Commuting worlds away

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Commuting worlds away

Postby Molenar » Wed Aug 19, 2015 11:54 am

The idea that Prime is the only viable planet for people to reside on while working at Station seems a little slim, considering that there is such advancements in travel available. Likely a spaceport on virgo prime or something with connecting routes to a few nearby systems would be a good thing. give a decent explanation for those that seem like they would have no business being on an arid planet like prime. maybe the next system in a few directions has more varied planet formation, since the station was put where it is mainly because the star it orbits creates a perfect environment for plasma research. Not everyone would reasonably be required to live there, would be kinda like having to take a bus or subway transit to work from another planet, something like that.

But, another thing, would be to figure out what sort of environments would exist on the other nearby system worlds. Oceanic? forested? similar to earth and full of variety? the possibilities are endless.
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Re: Commuting worlds away

Postby Aces » Wed Aug 19, 2015 1:37 pm

We have that! An-Nur is the biggest city on Virgo Prime, and it's a space port. Commuting is totally realistic.

As for what worlds surround it? I don't know. Make them up. Peran is one I have referenced as the homeworld for Jeremy. It is a world that nagas, humans, centaurs, cowtaurs, and full blooded dragons call home. It was adapted from a fantasy setting I used it for previously. I managed to keep some of the fantasy lore by explaining away former "magic" as Bluespace technology--citing that a war that destroyed a location called 'The Spire' also wiped out the use of 'magic' because the Spire was its source across the planet. Today it is believed the former Spire was in fact ancient bluespace technology left behind by an extinct civilization. That is how I adapted the lore. Even though in the original lore it's just straight up magic.
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Re: Commuting worlds away

Postby Arbon » Thu Oct 01, 2015 8:35 pm

You do realize this just makes me want to work out some away mission where players teleport down to that planet, fight against NPC giant lizard/dragon mobs, and explore the ruins of what used to be that spire. Correct?
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