Balaclava - Monty Kopic - Theskringdinger

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Balaclava - Monty Kopic - Theskringdinger

Postby montyguy » Mon Nov 04, 2019 7:04 pm

Name of Item: Balaclava

Item description: A beat up generic balaclava (I dont remember the description for your average random balaclava found in the world)

Sprites (or link to sprites): No different from any other balaclava

Any additional resources: Nothing here

BYOND Key (Username): Theskringdinger

Name of Character: Monty Kopic

Main Job(s) of Character: Engineer/Maintenance Technician

Why your character should have this item:He really likes masks, and I just run to grab any mask I can, it would just save alot of time to start with this instead of having to find one each shift. I think it's fine since pretty much everyone recognizes who it is.

Additional Notes: I don't think there is any needed.

Fluff Item slots already used: 0
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Re: Balaclava - Monty Kopic - Theskringdinger

Postby Mr_Signmeup » Thu Nov 07, 2019 12:45 am

I ain't too sure about this, considering that corporate regulations state that attempting to conceal your identity. IE; use of face-covering masks, can be treated as suspicious conduct. So, I dunno if fluff-wise, the Company would allow Monty to consistently bring aboard a balaclava.
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Re: Balaclava - Monty Kopic - Theskringdinger

Postby montyguy » Thu Nov 07, 2019 9:37 am

I thought about that at first, originally had an idea where it could just fold up like a beanie which would be helpful outside the station in the cold but I don't know how to code. I'm up for whatever you think, opinions and suggestions help.
Concealing his identity is definitely not his intention as he always wears his ID, although corporate can't make an exception for that. I'd be even fine with spriting a little different mask that is supposed to have his identity sewn into it or something, but that might be a bit too silly.
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