TITANOID123 - Notail.

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TITANOID123 - Notail.

Postby O5ownmyUvUs » Thu Feb 13, 2020 5:24 pm

Byond Key: TITANOID123

Species i want to apply for: Notail (From the cosmosdex)

Name of characters in game: Either something along the lines of P-12345, Or failing that, a 'name' based on their class, such as 'Parson' for P class.

How long I've been playing: I used to play for a good while, but that was a while back. I've only recently gotten back into it.

Character Backstory: Essentially from an exchange program between a newly discovered species, and NT. They've lived the typical P class life (Read, sitting in a room all day programming, then getting thrown into a forest for a few years then BACK TO THE COMPUTER, SLAVE), but they made enough miscellaneous improvements that they were a candidate for the exchange, and by chance, they were picked and proceeded to IMMEDIATELY attempt to gain a robotics position for at least some familiarity among the strangeness of the station.

Example names: P-10382 (Percy), Q-189 (Quinton), N-432(Nora) O-5 (Ozwald).

Data summary: They wear facemasks as a matter of compulsion, all displaying some sort of happy emoticon. Taking them off is only ever done if absolutely necessary, otherwise it is treated simply as their own face. They append their speech with whatever emoticon their "face" displays, so if it displays =3, then they will say 'equals three' at the end of every sentence. With their antennae they are able to communicate with EACHOTHER over long distances, however as chances are my character will be the only notail on-station, this wont exactly MATTER so to speak. They are capable of eating just about anything, even rotten food. They tend to be rather cold, having a hard time empathizing with people.

Play out the following simulated RP scenario (also feel free to alter this, as it is just an example scenario):
Recruiter: "So, tell me about yourself... what was your name again?"
You: "P-4023, but Percy will work on the forms if need be =w=."
Recruiter: "Riiiiiiight... Let's go with 'parson' for now..." The recruiter scribbles on his notepad, taking down notes. "Tell me about how you came to live on Virgo Prime."
You: "After first contact, there was quite a lot of exchange, my kind wanting to know more about other species, and apparently you guys, my kind. I ended up stationed here as part of an exchange program, of sorts =w=."
Recruiter: The recruiter nods, hardly making eye contact as he reads off the standard list of questions. "Do you have any past experience working on NanoTrasen stations?"
You: "Well, notails have space stations, and i lived on one for like a month, so I'm just a bit tempted to say yes, but I've never stayed on an NT one =w=."
Recruiter: He nods again, writing down some notes, or perhaps doodling. It's impossible to tell which. "And what do you think you can bring to the company?"
You: "I have experience handling both Notail ai units, general robotics, as well as Integrated circuitry, just don't make me talk to too many people, okay =w=?"
Recruiter: "Very well. Thank you for your time. We will contact you as soon as there is an opening suited for you." The impatient recruiter finally looks up again and waves the applicant along, ready for the next potential new employee.
You: "Alrighty =w=!" And at that, they stand, and leave, hoping they got the job.

Why i want to play as a notail: Essentially, it acts as a way for me to be in character while still avoiding most, yknow. Social interaction. While i will obviously roleplay my character according to any set guidelines, in these situations i usually make my characters rather reclusive. Plus, i just RELATE to notails, as a general species.

What i expect them to bring to the stations rp if allowed: A rather reliable, if somewhat reclusive crewmember, as well as someone to be nice and friendly to the mechanical friends of the station.
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Re: TITANOID123 - Notail.

Postby Scree » Sat Mar 21, 2020 12:11 pm

I'm not familiar with the cosmosdex. Why does this specifically have to be a notail from there and not your completely original species botails? I mean, if it was, you wouldn't even need an app, the same way teshari are "totally not avali".
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Re: TITANOID123 - Notail.

Postby PontifexMinimus » Sat Mar 21, 2020 12:21 pm

So I looked it up and it's... basically a human with a mask? I don't get it.
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