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Transparent Breath Mask - Tachika - zammyman215

PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 8:47 pm
by zammyman215
Name of Item:
Transparent Breath Mask

Item description:
A high-tech breathing mask that's identical in function to the usual ones but lets me not have the ugly mask sprite and also let things like food (people) pass through easily.

Sprites (or link to sprites):
Same as normal breath mask in-hand, but there is no on-character appearance.

Any additional resources: (in a .zip or .7z file, including sounds and DM files with code in them)
To be coded after approval

Main Job(s) of Character:
Research Director

Why your character should have this item:
It seems like the type of quality-of-life improvement that he, as a sort of tinkerer, fixer, and builder, would try to put together for himself or other Vox that were interested in using it. One can only get so annoyed at wearing intrusive plastic over their beak for so long before looking for a solution.

Additional Notes (If it's a permit, insert the information for the permit here):
I pitched this idea a couple months ago, and never got around to actually submitting this application after getting positive response to it.
Natje said she liked the idea, and I think it keeps the function identical while having an appearance that I enjoy.

Fluff Item slots already used: 0 (1 if other application is approved)

Re: Transparent Breath Mask - Tachika - zammyman215

PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:20 pm
by Amanda
Im not sure if I am allowed to answer here, but given the item...

I think this should not be a fluff item. It would be perfect to place such a thing into an RP vendor, then you could play characters who are immune to something in the air without the game mechanics fucking up the character...