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Medal of Valour - Lucky - thedavestdave

Postby TheDavestDave » Fri May 28, 2021 8:30 am

Name of Item:Medal of Valour

Item description: (try to keep it short and sweet) existing item

Sprites (or link to sprites):

Any additional resources: (in a .zip or .7z file, including sounds and DM files with code in them)

BYOND Key (Username):thedavestdave

Name of Character:lucky

Main Job(s) of Character:Field Medic

Why your character should have this item: This is a combo of things related to Coyote's ASY Beacon Of Prosperity ship event, and Rana's recent event that kept explo hostage the next trip I go on.

I've been trying to write up what happened with the ASY Beacon Of Prosperity a few days after it happened for an IC blog thing, it's still not done. This was Lucky's first shift as a protean, even oocly I wasn't sure how everything worked. ICly it would have been a lot worse as I'd think it'd be a concentration thing just to stay solid. We got attacked in the airlock, jetpack got dropped there and got nicked by someone. Even staying behind I got flanked and due to the jetpack issues only didn't die to a combat drone because zel saved me. I ran out of keloderm like 5 mins in and was using a tricord for a lot of it, unable to return home to resupply. But that didn't matter because the lasers were causing so much blood loss to people I had to cycle them to give them iron pills to stop oxy loss damage. For ages I didn't even get to leave the shuttle because zel brought a new person with not enough blood as soon as a cycled out. Did manage to find the ship and try to treat people before they got critical but still having to drag people to the airlock because I never found the combat defib until the second trip. Managed to have each of my limbs shot off at one point, having to figure out that I need to tell his body to regrow them. At one point I was patching up all of sec and a pilot in the shuttle at once. Ran out just before the mech battle, first time actually seeing the inside of the ship and having to drag people back to the shuttle, injured badly enough to force a medevac at last.

Then I got out on the second trip. Ascain and Je both go down. Cate is retreating, so I am left to go collect who and can. Managed to defib Je back only for a hive bot chase me back to our airlock and unfix Je, bursting his suit aswell this time. And then because I didn't notice bogen ran back in to get ascain. AFter all that went in for a third trip, that was thankfully uneventful other than rare mats. Even after all that, no medal. I'm told sec got one and all of the station side medical, and the only reason I didn't get one is because Enzo didn't hear Cate ask.

Relating to Rana's event where explo got taken hostage by a mech. With the ERT military capsule thing I managed to surgically save most of the team while being chased by a mech. I get Ryile’s first and Je, does nat, I notice on sensors that Rosey and Nehi went to fight the thing while 2 members were dead. I went in, got shocked by the mech's tesla and drag's Rosey's body back to the shelter, treated and defibbed her. Run back in to get nehi. This time I've got people trying to get me to leave nehi as I'm almost done because there's a big angry mech right outside the surgical room.

Additional Notes:
Coyote has said she'd endorse me for a medal for their event, not what medal tbf. There wasn't a HoP or CD on station for Rana's one. I think with two occasions of being way out my league to save people and still managing to to it that close together it should add up to a bigger medal, rather than me flooding the forums for thress conduct medals at once.
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