Nautila - GM Application

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Nautila - GM Application

Postby Nautila42 » Mon May 13, 2024 3:01 pm

BYOND Key: BlueLeafy

Discord ID: Nautila_Chai

How old are you?: 32, fml

When you are most active? (including timezone): Good question, honestly. Late nights, early mornings, (eastern). the DEADEST of hours, really. But then other times I'm around during the day. I can at least say im active on DISCORD pretty constantly, even if im not active in game.

Roughly how much time do you dedicate to the server each week?: Hell, probably more than I should. Lets guess 25+ hours? If its more than that, don't tell me.

Names of notable characters you play in Vorestation: Chai Gess, but 'notable' is debatable; She's an idiot

How long have you been playing Space Station 13?: 2013-14ish. Saw someone advertise Citadel as a place with Vore on it back on Eka's, tried it out, and i've been an on-and-off player ever since.

How long have you been playing Vorestation?: ... I mean, i didnt *stay* on Citadel. Switched to Virgo very early, but I can't really pinpoint the year. 2015 is probably a safe bet.

Explain what most interests you about being staff: Hey guys, gals, et ceteras, I've been here for eons and every time one of these staff things pops up I *want* to do it. I *want* to be here. This place has given me a lot. Friends, fun memories, horny shit, and helped me develop some fun characters and roleplay skills that have immensely helped with my other hobbies. I love the server, I love the community, and even if it isn't always perfect, I always stick with it and find new things to enjoy and people to meet. What interests me about being staff, and the reason I always *want* to apply with this, is just the fact that I wanna give something back to this place, or help it thrive. I want to see new players, and I want them to have a chance at loving this place too. Maybe I run some events, or try to help someone have a good shift, and maybe that'll help them feel that way.

Explain what you think you will least enjoy about being staff: The application process. holy fuck do I hate questionnaires. Nah, but aside from that I've had massive anxiety from trying to host 'events' before (real life stuff, or being a GM for other things) and that fear of messing up or disappointing people is real, so, dealing with that anxiety doesnt sound great. (but its worth it to me, to be clear. hence the application)

Describe what role-playing means to you: Respect for a fictional setting, creating a character that fits into that setting, and writing/acting the part of that character in a way that doesn't meaningfully disrupt the verisimilitude of that setting for others. As long as that bare-minimum is met, Role-playing to meeeeee means developing a character through actions and interactions with others, exploring their behaviors and personality, and most importantly, above all else, *having fun* with it..

Define what a "Problem Player" is in your own words: someone who breaks the rules, or pushes boundaries, or disrespects other players. That last one is the most critical of the bunch, imo. This stuff can be forgivable, sure, but its a problem player when they clearly dont give a shit about the rules, or other players.

Define a "Toxic Player" in your own words: Kinda same as above, but I'd start calling it toxic if they're more subtle/insidious about it. The types who will go to great lengths to 'technically' operate within the rules, as long as it enables them to continue their shitty behavior by some metric. That, or really any player who is deriving their fun specifically out of inconveniencing others... but thats kinda just a troll? griefer? whats with these labels, anyway

Define "Admin Abuse" in your own words: Using admin powers for self-serving ends, at the cost of other player's enjoyment...

In your opinion, what the biggest problem with the server right now?: I'd like to see another influx of new players. Every time that happens it makes me happy. I don't think thats necessarily a problem right now, but it does feel like its been a while.

How would you have it resolved?: Lets put up billboards, buy ad slots on popular websites, get influencers to start talking about virgo. Nah, but seriously it might be cool to run some events to increase player engagement. If we can ALSO pull in some new players when events are going on, I think theres a better chance of retaining them.

