Enzo_Leon - GameMaster Application

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― Dave Barry, "Things That It Took Me 50 Years to Learn"
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Don't even bother applying if you've not played here for at least a month. You will be ignored, and will probably be denied in the future for looking like a power hungry twat.

Enzo_Leon - GameMaster Application

Postby Enzo Leon » Fri Jun 17, 2022 6:35 pm

BYOND Key: Enzo_Leon
Discord ID: Enzo Leon#6687
How old are you?: 30
When you are most active? (including timezone): 7PM - 1AM PST
Roughly how much time do you dedicate to the server each week?: 10 - 40 hrs
Names of notable characters you play in Vorestation: Enzo Leon, Raylin Zuft, Reson Night
How long have you been playing Space Station 13?: May/June 2019
How long have you been playing Vorestation?: Jan 2021 (With an initial sign in a few months prior to that)

Explain what most interests you about being staff: Helping bring more of a story to folks to enjoy and add to the lore/backgrounds of their characters as they go about their rounds. As noted in an earlier application, and thinking on it, I do NOT wish to move to anything else past GM (except maybe developer if I get more focused on that at some point). I want to help bring some events and excitement in storytelling, fun content, and stuff that isn't just a simple click funny spessman until horizontal ordeal.

Explain what you think you will least enjoy about being staff: The moment when there's something out of my control to fix or resolve. (IE - lack of staff, or an issue that arose in an event that soiled the entire fun for someone)

Describe what role-playing means to you: Being able to tell a story that would seem simple on paper, but able to expand the view on it. From something as simple as a standard round on say the ship map, and involving the science team to go out and record any changes or oddities on V4 to chart and report back on, with an added twist of the wildlife, or one of the ranchers, getting annoyed at the company getting its nose in their work and finding a way to make them "vanish" and wake up later in a re-sleeve, or take an unexpected extended vacation with them.

Define what a "Problem Player" is in your own words: This term can go for multitudes of different types, but the most common is someone that goes out of their way every round to be antagonistic at a player, or players, during one or more rounds. While typically if this could be seen as just the player's background, and fits within the roleplay it would be looked at and nodded along. However, when talking of "Problem" players, it's something that's been noted at least once, people are aware of, and/or even as much as a player or two refuses to play that department if they're around.

Define a "Toxic Player" in your own words: Toxic players are a different field and surpass the problem player level in their antics. These are folks that probably know the rules quite well and know how to skirt around them without getting in trouble normally. These would also be players that would be those that always, no matter what, showed disdain for anyone's work or efforts to the server, and not just from the staff. This would also fall into the category of a player that doesn't know how to control their temper and would lash out at folks perhaps off-server and directly through DM's, or through the discord channels themselves.

Define "Admin Abuse" in your own words: "Someone that uses their powers for evil, or own personal gain." Funny remark aside, admins that use their stuff to either aheal themselves if they get hurt, or if there's an event monster and they keep ahealing even though the players have shown great speed and stride on knocking them out. Another form is just general favoritism among folks for one reason or another, and while most instances are not out of malice and are with good intentions.. good intentions should always be backed up with something solid to help ensure a negative light is not cast upon it.

In your opinion, what the biggest problem with the server right now?: The biggest problem is currently being addressed with the hiring of more staff, and it's wonderful to see! The secondary issue is the lack of events that have been going on up until recently with small spur-of-the-moment stuff. This was partly while I took a small time away from the server, among other things personal and related to the place, and only recently been back. My hiatus away I know might impact this and that is understandable.

How would you have it resolved?: As mentioned for the biggest problem, it's being resolved already, and for the secondary one.. well.. that's why I'm applying, as are others!

