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Oh, boy! Is it that time of day again? Buckle your panties, ladies and gentlemen, time for Daddy Reshy to give you another low down hoedown on the mile long page that is STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES (SOP). Unfortunately, I won't be covering all of Standard Operating Procedures, only the security section. Why? CAUSE SECURITY IS THE DEPARTMENT I MAIN, CUT ME SOME SLACK! I'll be going over some critical points in Standard Operating Procedures and giving you either my definition or interpretation of them. Keyword: MY! People interpret this differently or don't pay any attention to it what so ever in terms of IC... but we'll be going over it anyways!


The first thing we're going to look at is right near the start of procedures, NANOTRASEN PRIVACY POLICY

Under normal station operation...

IE: Code Green.

...the invasion of private areas such as locked dorms, bathrooms, personal offices, personal belongings, personal lockers, or other personal space is highly illegal without consent of the owner or a search warrant.

THIS ALSO INCLUDES DEPARTMENTS! So, basically, if you do not have permission or authorization to search the respective area, person, belongings, lockers, etctera, etctera and you search it anyways. YOU ARE IN VIOLATION OF THIS POLICY AND CAN BE CHARGED WITH REGULATION 221, VIOLATING EMPLOYEE PRIVACY! And any contraband or evidence you picked up from illegal searches can/will be dismissed in accordance with Corporate Regulations... Of course, that just means you can't use it to press charges. NO, DON'T HAND THE BLUESPACE CANNON BACK TO THEM, YOU DICKHEAD!

the use of thermal imaging goggles or other artificial means of observing crew in private areas such as tracking devices is also strictly forbidden without explicit consent or warrant, and the tools used to conduct such crimes are considered contraband.

No thermal goggles, no spy-kits, no x-ray vision, not even getting the AI to secretly turn on the intercom to listen in on conversations. ONLY WAY YOU CAN LEGALLY SPY ON PEOPLE IS BY USING SECURITY CAMERAS! And no, don't get the engineers to build cameras in the dorms. Not only will they get in trouble both ICly and OOCly, they'll point to you and YOU'LL GET INTO TROUBLE! Both IC and OOC.


This privacy policy may at times be suspended for the greater security of the station crew.

Code blue or higher, you have authorization to search anyone and any department. However, this cannot be abused:
If heightened security alertness is abused by the command staff, such as failing to lower the alert level after an incident, or raising the alert level when there is no incident, please contract your NanoTrasen Representative as soon as possible.

Someone will tattle on your asses and you will feel the wrath of Central. Job bans may ensure for abusing code blue/red situations due to the fact that your character may no longer be further trusted as a command staff if they are caught abusing this.


Failure or refusal to adhere to an enforced dress code may result in suspension or termination.

Yes, if you walk around naked with no protection while you mix dangerous chemicals that can burn your ding dong off. Your boss probably won't be happy with you.

Security staff are enforced to wear Security clothing, or any clothing with dominant colors of red and black, or red and blue. If an individual has a nudity permit, they must at least wear a red security armband, appropriate security-issue outerwear, or a security hat. This is to ensure security is easily identifiable.

If your character ever plays security, this is worthy to note... YOU MUST ENSURE YOU CAN BE EASILY IDENTIFIABLE AS A MEMBER OF SECURITY! Don't pull 'undercover cop, civilian clothes get-up' crap, if you are an officer, ensure you can be easily identified. Armband, wearing security colours, hats, etc. The only rank of security that COULD get away with wearing mufti/civilian clothes is the detective/forensic tech/investigator as they do not have the responsibilities and the authority, really to enforce corporate regulations.

Another point to bring up. THE HEAD OF SECURITY OR THE COLONY DIRECTOR CAN SUSPEND YOUR PUBLIC NUDITY PERMIT IF YOU ARE ABUSING IT! So, if you see a human walking around, their elephant trunk just slapping about between their legs. Tell 'em to put on their clothes and if they go: "B-but muh nudity permit!", tell them that they're breaching the conditions of the nudity permit which is that you must have something naturally covering up your genitalia/chest to make you look modest! AKA, fur, sheathe, etc.



Code green is your default operating procedures which translate to, no threat, normal station operating.

Weapons worn by security and heads of staff are to be hidden, except in emergencies.

So, your weaponry must be holstered. A lot of people translate this to, you cannot have your taser showing up in your belt slot or on your exosuit slot. If I can see it when I examine you then you're doing it wrong. You may need to modify your equipment to ensure you only take what you'll need which I'll get to later in this guide.

Specialized armor including shields are forbidden. Standard armor is permitted.

Your standard issued vests. Simple. You can receive an alternative armor vest by speaking with your superior/warden. It is not robust as the vest within the locker and doesn't have equipment slots... but it looks less bulky on your character sprite and makes you look like a real cop if you pair it with the navy blue uniform!

