SS13 Basics.

I have no idea what I am doing.

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SS13 Basics.

Postby joey4298 » Mon Aug 10, 2015 8:54 pm

Assuming you've already acquired the game and have no problem playing it.

Right, big image, I know, but it all means something I promise.
And no, the color of the text means nothing.

Once you start up the client, and log into the VORE server, you will be greated with this screen.
You will start out in the arrivals shuttle, welcome to the Virgo Orbital Research Establishment- VORE.
To move, use the arrow keys, up down left and right to move in the respective directions.
To interact with most objects in the game, you will need to use the mouse. Left clicking will directly influence the object, as right clicking will bring up a menu to scroll from about things on that tile.
Approaching a standard airlock, you can open it by walking into it, or by left clicking it. A non-standard airlock will require additional access, which the default job, assistant, does not have.
Access is gained through your ID card, which spawns in it's corresponding slot in the tool bar. Say, for instance, you've made your way to the security department.
For the example, you're my character, as shown in the picture above, Rosey.
She is a blueshield, which falls under the security sector. Her access gives her the ability to walk in and out of the doors that require security access, save for specific areas I.E. Head of Security's office, detective's office, and Warden's office, etc.
(( EDIT. At this point, I accidentally posted this, goddamnit, it wasn't finished.))
And the same goes for any other job, they all have their respective accesses. Psychiatrist has medical and psych office access, shaft miner has cargo, and mining access. And so on, and so forth.
Now, let's look at your tool bar at the bottom of your screen. Starting from left to right.
You find the pop-up that has your clothing. You will need to toggle it, however. As an assistant, you will by default have a grey jumpsuit, black shoes, and a standard radio headset.
You're head, mask, glove, eye, and left ear slot are empty. Depending on your character, you may get an accessory from the vendor at the top left of the shuttle. This will dispense the ears and tail things, like you see on Rosey above.
Next is your suit storage, if you've got a hardsuit equipped, you can usually put something there. Like an oxygen tank.
Then you have your ID slot, and belt slot. Your ID and PDA spawn there, I find it better to take your ID and insert it into your PDA, saves space and still works as long as the PDA is attached at the ID slot.
Belt slot can hold a bunch of different things, try them out!
The backpack slot can hold just about anything you think is suppose to go on your back, bags, tanks of gas, etc.

Now we have the two hand slots, these two slots hold.. whatever you're holding. To hold something, simply left click it. To change hand slots, you click the SWAP button, or the middle mouse button on a tile.
To easily equip an item, hit the E while holding the item.
The last two slots are just storage for small items in your pockets, if you take your jumpsuit off, they will fall to the ground.

The button after the pocket slots, is the movement speed toggle. It toggles whether you run or walk. You'll likely only walk when the floor is wet or such. Otherwise, run, always.~
The next four squares are very important, these are the intents. Help intent will do something helpful or non-violent when clicking. Disarm is a passive agressive effect. Grabbing.. grabs people. Harm intent is obvious.
When grabbing people, you will put a (passive) grab on them, to make it (aggressive) you will need to click the grab in that hand. To.. devour/shove a person into you, you must select the vore option and (aggressive) grab somebody, then click yourself. To change Vore Intent, you must look at the tabs in the upper right corner of your screen. Search for the VORE tab and use the respective options.

To the right of your intents, you have the aiming portrait, the red area shows your aim. This is used from combat, to medical.
Above this, you have the drop and throw buttons. They do what they say, come on now.
Resist button is next to those, this is used if someone is grabbing you, or you're handcuffed, or a giantess trying to eat you robustly has picked you up and you are unable to flee by using the movement keys.
The gun mode button, will change whether you shoot or aim when clicking on somebody.
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Re: SS13 Basics.

Postby Aces » Mon Aug 22, 2016 10:31 pm

This needs an update!
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Re: SS13 Basics.

Postby Demicus_Maximus » Thu Aug 25, 2016 11:45 am

To speak using your radio, start talking normally using say, but add a ; at the beginning. To use a department radio, use can use :h for the default channel. If you can speak to several channels, you'll need to be more specific, like :s or :m . Right clicking and examining your headset will tell you which keys are what.
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