Consider the following questions, and answer in your own words:

  • What kinds of events are you most interested in running in general?
    Vore events. Really, not *much* interest in trying to run exploration stuff, or lore stuff. I just wanna enable people who came here for the vore stuff.
    I have a strong opinion that events I want to run should showcase pred-players. Most likely, this is as simple as the ideas we've seen in the past where volunteers are given a setting and encouraged to make a character who fits in it, and other players are welcomed in to come explore and get grabbed by the characters that exist there. Satin's jungle event is the most recent example.
    Themed walkarounds, with an emphasis on giving pred-volunteers a chance to do something they might not get to otherwise.
  • Describe a larger event you would like to run.
    I don't really have a grasp on whats feasible for a 'large' event, but I'm sure I'll develop them in time. Plus, damn near every idea I can come up with has already been run by someone, or something similar has. Not that theres anything wrong with repeats. I'd actually love to see some events run again sometime.
    Anyway, here's some pitches, idk
    - Most of the redgate maps are awesome, Why not use them to theme a shift's event? Ask volunteers to make characters that fit into some of them and direct players there. Train would be a FUN place to host luxury guests, only for them to go missing as the staff have fun. Or maybe theres a train heist going on, and the passengers are getting stolen. Similar ideas for fantasy land, or city, etc
    - Holiday events are cool, but I specifically wanna run something in october, spooky month, costumes and monsters... no specific idea for it right now, but i just love it.
    - 'there was something in the air that night.' It's good to play a believable character, one with reservations about doing anything too crazy, one who is polite. But sometimes that can be an obstacle to diving into horny/vorny. Maybe some location just has an effect on people. A mismatched canister of air, a pulsing crystal, the bloom of an exotic flower. You go there, you wind up making fun mistakes. And if *you* dont, maybe one of the locals will.
    - *themed* VIP rounds are kind of cool in my head. Any *theme* for people to make characters around is good, and in this case it directs these guests to the station, rather than waiting for players to come to them. I think theres a lot of potential to these if we refined it down to a specific kind of group that was visiting. A ship shows up carrying: members of the space circus (sword swallowers who can do a lot more, contortionists who want to show off what they can fit into, clowns lmao; A mismanaged crew who ran out of rations weeks ago and are STARVING by the time they get here; A cult that has some extremely weird rituals it wants to conduct (volunteers get to decide, but ideally it involves vore/sex/whatever)
    - A restaurant ship that is run by players, or perhaps each player gets to make their own tiny restaurant on it, like a food-court, or food trucks, idk. Point is, its an excuse to eat things, and that almost always is going to include people around here.
  • How might you go about selecting volunteers for your event?
    same as everyone else. Sign up sheet and an @ everyone. Emphasizing what players can do with the event, and what kinds of characters might be fun to play is a good angle.
  • Consider your event, what kinds of problems do you think you might run into, both in running the event, and from the players during the event?
    Making a map. If i need one, im completely fucking GG about it, lol. please someone teach me.
    ASIDE from that, problems are a little hard for me to predict here. I can think of dozens that might come up but thats the anxiety talking. Disrupting the event, or disrespecting players are the main two issues I'd be sure to address though.
  • How would you handle those problems?
    disrespecting players, boot them and make a report about it
    disrupting the event, see if their complaints are valid, address them if possible, but if theyre getting in the way of others having fun then I'd just remove them from the event. its a little hard to speculate on this, to be honest.

    Moving on from talking about your event specifically…
  • You noticed that the exploration team has made their way to virgo four, how might you spice up their time there?
    Unless they explored their way to virgo four to find a vore scene, I don't think im the GM for this. Still, if its a group that I understand, I'm sure I could come up with something.
  • You noticed that a miner or an explorer has run into some trouble out and away from the station, do you help them? How, if so?
    Depends on how reckless they were being. I am not a fan of seeing people get their round ruined/inconvenienced by some bad RNG, so I'd probably try to help out in a believable IC way, depending on the 'trouble' at hand.. Though, some people enjoy the feeling of danger and risk, so I wont be a safety net for someone intentionally seeking that out.
  • You noticed that four people who look like they might be trouble have appeared on the station. Their flavortext and ooc notes perhaps leave something to be desired and they are obviously working together. But they don’t seem to be hostile, they seem to have some kind of silly gimmick going. A concerned ahelp has come in about it. What do you do?
    O b s e r v e
    What else is there to do? its clearly something to keep an eye on, and get other staff's ettention as well potentially... Like, I'd be skeptical as hell at the nature of this. historically its almost always bad news. But i'd still wait to see if theyre gearing up to do something hostile or disruptive before I take any action. (and, i'd probably leave it to an admin anyway, if there is one)
  • Someone is vocally upset about how things have played out during an event that you were involved with, what do you do?
    Ask them for feedback, make them feel like that was heard and understood, like their voice matters. If it was a failing on my part, apologize, but if not I'll still be encouraging for next time. In any case, I'd try to get the negativity subdued, so it doesnt hurt everyone else's vibe.
  • Someone is being verbally abusive and disruptive in general. How would you handle this?
    if theres a mute button? mute them. Then direct them somewhere they can give their side of the story and calm down. Again though, this is something I'd grab an Admin for, if one is available.

