Lazzar -Black eyed Shadekin Request

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Lazzar -Black eyed Shadekin Request

Postby Lazzar0 » Fri May 27, 2022 8:24 pm

b]BYOND Key:[/b]Lazzar

Name of Characters In-game: Seona Jia Chang(Kitsune),Sylvia Pyresle(Succubus Lamia) ,Zarria(Slime Dryad) ,Easzier Pyresle(promethean)

What is this character’s backstory?: A very young Shadekin that grow up among its own kind through most its childhood until it was time for the ritual.
The ritual got started and part way into it things started going wrong the poor shadekin could feel the pain surging through them it was unbearable to the point where they fainted. They woke up felling a bit of the pain still but they were still ok. They looked around seeing a very unfamiliar environment with new creatures they have never seen before.

A bit afraid of their new environment they stayed around where they woke up living off what they could find. It was but only about a week later a big ship landed nearby and the little Shadekin hid behind a rock and watched from a distance as the ship opened up and beings unknown to the young shadekin walked out with exploration equipment. The Shadekin watched as they started to walk toward them. The shadekin froze there behind the rock out of fear and not knowing what to do. The explorers eventually stumble upon the little shadekin curled up behind the rock. Two stayed with the shadekin to try to get it to come with them but it was until one picked it up and held it in their arms that the shadekin realizes they were trying to help it and it even wrapped its arms around the explorer.

The shadekin sat in the ship with the two explores. They tried to talk to it but the shadekin cannot understand any of it. Once the rest of the explorers came back they took the shadkin back with them. The explorers worked for the Ironcrest Transport Group where it learned galactic common and worked in multiple departments eventually finding a liking towards science where everyone started calling it Radar.

b]Some example names of the species:[/b]Black-eyed shadekin’s name mostly relate to the profession they have fallen into, though not giving themself a name, others give them it. Though some shadekin can give themselves names, though very basic ones like John Doe, Corrie Clark, and Angel May.

Summarize what you know about the species: Shadekin's are an extradimensional species that go through a ritual to give them the faze shift ability. Black-eye shadekins are the result of the failed ritual most often not surviving the experience. Also as a result of the failed ritual they are exiled from their dimension and unable to return. they will most often cover as much of themselves as they can to blend in with everyone else. They are able to communicate to other shadekins through empathy and a sort of aura they have. Most often blackeyed Shadekins will adopt the name most people call them since they cant get their official name from a successful ritual.

Play out the following simulated RP scenario (also feel free to alter this, as it is just an example scenario):
Recruiter: “So, tell me about yourself... what was your name again?”
You: Nervously looks around the room "Everyone calls me Radar."
Recruiter: “Riiiiiiight...” The recruiter scribbles on his notepad, taking down notes. “Tell me about how you came to live on Virgo Prime.”
You: seems a bit entranced by the Newton's cradle on the desk "oh I were curious about what it like here."
Recruiter: The recruiter nods, hardly making eye contact as he reads off the standard list of questions. “Do you have any past experience working on NanoTrasen stations?”
You: is still watching the cradle "I work on station yes Nano-traison no I think"
Recruiter: He nods again, writing down some notes, or perhaps doodling. It’s impossible to tell which. “And what do you think you can bring to the company?”
You: finally stops staring at the cradle and looks at the recruiter "I knows sky-ence things or uh resourch I think is better word. Just curious bout new place."
Recruiter: “Very well. Thank you for your time. We will contact you as soon as there is an opening suited for you.” The impatient recruiter finally looks up again and waves the applicant along, ready for the next potential new employee.
You: Shyly gets up to head toward the door "ok thanks" heads to the door and leaves

Why do you want to play this species?: I've seen a few people playing as a shadekin and wanted to give it a try and I would like a new experience with rp as something a bit different from my usual kitsune character

What do you expect them to bring to the station’s RP by this character being allowed?: Might be a bit shy at first but once they start to know people they will open up a bit more and everyone will get to see what they are truly like always willing to help someone out and will always try to be true to their word. They will always try maintain a positive mental attitude.
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