EAL Implant - Ahzrukhal Ahkeen - Kazkin

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EAL Implant - Ahzrukhal Ahkeen - Kazkin

Postby Kazkin » Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:58 am

Name of Item: Encoded Audio Language Implant

Item description: An implant for organics to be able to speak encoded audio language, a normally synthetic language.

Sprites (or link to sprites): N/A

Any additional resources: Already exists in the code.

BYOND Key (Username): Kazkin

Name of Character: Ahzrukhal Ahkeen

Main Job(s) of Character: Roboticist, Explorer, Chemist

Why your character should have this item: Ahzrukhal is heavily augmented with multiple cybernetics from a synth arm to several internal implants. Given her primary job is robotics and she can already (and always has) understood encoded audio language she reasonably should be able to speak it.

Additional Notes (If it's a permit, insert the information for the permit here): N/A

Fluff Item slots already used: 1 medal of unity
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