Stobarico - Developer Application

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Don't even bother applying if you've not played here for at least a month. You will be ignored, and will probably be denied in the future for looking like a power hungry twat.

Stobarico - Developer Application

Postby stobarico » Sun Mar 10, 2019 11:15 pm

BYOND Key: Stobarico

Discord ID: Stobarico#5913

Names of notable characters you play in Vorestation: Alexis Bloise (Played a lot back then, don't really play much nowadays), Adrien Grapha (Played a lot, but i need to be in the right mood, probably one of the most played characters nowadays), Emilly Grapha (Also played a lot, quite a new character, but still in the run for being my most played), Alice Lancaster (Rarely play nowadays, never was played that much), Michaella Cadriel (Played now and then i haven't played as her lately, since i've been focusing on Emilly), NTSX-022 (Same as Alice)

How long have you been playing Space Station 13: Since Jan, 4, 2015
How long have you been playing Vorestation: Can't really give a precise date, but i've been playing since we used Boxstation as our map

Describe what role-playing means to you: In my opinion, it means pretty much doing your best to think and act like someone else, usually in situations very different than yours.

Define what a "Problem Player" is in your own words: Usually, problem players are the ones who keep repeating the offenses they commit over and over, or that, y'know, outright grief the server

Define a "Toxic Player" in your own words: Someone that overly offensively verbally IC (Wich COULD be their character, but here's my emphasis in OVERLY), or that is offensive OC (A place where there shouldn't be any of that in general)
Define "Admin Abuse" in your own words: Simply put, using the commands given to you to get benefits to you or your friends IC.

In your opinion, what the biggest problem with the server right now?: I think that currently the server suffers from a bunch of outdated sprites, maps and code. For an example, the kitchen code is quite meh, there are some waaay more interesting codes for it, like Aurora's (That uses all kitchen appliances, not only a microwave), another example, the window sprites, drink sprites, locker sprites, crate sprites, etc.

How would you have it resolved?: Codes and sprites can be created or ported over from other servers, and in my opinion it's what could be done, porting over good sprites or codes is a start.

Go through the following scenarios and state how you would deal with it...

  • An adminhelp comes in claiming an individual is griefing.
    How I'd handle it: I'd first check on the accused, if he's actively and clearly griefing, i'd issue a quick permanent ban to stop him/her dead on their tracks. If it's not as black and white as it seems, i'd first ahelp the accused if he has been griefing. If he denies, i would ask the accuser what was that person doing, and then ask the accused once again if he did that. If he still denies, i would go over to check the logs. If he was indeed griefing, i would apply a permanent ban, if he wasn't, i would explain the accuser why wasn't he.
  • A player is upset about a scenario, but they are clearly in the wrong.
    How I'd handle it: I'd ask him/her to calm down, and explain why are they wrong, all the while maintaining a calm and nice demeanor
  • When interviewing several individuals, one is lying but you cannot tell who it is.
    How I'd handle it: Check the logs, they never lie.
  • After interviewing several individuals, you have a pretty good idea of who is lying, but still lack concrete, infallible proof. Despite your best efforts, some details remain ambiguous. What now?
    How I'd handle it: Again, the logs are always the best evidence you can get, and they're always there for you to grab.
  • An individual is playing a character who has sparked several adminhelps regarding said individual, but they are not in any clear violation of the rules.
    How I'd handle it: That actually happened some time ago i believe, and from what i know, the best way to deal with it is to ahelp said character, saying that he isn't actually breaking any rules, but that people are getting very upset about it's behaviour. Later, i believe it would probably devolve into a staff discussion about said problem over Discord.
  • Multiple character deaths have occurred and you are attempting to investigate. One player exhibits poor role-playing skills combined with insulting all those involved, another rushed after trouble started and only used lethal force, and a third went on and attacked several other individuals after the first fight was finished.
    How I'd handle it:
Let's get a few things settled first, then:
Player 1 - "One player exhibits poor role-playing skills combined with insulting all those involved"
Player 2 - "Another rushed after trouble started and only used lethal force"
Player 3 - "And a third went on and attacked several other individuals after the first fight was finished"
Alright, i'd start with Player 3, as he seems to be causing trouble at the moment, and pretty much do the same protocol as i would with a griefing player, as what he's doing is clearly that, then i'd go for Player 2, asking him why did he use only lethal force, and why did he/her even rush into the trouble (If the character isn't a security member, obviously), depending on the outcome of the investigations and of the talks with Player 2, that could warrant anything from a week ban to a permaban. Player 1 seems to be the least troublesome, i would talk to him/her for a bit, explaining that this is a HRP server and that their behavior should be toned down, his punishment would probably be a warning and a note

What prior admin/moderator/management experience do you possess, if any?:
  • [Role] Administrator - FTL13 (Now Retired)
  • [Contributions] Spriting - FTL13 (Ported and created a few sprites, for an example, i ported and adapted the consoles used on VOREStation over to there)
  • [Contributions] Mapping - FTL13 (I very nearly completed a map, but i just stopped doing it, dunno why really, i think i lost interest, or got too buzy?)
  • [Contributions] Coding - FTL13 (Extremelly basic coding, mostly porting over other codes)
  • [Role] Mapper - SCP13 (The server did die before i got any maps out, but i still have the map files)

Finally, what unique aspects of yourself can you bring to the staff? What can you bring to the team that is, in your opinion, needed?: Well, i can bring amateur spriting skills, good sprite porting and adapting skills, good mapping skills, amateur code porting skills and good moderation skills (Even though that's not my focus). On a sidenote, i can also bring some cool creative ideas for events.
Alexis Bloise, Head of Personel and Overseer
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Re: Stobarico - Developer Application

Postby Aces » Mon Mar 25, 2019 6:46 pm

Now that the forum is kind of working we can get some actual feedback on this.
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Re: Stobarico - Developer Application

Postby Wickedtemp » Mon Mar 25, 2019 7:14 pm

I don't think they're a bad choice, but I do think Verk and Nanaki were just...better. It's difficult for me to outright say why, it might just be because I see them more often.
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Re: Stobarico - Developer Application

Postby Wickedtemp » Sat Mar 30, 2019 12:02 pm

If we're accepting a third Dev, though, would support.
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Re: Stobarico - Developer Application

Postby Nanaki » Wed Apr 17, 2019 2:07 am

Not against more developers, but, I also have not seen much in the way of your work on Virgo's github. Considering that we are no longer under a code freeze, PRs to improve the codebase would be very welcome, as well as a way to get yourself established.
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