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Non-vore players, read this.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 12, 2016 4:39 pm
by Aces
Due to the influx of people who won't even tolerate any kind of vore, I find this post to be necessary.

If you are not into any kind of vore, but you won't even tolerate being vored under any circumstance, complaints about pref violating is no longer valid to admins.

This is only directed at players who never want to do any kind of vore, ever! If this is not you, then you should disregard this announcement. You are not affected.

I've tried being gentle about this policy for a year now but we're losing a lot of good players who can't get scenes because of it. If you don't like vore to begin with, and won't even try it, then it's rude to the players who come to VOREstation for the vore.

Ultimated wrote:We're not going to run around flat-out banning people who aren't into vore. What we're saying is, if you start kicking up a stink about people trying to eat you, then you're kinda not really meant for the server. We're not going to support preds who run around going "Oh look your profile says 'no vore' BUT I STILL WANT TO EAT YOU AND THAT MEANS I GET TO", that'd get you a slap. However, if there's someone who isn't willing to even try with vore, they're probably not going to have too much fun around anyway.

Ultimated (aka Nightwing) explains this better than I do.

I'm sorry if this upsets the non-vore players, but enough is enough. You are not our target audience. This doesn't mean I'll be banning non-vore players, but don't expect admins to help you if you just hate vore all together. It isn't fair to players who come here expecting vore. It'd be like if you joined and didn't like furries.

If you plan on sticking around for something other than ERP, you're fine to do so, but if you get ate, we really don't want to hear complaints about it. This is our server. Not yours. If you demand your right to ERP whatever you want beside vore, go make your own server. It's not hard. It costs nothing.

Re: Non-vore players, read this.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2016 6:00 pm
by Aces
Previous posts of discussion removed because they served their purpose in correcting the poorly worded nature of the original post.

If you have any questions or concerns, PM me.