How To Get Fluff Items (Application Format)

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How To Get Fluff Items (Application Format)

Postby Aces » Fri Aug 07, 2015 5:45 pm

Things to consider before applying
  • You do not need to donate to get an item, and donating won't improve your chances of getting one. If anyone told you this, they lied to you. So don't donate just because you want to bribe us. It doesn't work that way.
  • There's no real rules or solid policy to why fluff items get accepted or rejected. The main questions we ask are, "Does it make sense?" and "Does it add to the RP experience?" Just because someone got approved for an energy sword for example doesn't mean you can, so don't complain about playing favorites. If you can produce a good enough reason to own an anti-tank rifle and why CentCom should allow it, you get to have an anti-tank rifle. This is an extreme example, but you see my point.
  • CentCom is IC and therefore does play favorites with characters it likes, especially those who are in good standing with the company or have gotten medals in the past. Brown-nose to your advantage if you want.
  • Things that intentionally hurt your character or put them at an intentional disadvantage (illicit drugs, for example) are generally discouraged.
  • If your item looks or behaves like an item normally used only by antagonists, it's going to be a very hard sell as to why you should own it. I don't care how much it's been neutered.
  • Weapon permits are very hard to get. Don't even bother applying for one unless you're a veteran player of security, or you're on very good terms with CentCom's higher-ups.
  • Your item can be removed at any time for any reason and we're not obligated to explain why. If we see you murdering an assistant because they took your favorite comb, you lose the comb, and probably get banned.
  • All community members may post opinions on your application. Just because I think something is a good idea doesn't mean six random players do.
How to apply

Step 1: Have an idea for an item for one of your characters.

Step 2: Refine the idea, think of a reason they would have it, what it means to them. Why is it important enough to bring on-board the station?

Step 3: Consider very carefully if it is actually a viable fluff item. If it's a gun that shoots carp that shoot smaller carp, the answer is probably a no.
Step 3.5: Also, the item MUST EXIST IN THE CODE. That means if you want a custom sprited electric guitar, first you have to code an electric guitar and get a "normal" sprite for it and any associated sound files to go with it for everyone else to use. We're not coding things just for you. If it doesn't exist, you must add it yourself, and then you can make your fluff item to go with it.

Step 4: Acquire the icons, whether you do them yourself or not, as well as a picture of the item in game for the application. (Show us what the item will look like).

Step 5: Read this stuff.
  • There are no set restrictions on fluff items. Anything you want, you can apply for. This does not mean you will get it. This does not mean that we allow everything. It merely means it is far easier to allow and deny things on a case-by-case basis rather than to make a list of what is or isn't okay. From bracelets to weapons of mass destruction, if you have a compelling enough reason to have it, you will have it.
  • Medals you've earned tend to be easy to get applications for. Just make sure you have evidence that you actually got it. Maybe have the player who gave it to you post to confirm. You only get to bring one medal on board so don't waste it on something lame.
  • Items that are detrimental to your character, such as an implant that causes seizures or something, may be considered if the reasoning is interesting enough.
  • All decisions will be made by the current Lore Master or anyone appointed by them to act on their behalf. Every reject decision will be accompanied by its reasoning. Failure to do this will result in the manager being punished somehow. Maybe whipped.
  • After three months of inactivity (i.e the player not logging onto the server), approved fluff items may be removed from the spawn list so it doesn't become a horrible mess.
  • If you get slapped with a permanent ban, your item will probably be removed unless you end up eventually appealing before we remove it.
  • Following on from the previous two points, if you have had your item approved, and later removed from the spawn list because you stopped playing or got banned, you are free to re-apply with the same item, citing your previous acceptance.
  • Certain items may be tagged for re-evaluation at the Lore Master or their appointee's discretion. This is to prevent things we might later decide to have been a bad idea.
  • Fluff items can be revoked without warning or notice. Don't abuse them.
  • Each key is limited to 5 items. Any more and they won't fit in your backpack. You can also code cardboard boxes to be full of trinkets if you want to save space. A cardboard box only counts as one thing. Just don't go crazy with it.

Step 6: Seriously, read the damn thing above.

Step 7:

  • Make a new thread with "Fluff Item - Character Name - BYOND Key" (E.g Cool Suit - Urist McSpess - ByondDude )
  • If you want a permit for a weapon, you MUST contact a CentCom agent in-character, or have a lawyer fax your application to CentCom (and ensure you get a reply). This must be done in-character. CentCom will not approve the permit on the spot, but they will tell you if they are processing it. If you do not get a reply, you'll have to try again when an admin is paying attention.
  • Fill in this form:
    Code: Select all
    [b]Name of Item:[/b]
    [b]Item description[/b]: (try to keep it short and sweet)

    [b]Sprites (or link to sprites)[/b]:

    [b]Any additional resources[/b]: (in a .zip or .7z file, including sounds and DM files with code in them)

    [b]BYOND Key (Username)[/b]:

    [b]Name of Character[/b]:

    [b]Main Job(s) of Character[/b]:

    [b]Why your character should have this item[/b]:

    [b]Additional Notes[/b]:

    [b]Fluff Item slots already used[/b]: (0/1/2/3/4)
  • Post your application and wait.

You may also request deletion of one or all of your fluff items by simply post a topic entitled "Deletion Request - Character Name - Item".

Also. Please also note that any items, sprites, sounds, or coded mechanics must meet standards for inclusion. If it's buggy and broken or looks/sounds terrible, we won't add it and we won't fix it for you.

Once an item is Approval Pending (meaning it's approved, but not added), you or anyone else can add it to the code on Github. All custom items go in, and icons go into custom_icons.dmi, while sprites appearing on your body or in hand go in the usual locations. If you don't do it, a developer eventually will. Whoever adds it, leave a notification in the thread that it has been added.

All approval pending items will get added eventually, but it happens faster if someone makes the pull-request on github and all I have to do is approve it and add to the server.

Any items approved for the old code can be ported without another application. However if you had a custom item from before the applications were around, you must re-apply for that item.

You are free to make reminders if your item is added to the game but hasn't been added to your inventory yet.
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Re: How To Get Fluff Items

Postby Demicus_Maximus » Wed Aug 23, 2017 2:44 pm

Little addendum:
  • If you haven't received any replies in a reasonable amount of time, it's a good idea to poke one of the staff, such as myself. I do try to check in regularly, but we get busy and forget things like any other person. :P
  • Due to confusion with the wording, most apps will be marked as 'Approved' rather than 'Approval Pending'. You still need to implement them, or get someone to implement them for you.
  • Reminder: Approval doesn't mean the process is over. The dev staff may get to your item/ability/ect. eventually, but it is much faster if you work directly with someone willing to assist, or create it yourself.
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Re: How To Get Fluff Items (Application Format)

Postby Aces » Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:21 pm

I literally just now realized that nobody ever explained which admins can approve items. Oops.

For future reference, headmins and "Lore Master" admins have this ability from now on.
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