Xenobotany-Make the station your garden

I have no idea what I am doing.

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Xenobotany-Make the station your garden

Postby Knightfall » Wed Mar 02, 2016 2:44 am

Can't splice genes until you know what the equipment does
  1. lysis-isolation centrifuge - Stick a seed in, stick one of the flora disks located in the box nearby, and extract a gene.
  2. bioballistic delivery system - Stick a seed in, stick a disk with genes extracted in the lysis isolator, and splice that gene inside. Whatever gene was in the disk is now in that seed.
  3. The disks - You get seven, so you will need to erase a stored gene at some point. Simply click on it while it is in your hand to do so.
Oh god what do all these letters and numbers in the Isolator mean
These are randomized every round, and there are thirteen total, most of them changing multiple things. Each one will have one of the following genes:
  1. Biochemistry - Copies over the chemicals from one plant, and ADDS them another, does not replace them. Changes what gasses the plant exudes, if any. Changes the Potency of the plant.
  2. Output - Effects if the plant can be used as a battery, and if it is Bioluminescent.
  3. Atmosphere - Effects heat and pressure tolerances.
  4. Hardiness - Effects the toxins tolerance, pest tolerance, weed tolerance, and endurance of the plant.
  5. Metabolism - Effects if it needs water or nutrients (you can make a plant that requires none of both), if it changes the temperature of the room, and if instead of harvesting produce, it spawns a mob instead. Yes, this means you can make Ambrosia Dues that spawns killer tomatoes instead of space weed, and make the space hippies cry.
  6. Vigour - Effects production, yield, maturation (time it takes to grow, and the time between harvests), and if it is a vine. This either means it can be planted outside of the tray of vine 1, or if it spreads into an actual vine that covers the station if vine 2.
  7. Diet - Effects if it consumes any gasses, how much water and nutrients it requires (if any, see Metabolism), if it is a parasite (will kill weeds for nutrients), and if it is a carnivore (Carnivore 1 will eat pests in the tray for nutrients, carnivore 2 will eat PEOPLE if placed into a vine. Also looks really scary.)
  8. Environment - Effects the ideal heat requirements of the plant, and both the light tolerances and the ideal light.
  9. Pigment - Changes the color of both the plant and it's product, and also the Bioluminescence color. By default a plant will not have one, so you need to copy this in addition to output to make a plant glow.
  10. Structure - Changes the sprite of the plant and it's product, and if it can be harvested repeatedly.
  11. Fruit - Effects if the produced item has spines which inject whatever chemical is in the plant on pickup if the person has no gloves, if it explodes when thrown into a cloud of whatever chemicals are in it, and if it is juicy, which means it will have a juice chemical relative to the plant.
  12. Special - If the plant has a chance to teleport people around when hit with it, or when it is thrown. Bluespace tomatoes have this, for example.
That's only twelve, what's up?
Either I counted wrong or one of the traits just does nothing to mess with you, who knows.
Advanced stuff
  1. Potency changes many things, such as the amount of chemicals in the plant, the size of the chemical cloud an exploding plant creates when thrown, how much light Biolum plants make, how fast vines spread, and how much damage those vines do if they are carnivores and out for your flesh
  2. Many traits synergize with each other. Spines into vines will make them inject the plant chemicals into anyone not wearing protective gear when they lash out, carnivore and vines are an obvious one, but there are many more. Experiment and find them all out
  3. Plant biochemistry can be changed more than once, splice chemicals from multiple plants into one to create the most powerful healing plant the world has ever seen. Or the most deadly.
  4. Seeds have a limit to how many times they can be changed before no more changes are possible, when this happens just plant it and get more seeds from it, and keep on going.
  5. You can use wirecutters on plants to get seeds early
  6. Maturation times on strange plants are terrible, splice over Vigour from berries and you will keep all the unique properties it has intact, while making it not take a half hour to grow.
  7. Diona nodes have no genetic structure to modify, nice try.
That's all nice, but how do I even figure out which of those numbers and letters do what?
Take glowshrooms and berries, plant them. Snip a seed from each plant once, glowshroom seeds go into the lysis isolator, berries into the delivery system. Snip more later once the plants are grown up a bit, or you will kill them. Copy over each trait from glowshrooms into a berry seed, and scan for changes. Glowshrooms and berries are different in almost ever notable category, you can quickly find Vigour, Biochemistry, Output, and Fruit just be scanning the seed and looking for a difference. Pigment and Structure change the sprite of the seed packet itself, so they are even easier to spot. Pigment changes the color, structure changes the plant on the seed packet. Should only take you fifteen minutes to find them. To find the others, you will need to mutate some plants or order an exotic seed crate, and perform the above method with those seeds.
Cool, now I can hold the station hostage with horrorvines!
If the worst happens and a vine "happens" to escape xenobotany, fear not. Biosuits and Hardsuits will protect you from getting injected, and from them munching on you if they are carnivores. Plant killer works great at pushing them back ,but you will need to go throw many bottles if it has taken over a large room such as the holodeck. Wirecutters are also good, they take samples from vines and plants, killing them in the process, but leaves tons of seeds everywhere for someone to plant more. Goats work great too, unless the plant is deadly, in which case RIP goats. [redacted] is a nigh unstoppable threat, if cute mushrooms are running around your station you better pack it up and get outta town while you still can.
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Re: Xenobotany-Make the station your garden

Postby Molenar » Wed Mar 02, 2016 2:56 am

cool and useful
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Re: Xenobotany-Make the station your garden

Postby Demicus_Maximus » Wed Mar 02, 2016 2:58 am

I love how you guys have turned the Xenoflora lab from some boring old room into the amazing lair of awesome it is now. :3
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