Consider the following questions, and answer in your own words:

  • What kinds of events are you most interested in running in general? - A wide swath of events. While the occasional chaos-laden event or something to let people unwind is always welcomed for the chunk of the community that is a bit more versed with the mechanics of the game... it'd be nice to see more of a story-based set of events for the server. It is no guess that I've been helping work on the Altevian lore, and getting the space rats more invested in the current story and lore for Virgo, with a WIP page on the wiki right now that's still going through passes and checks, but it's at a spot where we do see and hear about them on certain bits of announcements, and with players asking about them more specifically. That, among the other types of events I'd like to see would be similar to older events I saw when I was here prior was the gateway mission for going to this settlement and crew "vanishing" from the hungry settlers showing them around along with the wildlife. There are also the events of the Shadekin castle that have always been fun to partake in. Though I'd love to see more events take place in space itself, on facilities, derelicts, or similar to the massive space whale. A mix of horror, suspense, exploration, research, and other forms that do NOT rely on combat first is what I'd like to see done more. This of course will be harder to achieve as combat-based events are just way easier to plan out and do, versus making sure a story-oriented event fires off correctly without causing problems for the players in a sense that makes the event not entertaining for them.
  • Describe a larger event you would like to run. A larger event would be the first official round of the altevians as an actual playable species to showcase them and get their lore and story more meshed into the current story with Virgo. As of now, they're a secondary species without anything official yet as we're working on the sprites and other touch-ups for them, but once those are done I'd love to get something done of one of their ships getting attacked by a pirate ship that has since been handled and the crew aboard the Stellar Delight (if the timing works out on rotation at that time in the future) is tasked, being the closest Response class vessel, to go and help out. This vessel would turn out to be one of the many cargo vessels that was on a trade route to an unknown location, that was also fitted with not only a built-in store, but a bar and other areas of leisure for the crew to chill in, as well as a gun range for the weapons part of storage. The crew would first help with fixing breaches, retrieving cargo that spilled out, and help patch up any of the injured crew. Once that was done, the rats and crew could operate a trade round as normal by that point, with the rats perhaps accepting more personal offers for trade, or reward. There would be a few additional triggers that could alter the event to shift in one way or another, but ensuring that a combat-based confrontation was all by a minimum happening.
  • How might you go about selecting volunteers for your event? I'd like to first try and see if I could get folks who are interested in the species and wanna give a good show for them to be the rodents themselves for the event. There would also be a roll for secondary characters for the ships pets, or wildlife that was in transit aboard the vessel (with up to maybe a maint pred that skitters around grabbing folk as they wish and prefs align)
  • Consider your event, what kinds of problems do you think you might run into, both in running the event, and from the players during the event? Initial problems I could see with the event are the general lag of spawning in a rather large ship map for the event, along with making sure that items are properly sorted and ready to go. Another is the possible MIA of players on the event that forgot to give a heads up and possibly cause a hitch in roles, which can be still adjusted and handled in a worst-case situation. Also with it having next to no focus on combat, there is a small chunk of players that'll probably express IC (and close to OOC) boredom of the event or show no real motivation for it.
  • How would you handle those problems? Handling these would be mostly pre-planning with testing the map and making sure no magical holes into space because an area was missed and now the entire vessel is the cold gripping void of death. For the player's aspect, depending on how people ask or play around on it, there could be a small secondary plot of the event with the pirates being "found" and the ship being tasked to send a small group over to help retrieve the stolen goods (Some of this could work on being event reward items for players too for encouraging a secondary trigger to fire off and for engaging in the event that caused it)

