless provoked. Report the location and await armed security response.
Medical staff immediately prepare for casualties resulting from the outbreak.
Security to sweep the station, never traveling in groups less than two, to exterminate or contain all solar grubs until the power grid is no longer affected.
Engineering boost power output if necessary.
If more than 30 minutes pass without a solar grub being found, yet the station is still experiencing serious power issues, ensure that Xenobiology is not attempting to contain a live solar grub while failing to isolate it from the station's main power grid. If problems still persist, the Emergency Response Team may be summoned to assist in removal of pests.
"oh holy shit a pest quickly RAISE THE ALERT SOUND ALARMS"
"If you see a grown grub, omg its super dangerous await armed sec response"

Except grubs can often be handled before an announcement is even made about their existence.
They're easily taken care of with a little department sweep and Engineers keeping an eye on the console for power usage and overdrawing.
They're pretty much incapable of injuring someone unless one guy takes on like 30 of them with a toolbox.
They're easily robusted with pretty much any weapon, or even fists. Security doesn't need anything more than a taser and again, toolbox works fine.
There are no wounded. There will probably never be wounded. Worst I've seen was a guy with like 20 brute because they fought five grown ones in a row, and it would've healed on its own without any risk of infection.

It definitely needs a look-at, because it's...pointless. As a Head, raising the alert level over grubs is something I'd probably just ignore unless it's been like thirty minutes and they're still around, and even then I'd probably just... get people to handle it instead of wasting time with the alert change.
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Re: Discussion on SoP and CoC

Postby Tasald » Wed Oct 03, 2018 4:43 pm

Expedition post

Fix gateway access: I agree, The pathfinder role should have access to the rooms because it's another area of exploration (when available). I do not think 'all' of exploration should have this access because gateway missions in the past have been considerably more dangerous than what we currently have for the 'away' missions, and as such, a full team should be required for any such adventures, barring CC announcement saying the off site is safe to enter. As for other access, I feel 'ALL' heads should have access since it is a high priority area, in theory, but the CE not having access is..odd to me.

As for people, like the HoS, rushing in willynilly, please ahelp such things as they should not be doing that.

Pathfinder/QM Head's of staff: No, there's literally no justifiable reason, I can see, to make two more 'heads of staff'. Yes they are both in 'special' roles, but making them their own departments has no good reason in my opinion. Exploration is 'part' of RnD, regardless of finding anything for them or not. Just as much as Cargo/mining is part of the Civilian department including Service.

Rewriting explorations SoP: As I said before, exploration is still part of RnD, just because you don't find anything doesn't mean you're not contributing. not every archaeological dig brings back treasures or artifacts. At the same time, RnD isn't meant to power build the explorers on their first go, but they 'can' support them massively. say you go and find a map to challenging 'on the first' drop. ok go bach get mechs or better tools to aid you in exploring the hostile environment. Other ways to help in reverse, is if you're 'lucky' to find POI's that have things for rnd, then bring them back, or you know, you could just RP stuff out with the science nerds, maybe have someone write a report on those glowing crystals and get it immortalized as cannon research for the server? There is not 'alot' yet, no, however it doesn't mean they aren't still part of each other. As for you idea for combining cargo and exploration...? no? There's really nothing that NT would just open market sell if it was found out there, and off loading artifacts or what not on the cargo shuttle wouldn't get many points if any, because NT would ask 'why didn't you give these to RnD first, so you know, they can do their jobs? So far as I know the only major buyer of artifacts, exploration data, ect after it's been scrubbed by NT of course) would be Universal Cartographics, pending a wiki update >.> cough.

While it is 'true' mining can get a lot of materials from the survived maps, that's still not the point. You don' stripmine and archological site for those rare minerals until 'after' the artifacts and macguffins have been removed, which is why it's the explorers job to go and 'tag' said items/areas, then get the miners out there to go clear out everything around them if they so chose to. Which again, is why the explorers should stay in the RnD department, so they can more easily talk with the scientist to ensure what is useful for marking and what is not.

SoP updating: Yes, pathfinder should be added to the SOP. The RD is 'allowed' to go on expeditions, it's part of their job to make sure it's done properly. I wouldn't 'encourage' them, but I'm not going to stop them from over seeing one of the activities that falls within their department. as for people breaching SoP, you'll need to take that up ICly or ahelp it if it continues without any signs of getting resolved.

Solar grubs

The code blue:, as was talked about in admin chat, is the way it is for 'worst case scenarios' I believe. Yes it 'appears' to be horrifying if you've never encountered the lil buggies before. They are a major risk to any one with synthetic organs, or that are completely synthetic. How ever, maybe an addition to the 'alert' message with something posted about that would be nice. For raising the alert, I can only say that because there is a 'noticeable' risk, it's 'justifiable' simply for sec to be allowed to 'open carry' as it was said, as well as being allowed into departments to sweep them for the grubs. More or less, the raised alert is to insure the SoP is followed I believe. As for calling ERT..ehhhhh I would ask ace.