Lethal weapons are forbidden among security staff without permits outside of the security wing.

So, you are more than capable of carrying an energy gun within the security wing but you cannot take it outside security. You'll need to apply for a permit. The only 'lethal' weapon that you can use on code green is the KHI-98a 'Protector' which lethal setting is locked unless a code blue/red is activated.
Security must respect the privacy of crew members and no unauthorized searches are allowed. Searches of any kind may only be done with a signed warrant by the Head of Security or Colony Director, if found with visible contraband, or if the individual is being processed for the brig.

What it says on the tin and what I explained above in privacy policy. Though, note that you can search someone if they have visible contraband on them. If they get smug or snooty with you as they hold their bluespace harpoon and proudly state; "Do you have a warrant?", proceed to arrest them for possession of contraband. You'll search them either way!

Secure areas are recommended to be left unbolted (excluding the Vault). This includes EVA, Gateway, Teleporter, AI Upload, Engineering Secure Storage, and Tech Storage.

If you come across a shift where there is an AI on and they have obviously bolted their upload area, you can request for them to unbolt it, quoting standard procedures relating to code green. It should not be locked and there should not be any reason for them to lock it. If the AI is somehow extremely paranoid that someone will break into their upload and change their laws on a Heavy RP server, they've been playing too much lightRP servers.

Crew members may freely walk in the hallways.
Suit sensors are not mandatory.

Once again, what it says on the tin.


Security may have weapons visible, but not drawn unless needed.

So, you can slap your taser on your exosuit slot for ease of access instead of rummaging through your belt or fiddling with your holster.

Energy guns, laser guns and riot gear are allowed to be given out to security personnel with clearance from the Warden or HoS.

You do not need a permit for lethal weaponry on code blue. Notice how it says 'energy guns, laser guns'. Yes, to prevent station damage and to easily shoot through windows if the need arises, energy weapons will be of better use. You're still attempting to preserve the station at that point as you attempt to identify the threat.

Body Armour and helmets are recommended but not mandatory.

So, if you're not wearing armour or helmets. I don't know whether you're just silly... or really, really brave. I would strong, STRONGLY recommend you at least wear your armour vest if you don't wish to wear a helmet.

Random body and workplace searches are allowed without warrant.

What it says on the tin.

Secure areas should be bolted down. This includes EVA, Gateway, Teleporter, AI Upload, Engineering Secure Storage, and Tech Storage.

Get the AI/Cyborgs to do this. Don't rely on the Chief Engineer to get this sorted, it will take too long and by the time they've finished, they'll probably have to run around and unbolt all those doors.

Employees are recommended but not required to comply with all security requests.
Suit sensors are mandatory, but coordinate positions are not required.

Security is just doing its job, so I recommend to comply with any requests unless it is a rather dumb request to do. Be reasonable.


Security may have weapons drawn at all times.

You can have your weapon right in your active hand, be careful of wet floors and soap!

Ballistic weapons, energy guns, laser guns, should be given out to security personnel with clearance from the Warden or HoS.

No hold barred, you're gearing up for war, son.

Body Armour and helmets are mandatory. Riot gear is also recommended for appropriate situations.

Wear armour appropriate for the situation. Critter invasion like spiders or space carp? Tactical gear for the stronk brute damage absorption. Pirate event but don't know what weapons they have? A mixture of ablative and bullet proof. Bullet proof for the chest, ablative helmet is my recommendation. Most of the time, bullets connect with your chest and getting a lucky headshot from a laser will ruin your day. You can mix and match legs and arms.

Random body and workplace searches are allowed and recommended.

What it says on the tin.

Secure areas must be bolted down.

The more you can throttle the threat, the better it is. Get the AI/Cyborgs to get these areas sorted.

Suit sensors and coordinate positions are mandatory.
Employees are required to comply with all security requests.
Emergency Response Team may be authorized. All crew are to comply with their orders, including the Colony Director.

Sensors are mandatory and you will more than likely be called out if you do not have them on. May lead you to being searched after and charge with suspicious conduct for not complying with code red situation.

If a member of security tells you to do something, I suggest you do it. Emotions are running high, there's an active threat on the station. They are trying to do their job, so make it easy for them and just DO what they say. Failure to do so may find your ass being held until the crisis is over... or you being shot because the man you are refusing to comply with has a laser carbine.

If ERT gets called, listen to them and hopefully have someone able to tell them exactly what has occurred. Mostly, the Director will be the one communicating with ERT and relaying the information to their ERT Commander. Unless the Director got himself killed, that is.


Next post will cover Security specific procedures!
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Any permit legally distributed by the Head of Security, the Colony Director, or (in the case of multi-shift permits) Central Command, some aspects of standard operating procedure may be overridden--within reason.

