Guide to Complaining, aka, why this forum seems blank

This is where you complain about specific admins or players.
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Guide to Complaining, aka, why this forum seems blank

Postby Aces » Wed Oct 28, 2015 4:45 am

"Wait, so, what's the point of a complaint forum if I can't post here?"

Read everything and you'll understand.

  1. Please do not worry about being banned.
    • Admins will never ban over complaining. Provided, we might get sick of hearing the same problem over and over again, but that doesn't mean we'll ban you over it. There have to be other issues to cause a ban, such as harassing other players or calling the admin a "stupid cunt" or something when you complain to them.
  2. Please do not worry about being banned.
    • I'm serious. What kind of idiots would we have to be to ban people who bring up legitimate concerns about the community? If that starts happening, the community is screwed anyway.
  3. Please do not complain in this area about in-game things, bans, or about the broader community.
  4. Please do not complain on behalf of someone else. Ever.
    • Encourage them to come make their complaints known themselves. Otherwise you slow down the whole process and we won't listen to you anyway because your information is unreliable compared to its original source. E.g. "This player is being a jerk to me lately" gets corrupted into "ADMIN HALP THIS PLAYER WAS GRIFIN MY BFF!!!!!"
  5. Please do not bring up problems that are over 2 weeks old.
    • Unless they are relevant to the problem you are currently having--like, the original problem was never fixed and is still ongoing, don't do this. Otherwise this just gets really repetitive and annoying.
  6. Please do not gossip about your complaints.
    • That doesn't fix them and you generally look like an idiot when they do get fixed and you had been telling your friends how horrible we are for not fixing them.
  7. Absolutely do not rant in public.
  8. Please be prepared to break anonymity.
    • A lot of problems can't be resolved without telling the offending party who is involved. We can only help you so much if you're unwilling to let yourself be named. Understand that we punish revenge tactics harshly if the other person doesn't like what they hear.
  9. Please try to address your problems directly with the offending party first.
    • This isn't required, but you usually get a lot more done a lot faster if you at least try speaking to the other person first in a respectful way. This is the first thing I ask if someone complains to me about someone other than myself.
  10. Please forgive and get over things.
    • I'm not asking you to forget, but at least forgive. Everyone makes mistakes, so forgive them when they happen. Otherwise we just look like a bunch of whiney furries and vorefreaks crying about a badly coded Byond game.
  11. Please be prepared to admit fault.
    • There tends to be two sides to every story so before you come complaining to us, try to recognize anything you might have done to contribute to a conflict, even if you didn't cause it, and even if your intentions aren't bad in your eyes. Most conflicts are just a simple misunderstanding of intentions.

Now that you understand all that, let's talk about how to submit the complaint itself.

As for submitting the complaint itself. You should try to do this as a Forum PM first before attempting other ways of submitting a complaint. I assume you know how to at least get to the PM section of the forums so I'll leave that out. If you do not, please ask the Discord on how to achieve this.

When you are composing a message, add either the specific admin(s) you would like to complain to using the find member list or select Game Admins in the groups section and click the "add" button to send the message to all admins. It really all depends on how you would like to submit your complaint.

Then your subject title should be something like this: Your ckey [The offending party's ckey] brief description of what they are doing.
SnackCakes12 [CrazySnowflake666] RPs like he has magic powers
OllieMcGriffs [StanryRoo] Overly harsh admin
SadClown12 [WankerSonOfJerkin] Unfunny asshole

As for the message its self, it is recommended you follow this simple format.
Code: Select all
[b]Brief summary of the ongoing issue:[/b]

[b]Have you spoken to the offending individual?:[/b] Yes / No

[b]If so, why do you still feel the need to come to us now?:[/b]

[b]If not so, why have you not spoken to them yet yourself?:[/b]

[b]What specific date was this last a problem?:[/b]

[b]Brief summary of most recent incident:[/b]

[b]If you can provide specific logs of that last incident, post them here:[/b]

[b]Now tell us EVERYTHING else you want to tell us about this!:[/b]

[b]How do you suggest we fix the problem at hand?:[/b]

I don't mean to make complaints like some sort of cookie cutter unfeeling bureaucratic bullshit. This just really helps us organize and understand your thoughts. Unlike other forms, you are allowed to deviate from the accepted format as you see fit.

We strongly encourage you to criticize things you do not like in the community and ask you not to be afraid of doing so. The only way we'll ever resolve our problems is by knowing them first. It is preferred you address these concerns to the people directly involved, but if that ever fails, then we have this section to help you out.

Also if it's me you want to complain about, and you're seriously afraid to contact me first, contact any other game admin. Sometimes I'm a stubborn bastard so you have to get 1 or 2 other admins telling me "I agree with this person" but please at least tell me first if I'm doing something you dislike. Same is true for all admins and players.
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