What prior admin/moderator/management experience do you possess, if any?:
Not much.
department manager at a warehouse
Moderator for a discord server with several hundred members
Dungeon Master/Game Master for a good few tabletop games
I have some experience handling people, but its not really a specialty.

Finally, what unique aspects of yourself can you bring to the staff? What can you bring to the team that is, in your opinion, needed?:
I'm most active during non-peak hours, where I see the online staff list is empty. If nothing else, you'll have someone around during those times.
With how diverse and quality the current staff pool is, I don't think it would be fair to call my other aspects 'unique.' At best I can say i have a lot of free time and a passion for learning new skills that might make me better at the role.
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Re: Nautila - GM Application

Postby RomanaTColgate » Mon May 13, 2024 3:18 pm

She's an easy candidate for me to support. She's clever and kind, and while I don't know her as well as some others I've never had any experiences with her or seen any conduct from her that'd indicate she'd be a bad fit for the role. The application itself is to the standard I'd expect. My only real concern is about your anxiety regarding running events in the first place, it's a rough thing to expose yourself to. I don't think it's a reason to deny the app if she believes she can handle it, though. Be careful to set things up in a way that you don't burn yourself out of doing events or make them too painful to do. There will be other staff to support you and help ease things, don't be afraid to ask others for help dealing with the anxiety should you need it.
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Re: Nautila - GM Application

Postby satinisle » Mon May 13, 2024 3:21 pm

Very strong Support from me.

The pros of having you as a GM are huge to me. You are a very consistent player with long good standing. You're a very down to earth person and easy to get along with. You are genuinely very witty and creative, things that I think would absolutely show in your events. Vore is important to you here and I absolutely want to see more scene events.
I think that you have the potential to become an absolutely stellar member of staff, and you're already a boon for the server but would be an even greater one with more power to reach more people. I appreciate that stuff like mapping is new to you, but I'm pretty eager to directly help you out on this. Mapping isn't too hard when you aren't worried about power and atmos!

The only concern is that I worry anxiety would get the better of you, but I'd like to think that the other staff would do our best to support you and alleviate that. It's certainly not nearly enough of a concern to make think that you don't deserve a go at it.
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Re: Nautila - GM Application

Postby digi5 » Mon May 13, 2024 11:53 pm

An incredibly easy support from me, given you're one of my favorite people from station in general. You have an amazing passion for not just virgo, but for storytelling and roleplay as a whole, despite what you say here I think you'll do incredible as an all-rounder with your very thorough understanding of what makes storytelling and roleplay fun for everyone involved, and the fact that you also know how to be vorny as all hell is a fantastic bonus in my books. Your event ideas are good, your answers emphasize a team-based environment and room to improve and change, and I know you very well as a player to be really good at reading the room and improv, both things I think are amazing traits for a GM to have.

I obviously also had, and still have terrible anxiety about everything, and when I got my buttons I was terrified for a while, but as you learn to use them and how you can brighten someone's day and improve a round with some simple stuff (hahah duckies), I think you'll flow into it without any problems, having that bit of anxiety is perfectly natural and I think you have amazing potential as a member of the team.
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Re: Nautila - GM Application

Postby DrYeehaw » Wed May 15, 2024 11:10 pm

A very easy yes for me. Absolutely incredible player and very creative. I think they'd make excellent staff overall.
Well let me just quote the late-great Colonel Sanders, who said..."I'm too drunk to taste this chicken."
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Re: Nautila - GM Application

Postby bobofboblandia » Thu May 16, 2024 4:34 pm

You have your head on your shoulders. You do not strike me as the type to get carried away and bring things to places that people would be uncomfortable with accidentally. Im gonna say this is Supported
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Re: Nautila - GM Application

Postby Hazelbailey » Wed May 22, 2024 8:22 pm

You've been a wonderful long time player in the community, I would be more than happy to give this my support
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