For example, a member of research being permitted to carry a firearm/taser outside of research. Though, the 'contraband' policy restricts such practice.

The Colony Director's approving signature is required for all permits.

No, you can't double sign it. Two different people always need to sign it. If there is no colony director or they are not active, the acting director can step in and substitute the signature.

The Head of Security's signature is also required for all permits.

Same thing. If there is no Head of Security on duty or they are inactive. The Head of Personnel can step in to sign it in place of the HoS.

Both the Head of Security and Colony Director must stamp the document with their appropriate department head staffs stamps for the document to be valid. An Acting Colony Director must use the Head of Personnel's stamp and not the Colony Director's stamp. Only a member of Central Command can bypass this process with both a valid signature and a stamp from Central Command on the permit form.

In the case of an absent Head of Security, I would recommend also stamping it with the Head of Personnel's stamp.

If the terms of a permit are violated by the permit holder, or the individual owning the permit is involved in a violent crime (even if the permit is not relevant), the permit may be suspended until the end of the shift at the Head of Security's discretion. If the permit was abused to commit said violent crime, the permit is automatically terminated upon lawful conviction of a crime. If seeking to suspend or terminate a permit distributed by Central Command, proceed to do so, and then contact a CentCom Representative immediately so they may be informed of the incident.

A very important piece of information. Nothing really to further elaborate on but if someone who abuses their weapon permit that was issued by 'CC' on the vorestation forums, ensure you inform us with a fax so we can speak with the person in question.

The Colony Director and Head of Security (or equivalent signatories) may revoke their approval for a permit at any time if they believe the permit holder cannot be trusted with their privileges. If one or both of the signatories revoke their approval,

Any time, even five seconds after approving the permit. Be sure not to disappoint either of these two people.

When dealing with an individual who is in possession of anything normally deemed contraband that does not serve any lawfully prescribed medicinal purpose, security staff should always check for a permit. If the individual cannot produce the physical copy of the permit, the individual is to be charged normally as per Corporate Regulations §118 and/or § 212.



Rules of Engagement

When confronting a suspect for any level 1 crime, you must offer the suspect a chance to pay a fine. If the fine is paid, they are not to be arrested, detained, or searched unless otherwise specified by Corporate Regulations. The fine is to be turned in to the Head of Security, Head of Personnel, or Colony Director. If the fine is refused, they are to be arrested.

If they're not being complete dickheads about it, you can offer the fine straight up. Most of the time, people refuse to pay you four-hundred and fifty thalers that they'll get back next shift to avoid 10/15 minutes of being dragged to the brig, two officers asking what are they in for, taken to processing, processed properly and placed into a cell for five minutes. If an officer offers you a chance to pay a fine, I recommend you do it. It saves you and them a lot of hassle. Don't be so greedy about FICTIONAL CURRENCY!

Calling for backup over a level 1 crime is usually considered a waste of resources. One officer should be enough.

Depending on the minor infraction, if there is some people punching it out in the bar then, yes, ask for backup to assist in separating them.

When arresting or fining a suspect, they are to be informed of their right to pay a fine (if applicable) and their right to a Lawyer or Internal Affairs Agent (IAA) to represent them in an appeal to the HoS or Colony Director if they so desire. If there is no Lawyer/IAA available, they may still attempt to appeal on their own, but should still be punished until the punishment expires or the appeal passes. (See Appeals for details.)

Their right to an IAA is usually spoke about when they are properly processed but MOST people that get in trouble with security understand that they have the right to have an Internal Affairs Agent review the case. From my understanding now, they can speak with an internal affairs agent but the Head of Security or Colony Director can reject the appeal when it is presented.

Refusal of handcuffs does not constitute resisting arrest, as per Corporate Regulations §202. If a suspect refuses handcuffs and is being arrested, but is cooperative, they are to be escorted by no less than two armed security personnel to the brig. If this is not possible, inform the suspect, and handcuff them regardless of their cooperation. If you cannot handcuff them, you may have to resort to other creative ways to restrain them. So long as it's done without undue injury, it's all legal.

'Creative ways' = Belly Brigging. But, yes. A suspect can refuse handcuffs if the regulation is minor. If you feel like you cannot trust them when walking back to the brig, request for another officer to assist. If it ain't possible, you have to inform that despite your attempt to fulfill their request, you must place them in handcuffs per procedure.

A suspect attempting to flee, or assault another crew member, is authorized shoot-to-stun.

Come across a fight? Time to break out your baton. Usually the crackle of a baton might be enough for people to stop punching each other for five seconds.

Attempt to approach someone to say they're under arrest and they promptly flee? Time to pull out your taser.