    Moving on from talking about your event specifically…
  • You noticed that the exploration team has made their way to virgo four, how might you spice up their time there? Depending on the players, and what their goals are, I could see either adding a few extra POIs, or a small story for them to try and rescue someone trapped and needing aid. A mix of combat, as this is a team geared for it honestly, as well as storytelling so it's not just a point-and-click adventure that would give a nice breath of air for the exploration group (Either the department or new launch plan that's in the works)
  • You noticed that a miner or an explorer has run into some trouble out and away from the station, do you help them? How, if so? I would help them with maybe a narrate of them seeing a lone little animal scurrying around that had made a nest off in the distance that just happens to have some supplies on their to help them get back on their feet. Though, depending on the player's prefs at the time, it could also turn into a lone hungry animal finding them and helping them get a quicker trip back to the re-sleever.
  • You noticed that four people who look like they might be trouble have appeared on the station. Their flavor text and OOC notes perhaps leave something to be desired and they are obviously working together. But they don’t seem to be hostile, they seem to have some kind of silly gimmick going. A concerned ahelp has come in about it. What do you do? As I would be a GM at this, I'd defer this first to the admin on duty, if possible, to handle this issue and investigate further. If so, I would at least offer help to look more into their gimmick, and if it seems to be an overall appealing gimmick that folks are for the most part having fun with, and seem to be engaging with, I would see what little extra push we could give them. The main thing is that they're not causing any issues, and only have at most, missing notes that could either be a rush job for the gimmick or a new player not too aware of it with friends. Checking notes, and the server time of the players we can figure out if they're brand new, or older players and proceed from there on getting more information, if needed.
  • Someone is vocally upset about how things have played out during an event that you were involved with, what do you do? I would let the player know I'd be happy to get feedback from them after the event is over to know what precisely went wrong if there was no way to resolve it in mid-round and the event was going strong. I'd be open and courteous to their issues as this is a player that had something happen to them that ended in a negative light and needs to be handled as such to help resolve this so the player at the very least is not upset.
  • Someone is being verbally abusive and disruptive in general. How would you handle this? I would send a ping to the admin team about the player first before doing anything as a GM, and if they are not able to handle it, respond, or advise me to proceed with it I would open the ticket and reach out to the player to figure out what happened. The first goal would be to get them to stop being openly hostile and causing others that awkwardness or worry, and then work on trying to help the player out on what caused this outburst in the first place.

What prior admin/moderator/management experience do you possess, if any?: Was an admin, and then headmin for Citadel station back in early-mid 2020, but due to issues with the community and other matters I took my leave from their by late 2020. For management, I handle operations for Amazon's SP-API Division and help with developer accounts and other employees on best practices. We account for about.. 50% of retail profits that come through our service of a team of.. 15. While the work is pretty busy I still have some free time on the side to do this as it's something I want to see grow in the community.

Finally, what unique aspects of yourself can you bring to the staff? What can you bring to the team that is, in your opinion, needed?: I have experience with StrongDMM, helped with mapping in the past, and ample knowledge with Build-Mode and how to do spur-of-the-moment adjustments and tricks for players to bring more to the rounds.
Enzo Leon
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Re: Enzo_Leon - GameMaster Application

Postby Kenzie » Fri Jun 17, 2022 10:04 pm

To be honest I am still a little bit leery from your last application but it has been a pretty long time since then and this application seems fine to me? I guess tentative support.
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Re: Enzo_Leon - GameMaster Application

Postby biggs » Sat Jun 25, 2022 6:19 pm

So, up front this is another case where I think I have to more heavily declare my bias, Enzo is a close friend of mine for certain.

That said, I think this is a much better spot for you than your initial attempt, and back then I think I was too hasty to support you simply because you were my friend in a role I don't think anymore would have been great for you. Honestly, I thought hard on this on where exactly I landed, and for a while I was just going to abstain entirely because it's a hard thing to be objective on. I think a GM role fits the time you have, and what you want to put into things and see happen. I do fully expect you'd miss the mark along the way at least a few times while you learn from the staff perspective what does and does not work with our playerbase (sometimes it's REALLY not obvious). Everyone does, what will matter most is handling when that does happen, and handling the criticism and learning from it.

I know very well you have opinions on what is fun and what is good that not everyone will agree on, and as long as you can accept that someone else's way of having fun is also sometimes just as valid while trying to make fun, and that sometimes more fun will be preserved by easing off, I think you can perform the role well. There might be some other growing pains along the way, but I think you're capable of it, or at least mature enough to acknowledge if it doesn't work out for you once you've dipped your toes in. As a result, you have my Support.
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Re: Enzo_Leon - GameMaster Application

Postby Demicus_Maximus » Tue Jul 12, 2022 1:52 am

Well I've been staring at this application for a good while now. And you know, I think it's pretty good. And while a lot of players kind of just blend together into a mix of "Oh, who is that again?", I recognized you immediately without being in the rather close number of good friends. So while I can't point to any really solid reasoning behind my decision, I give you my support.
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