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Age check notification

PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 8:11 am
by Aces
We had one problem with a person lying about their age when they became an admin. That admin has already long since been removed from their position and banned from the server, but I don't want that happening again, so all new applicants for staff position must undergo an age check.

The age check involves exactly what you'd normally go through with a normal age check to get unbanned, but you're just not being banned.

Note that if you withdraw an application at this time, I'm not going to take that reason alone as reason for being underaged and ban you from the server or any shit like that. I understand that some people don't want to give that kind of information even if I delete it after verifying the info. I usually suggest people upload their photos to imgur rather than directly to our site, juuuuust in case there's ever a data leak and I forget to delete someone's info.

But, if you don't withdraw, and your application gets accepted, be prepared to supply the following:
  • A photo of yourself. In the photo your face must be visible, and you must be holding a bit of paper that says the code phrase "Vorestation" followed by the date of your application being accepted.
  • An image of your photo ID with at least the age and photo visible. Alternatively, IDs without an age, but can only be obtained being older than 18, are also accepted. College IDs, gun licenses of some countries, etc.

The two applications who submitted theirs well before this rule went into place, namely Verk and phoaly, I will not enforce this rule, because I've already made you two wait long enough. Don't make me regret it.

Re-applicants for admin need not be age checked again. A successful age check also makes you immune to any age bans in future even if you stop being an admin.