BE REASONABLE THOUGH. Do not deploy your taser in crowded areas to avoid friendly fire or civilian causalities.

When confronting an armed suspect, always call for backup, preferably prior to the engagement. If the suspect draws a weapon, already has a weapon in their hands, or has used a weapon already, use of force is immediately authorized and you are not required to announce intentions to arrest until after they are subdued.

Someone waving a gun around? You got permission to immediately down then. BE REASONABLE AGAIN THOUGH! Roleplay until you cannot roleplay anymore and must rely on mechanics. Don't just bust into the room while they're having a grand speech and immediately shoot and cuff. That's severely unfair.

If a suspect uses a mech to resist arrest, shoot-to-kill authorized. Deployment of barricades and use of flipped tables for cover is also advised to create chokepoints where security can fire upon the target.

Someone clambers into a mech to avoid arrest but the mech is 'harmless' to an extent? Of course, if you read the 'terminology', shoot to kill does not mean KILL the pilot but rather, destroy the mech until it is unusable and force the pilot to bail then proceed to arrest them.

If a suspect is green, screaming, and able to punch down walls, they're probably affected by the hulk gene from genetic manipulation, and if they exist without an ongoing emergency where such muscle is needed or the CMO did not directly inform Security in advance, a 'hulk' outside of medbay or research is shoot-to-kill. Unlike most shoot-to-kill scenarios where the actual killing part is a matter of option and circumstance, there is no way to safely contain a hulk in prison, so if you are forced to confront one, continue engagement until the target is deceased.

RARELY WILL YOU ENCOUNTER THIS SCENARIO. As genetics do not exist. However, admins can be sneaky and toggle the gene, it's still in the code.

If a suspect escapes into space, shoot-to-kill is authorized for any personnel who go out into space to pursue. L.W.A.P. sniper rifles and GPS are recommended for the pursuit, as are jetpacks. Additionally, someone should be viewing cameras to watch station access points and various outposts on the asteroid and near the orbital construction site.

Fleeing outside the station/base boundaries. Due to the station having two 'outsides', I would say if a suspect escapes onto the surface and into the mining area or the solar farms to escape capture then I would recommend following this as well, as they are forcing security to chase them into a dangerous environment.


In code green, secure areas like the armory, vault, gateway, armory, AI core, research server room, telecommunications satellite, etc, should never be blocked. Only the vault should be bolted. Use of deplorable barriers to block areas during code green is considered illegal under Corporate Regulations §217. Trespassing in these areas is covered under §207.

Self explanatory. The deployable barriers should only be used in an emergency, like several broken walls in security to assist in preventing further trespasses until an engineer can be called to the area to patch the holes up.

The armory is restricted to security and the Colony Director only. Non-security staff are not authorized without permission from the Head of Security or Colony Director. Unauthorized personnel in this area are shoot to kill excluding the Head of Personnel who should just be ordered to leave immediately. The Head of Personnel may have an urgent reason for wanting to break protocol. If they do not, proceed with an arrest.

The Head of Personnel should not be in the armoury, period. Of course, don't shoot them immediately as they're second in line for acting director. Anyone else not security is fair game. As stated earlier, 'shoot to kill' does not mean outright kill them but shoot until they are down on the ground then administer immediate medical attention when it is safe to do so.

The vault is the most important area to protect, and guards can ideally be posted at the security office near it. If sparking is heard, the security staff at this post should alert other security personnel for backup, and investigate while backup arrives

'Most important' is a lie. It ain't worth breaking into the vault except for bragging rights and with it so close to security and an officer doing front desk duty practically all the time now. Nobody breaks into their anymore. Thankfully.

The AI sometimes likes to bolt itself in even during code green. It is not supposed to do this. If the AI bolts its self in, request the AI to unbolt the doors, citing Standard Operating Procedure. If the AI does not comply, ask the Research Director or Colony Director to try reasoning with it. If it still does not comply, it is up to the staff in charge of overseeing the AI how to proceed, usually by changing laws. Unauthorized personnel discovered attempting to breach the AI core are shoot to kill.

So, if you come across this. Yeah, just give the hologram projector a kick and tell the AI when it shows up that it is against procedures to lock their upload on code green and could they 'please' unbolt them.

The Gateway is often able to access dangerous far away worlds and alternate realities and even different points in time. Be careful to keep track of any ongoing gateway missions, but if someone is discovered actively breaking into this location, and you are 100% certain they are not supposed to be there, confirm with your superiors, and if they are indeed unauthorized, they are to be captured, searched, and interrogated before being charged and sentenced.

Self-explanatory, detain the janitor trying to snag along as an unwanted plus one when nobody wants or needs them there.

The Research Server Room has a variety of sensitive information. Unauthorized personnel in this location are to be captured, searched, and interrogated before being charged and sentenced.

