positronicjune - Ex-Military/Criminal

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positronicjune - Ex-Military/Criminal

Postby EinKleiner » Sun Nov 07, 2021 8:58 am

BYOND Key: positronicjune

What kind of character/language do you want to apply for: Ex-military background. criminal

Name of Characters In-game: (If applicable)

Are they a fan character of another franchise?:

I did draw inspiration from two franchises, but I don't imagine that that's an issue. It is, after all, more inspiration than reference.
They are as follows, for disclosure's sake:
Netzach's name and angelic appearance alongside the fact that he's a synthetic is inspired by Lobotomy Corporation. There are no other intentional similarities between this Netzach and LC's Netzach. LC itself referenced Jewish mysticism with the names of its characters such as Netzach. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netzach
Some of Netzach's mannerisms and personality alongside the facts that he is a pilot and has wings and was in the military at some point are inspired by Viper and Valkyrie of the Titanfall franchise. Again, there are no other intentional similarities between Netzach and these characters.

If so, what the hell are they doing here?:

How long you've been playing Vorestation:
Several years

What is this character's backstory?:
Netzach, designated VULF-007, is the seventh of ten prototypes produced by Vuhtch-Zandtnoch as part of the now-defunct Vulpkanin company's endeavors in positronic creation.
As with all of the positronics VZ would go on to create, Netzach had a debt to pay off to the company for his creation and upbringing, and a synthmorph body to earn the money for.
As part of this, Netzach spent nearly the entirety of the first two-and-a-half decades of his existence contracted out by VZ to the Vulpkanin military.
Mistakes were made in the creation of the ten prototypes, and Netzach's were perhaps the worst. Early-life military training and exposure to violence, mistakes in the creation of the seed used for him, and general poor custodianship lead to Netzach being diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder at 19 years of existence. This diagnosis was made by a psychologist hired by VZ, and was kept secret as to not risk the company's military contract.

Now, at 33 years of existence, Netzach spends his time piloting civilian vessels, mostly smaller ones, such as the ITV Talon and NanoTrasen's exploration vessels, preferring the safety of civilian life and the freedoms of it and the relative lawlessness of the space. Entirely, or at least mostly, under the radar, he's a criminal. Not one out for money or infamy, not one to be part of any organized crime, just the occasional pleasure-seeking crime (COUGH COUGH KINK STUFF COUGH). That is, besides the tax evasion.

If they speak any special languages, why do they speak them?:

What do you expect them to bring to the station's RP by this character being allowed?:
I think people might enjoy his personality, with its confidence and ~coolness~ and uniqueness and all. Or maybe everyone will cringe at the robot who for some reason speaks like they're from the midwestern/southern US but they've also watched Top Gun one too many times, or something like that. I've somehow moved away from the original idea I had for his mannerisms. I also have not actually watched Top Gun.
I have gotten one (1) compliment on his character design.
Most important thing is, though, that ARCO-4's player is loving the long-term RP we're doing involving ARCO-4 and Netzach, with the evil side of his personality.

...I have, uh, already started to play Netzach. The ex-military part of his backstory has only ever been relevant for one conversation held with ARCO-4 (that her player and I consider non-canon) and to vaguely explain why he has combat and piloting skills, and the criminal part (that I only just now though to add to this application a few hours after posting it initially) is just related to kink stuff, also only mentioned in private RPs with ARCO-4 (canon ones, this time). His backstory outside of that detail is stuff I just wrote up for this application and borrowed from my other characters. I hope that's okay, or at least forgivable. ...I'm kind of one to make a character to play a job (in this case, to play pilot) or based on some idea, and then come up with a backstory later through improv, once I get attached to them. Anyway, I'm making this application now because I recently started to play him again after months away from Virgo, and just now (i.e. today) reconsidered the idea that maybe such a backstory, with its ex-military part, requires a special character application, and I just now (two hours after posting this initially) realized that maybe the criminal part needs to be SCA'd.
If I have to change the backstory, then that's fine I suppose. If this SCA application is unnecessary, that's also fine, better safe than sorry and this whole post was fun to write.

