PontifexMinimus - Shadekin (Black-eyed)

Want to play a Vox? A Diona? A special snowflake former l33t SWAT Spetznas supersoldier failed experiment from Deathkilldie-6? This is where you come to pitch your ideas for everything normally not allowed as characters on the server, so we can mold it into something usable.

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PontifexMinimus - Shadekin (Black-eyed)

Postby PontifexMinimus » Tue May 16, 2023 9:47 am



Species you want to apply for:

Black-eyed Shadekin

Name of Characters In-game:

Bob, Sam Michels, countless others

How long you've been playing Vorestation:

Honestly, I am afraid to answer this question at this point.

What is this character's backstory?:

I'm not specifically applying for a character's backstory, because I never quite understood that for a species whitelist to be terribly relevant.
I'm coming up with one later though, I just want the whitelist since I had it as admin.

Some example names of the species:

Fizzle, Luthurr, Sound, Rivyr (the three originals, ahuhuhu), Pathfinder, Joshua.
Black-eyed ones usually go with descriptors or job titles because they never 'earned' a personal name with failing the first jump

Summarize what you know about the species:

So back in the day, right, Casey approached me and told me about their species they've done for their original works, right? Like they were these teleporting, huge-eared critters with big fluffy tails and what not. I went "based, they look cute, I like the solid coloured eyed."
So we kind of discussed on how to implement them in the game, if we should tie them into bluespace or whatever - but I thought putting their original home dimension in the game is a simple enough idea when we introduce the concept of radical energy, free energy that can be shaped by observation and thought.
You know, it's just kinda dimensional space opera stuff. Casey also told me about the different eye colours and we had the cool idea of tying them where they spend most of their time and absorb energy from - blue for realspace, red for redspace and yellow for the Dark.

Anyway, we played a few rounds alright and they were kind of a cool hit, although then some people started to abuse the infinite energy variable we had for them, so we removed that because admins often would give that too, which was a bit annoying.

Anyway, a lot of people loved shadekin, to the point of infantilizing them. Casey and me weren't HUUUUGE fans of that, but we dealt with it, it was fine and ok, but we thought "dude, we need to make like a weaker version wihtout infinite teleports?? We got so many requests."

That's how the black ones came about, because Casey explained the first jump being like a purposeful overload of the shadekin system to kickstart their abilities and those who muck up die or become black-eyed ones.

I found that compelling and reasonable enough to include and that's how we opened the whitelist for these fellas.
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Re: PontifexMinimus - Shadekin (Black-eyed)

Postby ResidentCody » Thu May 18, 2023 2:28 pm


You've already been approved for shadekin whitelist. Do/get someone to do the github portion (again) if necessary.
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