Contains records of blueprints on the master server... along with the PDA messaging server console which can be used to disable the spam filter or send impersonating messages over the PDA system. No one should be fiddling around with it except for the Research Director.

The Brig is considered a high security area. Unauthorized personnel attempting to break in, or any "Hold until Transfer" inmates attempting to break out, are both shoot to kill.

Yes, please, for the love of God, do not break into the brig because you wanted to 'grow stuff in the brig's hydroponics tray', that's a good way to get shot and start a panic. As always, let me quote a famous line from our rules;

Play a reasonably sane and mature character

and another:

Don’t break things, steal things, or do other antagonistic stuff just because you’re bored, it's the end of the round, you “want to give Security something to do”, etc. If you're going to be an asshole, have a believable reason why you're being an asshole.

What kind of person breaks into a place that is surrounded by armed guards and contain some highly 'sensitive' equipment?

The Telecomms Satellite is a highly sensitive area that provides vital communications among the crew and to CentCom, thus any unauthorized personnel who have evaded or destroyed the laser turrets and accessed the control room are shoot-to-kill.

Unfortunately, you can't code the radio to make people say funny stuff. So, rarely, will you see people in here... or know about it because Security cannot access Telecommunication cameras.
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Criminal processing should not take more than a few minutes at most. Don't needlessly waste time with additional questioning and interrogation until they're already properly arrested.

Don't question them DURING the processing procedure. Question them BEFORE. Do not proceed with criminal processing until you have all the evidence/information you need to be confident in processing said charge.

Upon arrest of a criminal, follow the following steps.

State the main reason for their arrest, even if you have already. This is not required, but it's good practice.

Simple enough. "(Insert name), you are being placed under arrest for breaching regulation one-oh-five, disturbing the peace."

Bring the suspect to Security Processing. If paying a fine will replace jail time, offer them the chance to pay the fine before proceeding. This is assuming they have not paid the fine already and had to be handcuffed in the first place. If the fine is paid, skip to the final step. Otherwise, continue.

You don't have to bring them to processing, if you can help it to process the fine. But, if you need to do other stuff, such as search their belongings, I suggest bringing them to processing as you may find contraband and stuff anyways, leading to further charges.

Read Corporate Regulations out loud for every valid charge, and update their security record accordingly.

Either grab a copy from the briefing room desk and make sure it is in processing when the shift first starts or have it tabbed in your internet browser and pretend you are reading it off your PDA or something.

After you have read the charges you should state the following word-for-word: "According to NanoTrasen Criminal Processing Policy, you are entitled to appeal your case to an Internal Affairs Agent at this time, if such is available. Should you accept this offer, be advised your criminal processing may be delayed until your agent is satisfied with the case. If they rule in favor, they will contact the Head of Security on your behalf. If accepted, you will be released or your sentence will be reduced. If at any time, the Internal Affairs agent, the Head of Security, or the Colony Director rejects your appeal, your sentence will be unaffected." If they either do not want to bother with an appeal, or their appeal is not sufficient enough to be alleviated of all charges, proceed to next step. If their appeal is sufficient for immediate release, proceed to final step. Otherwise, continue.

A fancy way of saying, do you want to convince us you're a good boy/girl? Most of the time, it is no. Or they realise they don't have a leg to stand on. Just remember, they can still see an Internal Affairs Agent but if they bring the appeal forward to the CD or HoS, they can reject it. Even the IA can refuse to take the case if there is a major amount of evidence to go against the detainee.

Search the individual for contraband and question them as necessary. Empty pockets, remove accessories such as webbing off their uniform, check their PDA for stolen/illegal cartridges, check their headset for illegal/stolen encryption cards, check their shoes for knives, check anything and everything that could contain items. If contraband or stolen property is found, charge them accordingly. See Corporate Regulations for details. Anything else not considered contraband but still may compromise the security of the cell (such as a chef's kitchen knife, or an engineer's tools) should also be temporarily confiscated and returned after the sentence is served.

Search everything and I mean, everything. Jackets, bags, pockets, headsets, PDAs, webbing, boots for knive, emergency internal boxes. EVERYTHING!

Calculate sentencing based on the total charges. Do not charge more than the minimum sentence unless it this is not their first offense. Multiple instances of the same offense counts in this case. For example, if a suspect stole three items, you cannot charge them theft three times, but you can charge the maximum sentence for theft. If they have already been arrested for the same crime during that shift, follow Corporate Regulations regarding Modifiers & Special Situations.

Yes, for the love of God, please do not say "Three counts of major contraband." NO, JUST ONE COUNT! YOU CAN ADJUST THE TIME TO COMPENSATE FOR THE ADDITIONAL CONTRABAND BY FOLLOWING 'ADDITIONAL PUNISHMENT' SECTION OF CONTRABAND which is twenty minutes maximum The same goes with assault. If a person assaults THREE people, it is one count of assault but adjust the time accordingly following additional punishments max of fourty minutes.

