Approval for a replica katana

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Approval for a replica katana

Postby Aruu Yung » Sun Jul 26, 2020 10:09 pm

Name of Item:
- Replica Katana

Item description: (try to keep it short and sweet)
-This katana is a replica of a real sword used by a warrior long ago
Sprites (or link to sprites):
- Already in code
(was hoping to make it wearable as a back pack
Any additional resources: (in a .zip or .7z file, including sounds and DM files with code in them)
- None

BYOND Key (Username):
- MedihoundAruu
Name of Character:
- T'suyta Yuu
Main Job(s) of Character:
- Visitor

Why your character should have this item:
- my character carries around a replica katana to signify his honor carrying his family traditions of being a samurai
Fluff Item slots already used: (0/1/2/3/4)
- 0
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