Offical Discord Server Established!

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Offical Discord Server Established!

Postby JoanRisu » Mon Apr 25, 2016 5:56 am

The straw that finally broke the camel's back has finally arrived. After a service disruption with skype broke the Officer's Lounge again, the Central Command senior staff (Aka the overlords aka the overseers aka the administrators) have decided that skype is becoming more and more unreliable in its capability to sustain a group chat.

If you'd like the join the Discord, click here.

Discord offers a web client, desktop app, and a mobile app. After creating an account for discord, you should explore what is right for you to use.

What does this mean for Skype?
At this time, the current timetable for skype is that the admin staff continue all support on skype through to the end of summer. By the end of the summer, we hope people make the transition to discord so we can make a clean break from skype. Skype is no longer supported in any capacity.

B-But all my skype friends!
We're not saying you as an individual has to dump skype. We understand that people have personal contacts and friends that only stick to skype. That's okay. We're just informing you that real-time administrative support and the space lobby are being moved from Skype to Discord. If you really want to keep skype, that is your choice. The downside is you're going to be missing some announcements and you might have a few hiccups trying to get in contact with an admin once we dump skype completely. =
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