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Postby Takoma » Tue Aug 04, 2020 2:10 am

So I came here from a friend who has told me about this game just like this but its unity station *currently early access as its a heavily work in progress but functional game that has got some events working/npc's* and the friend who showed this game to me was a chubby cat scientist that i shall keep her name anonymous merp, I cant wait to see whats out there and ive gotta say about the no clowning around on the wiki *likely just admins paranoia of those from other versions of the stations that would cause trouble across game or cause breaches all around from Sseth grade destruction and trickery that would occur*

Heres a link to my two creations of abominations of natures links to check them out merp.

(currently the first one is currently dragon fat *was Kitsune fat but they changed shape* but when released from temp the link will be set if editing is possible here)
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