Update the prisoner's security records accordingly. Set their status to "Imprisoned".

Self-explanatory. In processing, there is a security record console. Update their record accordingly and change their status.

Return the prisoner's PDA and headset to their person. If you cannot provide them with their original headset and PDA for suspected security reasons, you must provide at least a basic headset and a temporary PDA. All prisoners are entitled to some kind of communication device unless the privilege is abused, or the device is evidence for a crime

Temporary headsets can be found in personal lockers. Spare PDAs can be picked up from the bridge by the Head of Security/other heads of staff.

Inform their head of staff of their arrest. You have no authority to demote anyone unless you're the Head of Security who is demoting another security officer.

Self-explanatory. It ain't no use if their superior doesn't even know their underling has been naughty. ASSISTANTS, VISITORS, CARGO TECHS, SHAFT MINERS, SERVICE PEEPS ALL FALL UNDER THE HEAD OF PERSONNEL! You could also report a naughty cargo tech to the Quartermaster as well, if there is no HoP on duty.

Escort the prisoner to their cell, preferably with one security guard to aid you. Bring any of their belongings that you did not confiscate.

Self-explanatory. You do not need that extra guard if they are being very co-operative.

Find a vacant cell and buckle the prisoner to the bed. If the sentence is longer than 10 minutes, they are required to wear an orange jumpsuit and shoes, so change their clothes if needed.

If they're co-operating, allow them to change into the prisoner uniform themselves out of common courtesy while you 'face away'.

Put all of their belongings (besides communication) that are not evidence for a crime into the cell's locker, which will lock automatically when you start the timer.


Set and start the timer. The door will close and the locker will be locked.

Again. Written on the tin.

Enter the cell with stun baton at the ready and remove the prisoner's handcuffs. If possible, have a second security officer present to help. It is unlawful to leave a prisoner restrained in a cell unless in solitary confinement.

If you didn't do this already with them changing into prisoner garb.

Ensure someone is monitoring the prison area for the duration of the prisoner's sentence, or at least be there when it ends.
Wait for the sentence to expire. Proceed to final step once it has expired.
Return all temporarily confiscated goods.
Allow the prisoner to leave Security. Set the prisoner's status to "released" or "patrolled" depending on their conviction or there lack-of.

And there you have it. That's the criminal processing procedure. Now, it may go smoothly or unsmoothly. Wardens and Heads of Security are always there to assist. BE SURE TO CALL UPON THEM IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO!

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All prisoners are entitled to a swift processing when being arrested and put into the brig. Longer than 1/4th of their sentence is considered a violation of this right so long as the prisoner is cooperating.

Most people go way, way over this 1/4th sentence because they do questioning DURING processing. As stated earlier, finish your questioning BEFORE you begin processing.

All prisoners are entitled to medical examination and aid if requested.

If a prisoner wishes to be examined by a doctor, ensure you get into contact with the medical department. You do not have to always bring their backsides to medical, a doctor can always make house visits.

All prisoners are entitled to speak to an Internal Affairs Agent for legal defense if requested.

Yes, ensure people get their legal representation. Even for five minute crimes... the Internal Affair Agent will determine whether it is a worthy case... and the idiot who requested an agent over a vandalism charge instead spends twenty minutes waiting with a thumb up their arse instead.

All prisoners are entitled to be allowed to send fax to Central Command if requested.

Usually this will be done in conjunction with an Internal Affairs Agent representing them.

All prisoners are entitled to food and water if requested.

Work in conjunction with the Chef if you want to get food deliveries for prisoners. You can grab cups from the water cooler in medical to provide them with a 'safe' paper cup.

All prisoners are entitled to be provided with clothing--preferably the standard orange prisoner jumpsuit and orange shoes.

If the prisoner is released into the communal area, it is recommended that they wear the prisoner jumpsuit in order to be able to identify them.

All prisoners are entitled to safe and reasonable cell accommodations such as functional lighting, a place to sleep, and access to the brig's communal area if serving a sentence longer than 20 minutes.

I don't think a belly constitutes as 'safe' and 'reasonable', rather dark, cramp and slimy if you ask me! Basically, only in reference to the actual brig. Don't put a prisoner in the brig if there are no lights or half of it is missing.
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Usually people who have volunteered to assist in a security situation or are wishing to learn to be a security officer.

Holotag to denote their active service. They must have at least a holotag, else they are not granted any other security equipment.
Red armband, if they are not issued a security uniform.
Whatever equipment is deemed necessary by the HoS depending on circumstance.
No weapons are allowed for security cadets outside of code red or worse.