I feel like instead of 'all hands' it should be engineering and security dealing with the issue as it falls under both their departments, that, and the SoP could use a bit of 'rewording' to not make it look as scary. As if the grubs will kill everyone if they get to big or something. I understand 'why' it's an all hands issue, but it's less all hands grab your pitchforks and torches, and more, please inform your nearest security officer or engineering member of the location of any Grubs or flashing electronic devices.

I would suggest replacing some lines stating:

Solar grubs are non aggressive unless provoked.
Command should raise aleat to code blue (pending if we add different alert levels or not)
Security should begin sweeping the station, while engineering monitors power and assists security in the sweep.
All other crew should alert the nearest security team member/ Engineering member of any solar grub sightings and and electronic devices that are flashing.
If any crewmember spots a Solar grub larva they are encouraged to step on it or how ever they wish to dispose of it Free food

The rest could be changed as needed but just a suggestion, ultimately it's up to ace, but we have talked about it before.
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Re: Discussion on SoP and CoC

Postby Nanaki » Wed Oct 03, 2018 5:29 pm

Again, one of the most common issues with that is that you have people who are unrelated to how those departments work, able to come in and stomp all over those departments if they so choose to do so. The most common thing I have experianced, for example, Research Directors refusing to allow expeditions to take place without a valid reason. The most common thing being that a few RDs will demand explorers have a relay in the shuttle before clearing them for departure (even if we have no mining to get diamonds for relays), which brings back to the whole 'overprep' thing, except this time it is the RD requiring explorers to over prep before allowing them to go.

Which, it kind of sucks getting together a team, having a reasonable goal, and then basically being told you cannot go.

Yes, I know you can technically fax/ahelp, but it should never need to get to that point, there are a lot of places where we have to patch up broken SoP/CoC with admin intervention and that should not have to happen.

On top of that, I feel, there could be a cleaner chain of command, with fewer steps. I do agree in that Pathfinder/QM should never take the role of acting captain and that stipulation can be added into SoP, but the overall issue is that you have both the Pathfinder and Quartermaster, and their respective departments, under roles that have no real incentive to see those departments function or do their jobs.

SoP updating: Yes, pathfinder should be added to the SOP. The RD is 'allowed' to go on expeditions, it's part of their job to make sure it's done properly. I wouldn't 'encourage' them, but I'm not going to stop them from over seeing one of the activities that falls within their department. as for people breaching SoP, you'll need to take that up ICly or ahelp it if it continues without any signs of getting resolved.

The problems occur when people do bad things, that are not technically against SOP, but are none the less things that they should not be doing.

Also, the RD should not be going on Expeditions. It should be the Pathfinder's job to make sure the job is done properly, the Research Director going on an expedition basically means they are abandoning their head role over an entire department on the Tether, and they should not be allowed on expeditions much like CMO, HoS, CD, and other head roles are not allowed to go for the same reasons.

The Pathfinder makes sense as an off-station head role because they do not have head authority over any on-station facilities or departments. Their entire role is off-station.
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Re: Discussion on SoP and CoC

Postby Wickedtemp » Wed Oct 03, 2018 9:42 pm

Tasald wrote:Expedition post

Solar grubs

The code blue:, as was talked about in admin chat, is the way it is for 'worst case scenarios' I believe. Yes it 'appears' to be horrifying if you've never encountered the lil buggies before. They are a major risk to any one with synthetic organs, or that are completely synthetic. How ever, maybe an addition to the 'alert' message with something posted about that would be nice. For raising the alert, I can only say that because there is a 'noticeable' risk, it's 'justifiable' simply for sec to be allowed to 'open carry' as it was said, as well as being allowed into departments to sweep them for the grubs. More or less, the raised alert is to insure the SoP is followed I believe. As for calling ERT..ehhhhh I would ask ace.

I feel like instead of 'all hands' it should be engineering and security dealing with the issue as it falls under both their departments, that, and the SoP could use a bit of 'rewording' to not make it look as scary. As if the grubs will kill everyone if they get to big or something. I understand 'why' it's an all hands issue, but it's less all hands grab your pitchforks and torches, and more, please inform your nearest security officer or engineering member of the location of any Grubs or flashing electronic devices.

I would suggest replacing some lines stating

Solar grubs are non aggressive unless provoked.
Command should raise aleat to code blue (pending if we add different alert levels or not)
Security should begin sweeping the station, while engineering monitors power and assists security in the sweep.
All other crew should alert the nearest security team member/ Engineering member of any solar grub sightings and and electronic devices that are flashing.
If any crewmember spots a Solar grub larva they are encouraged to step on it or how ever they wish to dispose of it Free food

The rest could be changed as needed but just a suggestion, ultimately it's up to ace, but we have talked about it before.

