Protective Shroud Suit - Zena Aviv - Xonkon

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Protective Shroud Suit - Zena Aviv - Xonkon

Postby xonkon » Thu May 14, 2020 12:37 am

Name of Item:
Protective Shroud Suit

Item description: (try to keep it short and sweet)
A skintight voidsuit made largely out of silicone and rubber with a selection of metal plating.

Sprites (or link to sprites):

Any additional resources: (in a .zip or .7z file, including sounds and DM files with code in them)

BYOND Key (Username):

Name of Character:
Zena Aviv

Main Job(s) of Character:
Engineer / Atmos Tech

Why your character should have this item:
Zena's species is unsuited to the standard atmosphere found on most human stations, requiring a protective suit to keep them safe from toxic exposure to nitrogen and UV radiation

Additional Notes: Basically its a zaddat suit that I've modified to look nicer, and that I can use without having to go through the agony of playing an actual zaddat. This would be a fully functioning voidsuit, preferably with atmos tech/ engineering voidsuit stats.

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