Holobadge/tag. Which can also be issued by the Head of Security or Warden.

Red armband, from the wardrobe.

Head of Security can issue them a full kitted belt or merely a flash or pepperspray.

Code red is usually where the conscript side of things come in, gearing them up for a fight. But, during general duties. Cadets should not be given batons or tasers, only a flasher or a can of pepperspray for self-defense or assisting the officer they've been assigned to.

Junior Officer/Security Officer

The gear available to security officers is available to all security personnel under normal circumstances. Weapons of all kind should be kept holstered and preferably concealed during code green. Brandishing weapons openly tends to make the crew needlessly nervous and hostile toward security personnel.

So, any equipment worn by security officers can be worn and used by other members of security, like detectives or the warden. Cadets are still restricted from accessing most Security gear, however.

[*]Security uniform or appropriate variant of security uniform. Red jumpsuits are acceptable substitutes.
[*]Security softcap/beret (Optional)
[*]Standard Security helmet, kept in backpack or on sec armor unless responding to a call.
[*]Standard Security armored vest
[*]Standard Security HUD glasses or equivalent
[*]R.O.B.U.S.T. PDA cartridge
[*]Security belt
[*]Security caution tape
[*]Pepper spray
[*]Stun baton
[*]Taser/Stun Revolver
[*]Minimum 1 pair of handcuffs
[*]Universal recorder (Optional)
[*]Basic First Aid supplies (Optional)
[*]Emergency light source (flare or flashlight)

Now, here's my suggestions.

CHOOSE EITHER PEPPERSPRAY OR A FLASHER Both work based on eye/face protection. I recommend pepperspray as it can be deployed at a three tile range and you can spray it in front of their movements so that they'll run through the mist as well.

Pick either a taser or a stun revolver. NOT BOTH If you are paranoid that you are going to get your taser disarmed off you and you rather have a backup weapon. How often do you find your weapon being knocked out of your hand when you play security? My advise if a suspect does knock your taser out of your hand and picks it up? Retreat and start calling for backup. There is no shame in retreating.

You do not need a flashbang, period. Rarely do you even get the chance to set one off, so you best just leave it in your locker. It is mostly used for breaching rooms slash pacifying large mobs of angry crew members. I have known some people to use it to insta-knockdown characters self-harming their characters but I can really not recommend it. It's just taking up a slot in your belt, leave it.

You can attach your helmet onto your armored vest instead of slapping a pair of handcuffs in that slot. Useful for keeping your backpack free. Just slot your handcuffs into the vest storage.

You can also ditch your maglight/flare as well cause you shouldn't be patrolling in maintenance. Unless you enjoy dumpster diving yourself. I recommend just leaving it in your locker until you need it or picking up light sources along the way.

Although the detective's task is not to make arrests, they should be prepared in case the situation arises where they must defend themselves or arrest someone who is discovered at the end of an investigation over a serious crime.

Detective attire in place of Security uniform.
Standard Security armored vest (optional)
Forensic Scanner
Black or latex gloves
Evidence bags
Universal recorder
.38-Special Revolver* for self defense only.

*A .45 caliber or 9mm pistol handgun is also acceptable. The self defense handgun is also permitted to carry lethal rounds, but it is never to be used against a suspect that is not presenting an imminent danger.

You can see how out of date this is when it mentions the 'forensic scanner'.

Yes, the detective is permitted to carry lethal rounds BUT IT IS ONLY TO BE USED IN THE EVENT OF IMMEDIATE DANGER TO THEMSELVES OR OTHERS! Ensure when you play detective and you go to arrest someone, have an officer with you for backup so they can deploy a taser in case the suspect runs!

The Warden is automatically authorized to use lethal force against anyone attempting to break into or out of the brig or armory. For this reason, their equipment when inside the security wing differs from while outside of it.

Warden attire in place of Security uniform
Warden armored jacket (standard security armored vest is an acceptable substitute)
Box of handcuffs
While within the security wing, the Warden is authorized to carry any weapon available to them, excluding semi/fully automatic rifle caliber ballistics, or explosives, which are still forbidden. Pulse rifles are also forbidden.
Outside of the security wing, the Warden may only carry non-lethal weapons and munitions, as long as it fits in a backpack.

Don't need to carry around a box of handcuffs, that's stupid.

Within the Security wing, the Warden can walk about with their shotgun on their back or their energy gun on their belt without needing to conceal it. However, they cannot set foot outside of the Security wing with any weaponry visible and must switch out their energy gun to a taser. An energy gun is considered a 'lethal' weapon due to its ability to fire lethal rounds.

