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Postby warbrand2 » Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:03 pm

From brandon, draca, classified [no I am not changing my name back]

I have started a xenobio research project on the crew, any xenobiologist with proper training is allowed to add to the document as well as key figures of personel. this document is in early stages and will be a full detail document on any none human crew member, even if you are one of the common races. that said taking part in the interviews and tests are completely volunteer oriented, only info you disclose will be placed in the document.

[document link: NT research server, public access, public filing, xenological data on v.o.r.e crew]

(had to take down the google doc as someone I know found it.)

((OOC, treat that google doc as if it was an IC document, only post in it in character and give notice in character about changes. had to take down the document do to some one I know in RL finding it.))
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