Play out the following simulated RP scenario (also feel free to alter this, as it is just an example scenario):
Recruiter: "So, tell me about yourself... what was your name again?"
Netzach lounges back in his chair, almost threatening to tip it over, with his legs crossed at the knee and his wings undulating.
Netzach: "Callsign's Netzach, designation's Victor Uniform Lima Foxtrot hyphen zero zero seven."
Recruiter: "So your name is VU-"
Netzach moves his head in a way that suggests irritation. It's hard to tell with the robot being relatively unexpressive, but that's what the recruiter's gut tells them.
Netzach: "Netzach. Name's Netzach. Just use that."
Recruiter: "Riiiiiiight..." The recruiter scribbles on his notepad, noting the android's strange radiotelephony procedure-esque ways of speaking and how the lobby's security camera feed showed him in a much more neutral sitting position, with his wings disabled, among other notes. "Tell me about how you came to live on Virgo Prime."
Netzach: "Moved out here once the military contract was up, why?"
Recruiter: "Well, yes, I can only imagine you moved out here, but, what drove you to that?"
Netzach doesn't respond.
Recruiter: "Mister Ne-"
Netzach: "Hush. Let me remember, alright? ...came out here for a woman. For love, y'know? Was gonna marry her, had the wedding planned and everything. Hate 'em but she demanded it. Y'know how women are, right? You seem like you've had plenty of wives. Which one're you on? Number five? Y'sure look like a lady killer. Anyway. Some pirates shot 'er couple days before, I shot 'em back but couldn't be there early enough. Ah well."
Netzach is lying through his metal teeth, nothing of what he just said was true. The recruiter is not aware of this, but he has his gut feelings.
The recruiter awkwardly glances away as Netzach speaks, unsure of how to handle the situation just yet. He leans forward, putting his elbows on the desk and clasping his hands in front of his face. He sighs.
Recruiter: "That sounds... very tragic, and perhaps traumatic for you, mister Netzach. It must have left a deep impr-"
Netzach: "Therapy. I've a therapist. No shame in getting help from a wingman when your engine's on fire, right? My wingman's helpin' me forget that all. You're not helpin', y'know."
Recruiter: "Apologies, we'll continue." He focuses back on the standard list of questions as he resumes reading it off. "Do you have any past experience working on NanoTrasen stations?"
Netzach: "No, I'm a pilot, I don't go on stations much. Probably would've been on a few the times they had to call us in to handle shit, but I was just the ferryman, never stepped foot on the stations. I shoulda called myself Charo-"
Recruiter: "Mister Netzach, I understand the mental state you must be in right now, but please stay on topic, and might I remind you that that's confidential information?"
Netzach crosses his arms, and black bars appear on the top of his eye-screens, as if he's trying to look unamused. "Fine."
Recruiter: He nods again, frantically writing down some notes "And what do you think you can bring to the company?"
Netzach: "Look, bud, I'm a contractor. Did you get the wrong form? That's for my company to answer, not me."
Recruiter: "You're still required to answer."
Netzach cocks his head.
Netzach: "Fine. How about a pilot that can defend himself and fix shit and all?"
Recruiter: "...I suppose that's good enough." He clears his throat, and returns to a more professional voice. "Thank you for your time. You'll be notified as soon as you're cleared to work here. You may leave." The impatient recruiter finally looks up again and waves the applicant along, relieved to be done speaking with him. He pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs once Netzach's left, which comes soon enough as he's as eager to move on as the recruiter.

Why do you want to play this individual?:
Netzach started life as a character meant for the sole purpose of playing (Talon) Pilot while roleplaying with some mildly amusing (to me) mannerisms.
Since then I've mostly been using him for long-term RP with ARCO-4. Recently I 'reset' him and his personality to be much more evil for the sake of adding some, well, kinks to said long-term RP.

In other words I need a malevolent, psychopathic, criminal character for kink reasons. Him having combat skills also benefits this. Ask about them if you must know.
Side note, I do not really plan to commit crimes with him outside of scenes, if that wasn't already implied.
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Re: positronicjune - Ex-Military/Criminal

Postby Kenzie » Tue Jan 04, 2022 12:14 pm

I would probably grant the ex-military background but the criminal part seems unnecessary, if you are only employing it for private kink stuff then it doesn't need a SCA and if you're going to flaunt it around it is honestly not something I want to have.
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Re: positronicjune - Ex-Military/Criminal

Postby EinKleiner » Tue Jan 11, 2022 12:39 pm

That's fair enough. I won't flaunt it if that's forbidden, don't think it'd make much IC sense to anyway. So pay no mind to that part.
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