ban appeal, emotional distress.

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Re: ban appeal, emotional distress.

Postby JoanRisu » Sun Jun 02, 2019 6:53 am

Aces wrote:This appeal should have been rejected after the initial post and the supreme failure to follow the appeal format. It's apparent that the user does not care to follow basic directions, or is not intelligent enough to do so, much less take directions or advice regarding anything else. I'm amazed that this trainwreck was allowed to go on for five pages.

Appeal rejected.

If not the above then the following quote is enough to reject this appeal.
C0bble wrote:You can't even speak english.

That is incredibly inappropriate and irrelevant to the current issue at hand and the fact that you felt brazen enough to, in addition to not follow simple directions, go after someone's grasp of the English language instead of tackling their argument shows purposeful disregard for those around you and to the rules in place.

I suggest you steer clear of this server for a month before attempting another appeal.
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