Distinguished Conduct Medal - Xander Bevin - AegisOA

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Distinguished Conduct Medal - Xander Bevin - AegisOA

Postby AegisOA » Tue Sep 03, 2019 3:17 am

Name of Item:
Distinguished Conduct Medal

Item description:
A bronze medal awarded for distinguished conduct. Whilst a great honor, this is most basic award on offer. It is often awarded by a captain to a member of their crew.

Sprites (or link to sprites):
Already in the code.

Any additional resources:
Already in the code.

BYOND Key (Username):

Name of Character:
Xander Bevin

Main Job(s) of Character:
Shaft Miner (70%), Cargo Technician (25%), Quartermaster (5%)

Why your character should have this item:
After already being awarded with an IC promotion to Quartermaster by Lise Evans and Samantha Janice Softfur months ago, Xander was finally called up to the CD's office once more, this time by Cameron Kulper and Nick Sloan. Unlike last time, however, it was to award Xander with a distinguished conduct medal for his months and months of consistent, reliable work in the entirety of the Cargo department. As for the specific wording Cameron Kulper used:

Additional Notes:
I'm unsure if I need the people who play Cameron Kulper and Nick Sloan to hop in here and confirm this, but if necessary I can send them a notification.

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