When it comes to weapons, the Head of Security has the most flexibility of all station staff, but their main job is to manage security and not to be going around chasing criminals when there's normal officers to do the main legwork. Notable exceptions are scenarios in which heads of staff are threatened. The Head of Security also has the power to deputize people during a crisis, and so, may have a valid reason to carry multiple weapons at one time. As such, the Head of Security is equipped with the best security gear available.

Head of Security attire in place of Security uniform.
Head of Security armored coat and hat (dermal patch is an acceptable substitute for the hat). It is arguably the best general purpose armor available.
While within the security wing, the Head of Security may carry any weapon(s) they please, excluding only explosives.
Outside of the security wing, one or more lethal weapons, such as an energy pistol, or any non-explosive weapon, so long as it fits into a backpack. At least one lethal weapon is recommended.
At least one ranged weapon for non-lethal engagement, such as a taser, or stun revolver, should also be carried at all times. Weapons with toggle-able fire modes between stun and kill (such as an energy pistol) are considered lethal weapons and should be considered as explained above.

If special situations, the Head of Security practically comes the Heads of Staff 'bodyguard' in a sense. Any crimes or incidents involve heads of staff should be made aware to the Head of Security, who should take over to either protect the Head of Staff from further harm or assist in pressing charges that have come up against said Head of Staff.

But, anyways. Yes, the main man himself can carry as many weapons as they can so carry EXCEPT FOR EXPLOSIVES, DUH! When a Head of Security is outside of the wing, they should carry one lethal weapon and one non-lethal weapon (such as a taser). Using the energy gun should be restricted as it is considered a lethal weapon, due to the toggle it has. Switching to the taser if they need to chase and stun someone.


The rarest thing to occur on the server but I believe we should go over it.

Prisoner is informed of their punishment, and allowed to decide how they die (within reason). Suggested options include lethal injection, firing squad, digestion phoron gassing, or being exiled through the Bluespace Gateway and given an exile implant so they cannot return.

The majority of the tribunal need to come to this agreement of execution. If the prisoner has no preference on how they should be executed. Recommended is lethal injection. But, I'll go through how you should do every one.

NUMBER ONE RULE IS THAT YOU SHOULD NOT DO PUBLIC EXECUTIONS, PERIOD! Like, seriously. Don't. You can announce that it is occurring but please, for the love of god. DO NOT DO IT RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ATRIUM OR SOMETHING.

A lethal injection is usually a cocktail of drugs that assist in putting the person to sleep and shutting down the heart... which is what chloral hydrate just so happens to do in large doses! Get the chemist to make up thirty units of that delicious blue stuff. It is recommended that you get a trained doctor or the CMO to be the one to administer the lethal injection. and to formally announce the person deceased.

Firing squad. Firing range or the research firing range provide a decent area to safely shoot at someone. Can be done with ballistic or energy weaponry. Be modern and go with laser rifles. Get three or more officers to fill in the role of the firing row. Remember, don't force an officer to partake. It's cruel.

Digestion. Obvious, get a willing pred to jam the prisoner down their greedy gullet and gurgle.

Phoron Gassing... I guess you could get engineering to set up a gas chamber or you could utilise the xenobiology cell that has blast doors to the outside to expose the cell and purge it of phoron. Rather cruel way to go but if a person wishes to go out in such a way, so be it.

And we unfortunately cannot do exiled into the gateway due to the lack of exile implants... and the map not loading gateway maps. Hopefully in the future it can become a thing to do.

Prisoner is to be granted a final request (within reason, because obviously "let me go" or "kill this dude for me" isn't reasonable).

Have a drink from the bar, kiss their partner goodbye, etc.

Prisoner is given their last meal

Work with the chef on this one.

Prisoner is escorted to the execution location under heavily armed guards, bound in a straight jacket and leg cuffs. Escorting officers are armed to kill. Lethal injections are done in medbay surgery room under supervision of doctor, firing squad is done on the shooting range, gassing is done in toxins or a room is built by engineering, etc.

It is required for the Colony Director to be present (not an acting Colony Director), or an execution may not proceed.

For an individual to be executed without planetside cloning (and thus, stay dead, unless they have privately owned cloning equipment), Central Command must make their own judgements. This is extremely rare in Virgo and usually only occurs in cases of terrorism. Central Command must be faxed prior to the execution. If CentCom chooses to commute it to another sentence, exonerate it entirely, or even pardon it, on-station security must comply immediately.

YES YOU MUST MAKE CENTRAL AWARE OF THE EXECUTION! We, as the admin team, will work with the person being executed to see if we can't lower their sentence to prevent them from losing their character or assist them in getting the execution properly carried out to PK their character. The decision to PK a character is up to the staff team.

AND WITH THAT, THAT IS STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES, WHEW! As always, questions, comments, suggestions, etc, can be left down below or you can mention me or DM me on discord.
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