Except that grubs are often handled before we even get the announcement. It even happened today. The CD raised the alert to Blue, the crew, in unison, pretty much said "Wow, what an over-reaction.", and it was down to green again in less than a minute, I think another member of Command changed it back. Regardless of what the SOP says, none of that is even necessary. Grubs aren't really a threat unless you let them sap power forever. You can toolbox the juvenile ones to death with ease. There's no need for Security to be able to 'open carry', because they aren't a physical threat to start with. Honestly, there isn't even a need for Security at all when it comes to these events, they're that easy to fix. Grubs show up, they get toolbox'd before they become an issue, that's... how the majority of these events go.

Is there a definitive reason that Code Blue is required for these events?
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Re: Discussion on SoP and CoC

Postby Heroman3003 » Thu Oct 04, 2018 3:12 am

I will only weigh in on grubs thing, but I entirely agree. Solar grubs are NOT a threat. There is no way they are a threat. Shock attack is the only dangerous thing they have and even that is not powerful enough to be a real danger to synths or synthetic organs, who are the only affected. Their normal damage is laughable. Their behavior makes them safe even for people with mob vore on to fight them and literally only members of crew that are under actual threat during grubs are... borgs that have mob vore on. Thats it. Only people for whom fighting grubs is actually in any way dangerous. And even with assumption that 'taser should and eventually will actually stun mobs instead of killing', all grubs can be taken on as grownups by a single engineer with screwdriver and they will then just walk the wounds off. The threat to powernet is more significant, but that notion in no way justifies giving security additional needless power. Grubs are not threat in any way, they are vermin. The only thing that makes them different from mice or lizards is that they give you a few scratches and can actually affect productivity if not dealt with, just like announcement states. They're a mild annoyance to get out of the way and treating them as a full-on threat is just a stupid excuse for gun-happy sec to use their favorite toys. Grubs SHOULD be considered a biohazard level, but should NOT warrant anything currently on that ridiculously stupid list of measures.

As for limiting grub fighting to sec and engineering only, thats even more stupid, exactly because of everything stated above. They are meant to be dealt with ASAP, so if someone can, they SHOULD disturb nesting grub if only to slow growth (and one attack with almost anything kills larva, so stomping it is easy), which invalidates engineering limiting. And the big grubs, as stated above, are glorified punching bags, anyone can take one on and come out victorious with just a scratch or two (unless its a synth with bunch of frailty traits trying to melee-punch it to death, and even then they can just run from them easy-peasy after provoking), so saying 'only security is allowed fight them' is like saying 'only medical is allowed to apply bandaids to 1-brute damage scratches'.
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Re: Discussion on SoP and CoC

Postby Mr_Signmeup » Thu Oct 04, 2018 6:33 am

People are using the term 'threat' in relations to people being attacked by solar grubs. They may not be a threat to people but they're a REAL threat to production. (Unlike mice and lizards which are more of an annoyance). Which as a company like Nanotrasen, you'd want stamped out as quickly and efficiently as possible, considering that a single one can lead to an entire department being powerless given a few minutes.

The threat of the Tether's productivity grinding to a complete halt is the possibility here not people getting a boo-boo from being head-butted by a giant slug.
Reshskaskakss Seekiseekis: Chief of Security
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Re: Discussion on SoP and CoC

Postby Wickedtemp » Thu Oct 04, 2018 12:47 pm

Mr_Signmeup wrote:People are using the term 'threat' in relations to people being attacked by solar grubs. They may not be a threat to people but they're a REAL threat to production. (Unlike mice and lizards which are more of an annoyance). Which as a company like Nanotrasen, you'd want stamped out as quickly and efficiently as possible, considering that a single one can lead to an entire department being powerless given a few minutes.

The threat of the Tether's productivity grinding to a complete halt is the possibility here not people getting a boo-boo from being head-butted by a giant slug.

So why does the SOP urge Security to open carry?
Why is Medical urged to "prep for casualties"?
Why are crew told to always travel in pairs?

The SOP for grubs, when read, makes them seem like huge physical threats, and while Code Blue on paper is more of a "Hey so something came up, just a POTENTIAL issue, nothing really to worry about" on paper and in other servers where it's more commonplace, on Virgo, Code Blue is seen as being a bit serious.

Now, sure, if the departments start losing power, I can see a blue alert, because now there's an actual issue and if the crew lets it get that bad then maybe a blue alert will motivate them, but usually, grubs can be taken care of before we even get the command report announcement. There is no halt in productivity in those cases and there really isn't need for an unecessary alert change. I think I've seen Command raise the alert maybe twice over Grubs, and both times its overwhelmingly viewed ICly and OOCly as a laughable decision.
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Re: Discussion on SoP and CoC

Postby nerdass » Thu Oct 04, 2018 12:50 pm

if someone tries to say that they want a relay in the shuttle before y'all are allowed to leave ahelp it so we can tell them to get the fucking stick out of their ass
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Re: Discussion on SoP and CoC

Postby nerdass » Thu Oct 04, 2018 1:47 pm

have updated SOP for expeditions to properly account for the fact that pathfinder exists.
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