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Telescience Guide

Postby Knightfall » Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:37 am

Math ahead, you have been warned

Figuring out where to start
Once you have the machines set up for Telescience, you can add bluespace crystals to the console to increase the range. You can also put a GPS in it, which you should do. This will tell you the coordinates of the telepad, which is important. The first number is the X value, it increases when you go east and decreases when you go west. The second number is Y, it increases when you go north and decreases when you go south. 0,0 is the bottom left of the map. The third number is the Z value. 1,2,3 are the three ground levels, 4 is the midpoint, 5,6,7 are the station levels. The rest are the mining, R&D, and space maps.Unless a z-level you aren't suppose to reach wasn't marked as such, in which case one of them might be Central command or something

Step one, calibration
Everytime you calibrate the teleporter, the bearings will be offset a few degrees in a random direction. The first step is figuring out how much. Let's assume the telepad is located at 50,50, but replace these numbers with your own if you have them. Toss a GPS on the telepad, set the distance to 50, and leave the bearing at 0. This will send it 50 meters north, but offset a few degrees in either direction. Let's assume it lands at 47,98. Next, subtract these two numbers by the original telepad location of 50,50. We get -3, 48. If the first number is negative, the bearing offset is also negative. Now, go to Google and search Calculator. Use that for the rest of this. Divide the x value, -3, by however far you sent it, 50, and make note of that number. In this case it's -.06. Now, find a button labelled Sin, hit it, and put in -.06. Multiply the result by 100, and you have your degree offset. In this case, it's -5.99, but we can round that up to -6.

Step two, going places
Use your GPS and write down places of interest, like the medbay lobby or the Captain's spare ID. Let's say the Captain's spare ID is always located at 69,105. Subtract where you want to go by where you already are, 50,50, to get 19, 55. Next, look at a graph. Positive x values go east, negative west. Positive Y values go north, negative south.
Figure out which quadrant it lands in, this will be useful shortly. Since we are at 19,55, we are in the first quadrant. Now it's time for more math. Find the square of 19 and 55, to do so look for an x with a smaller y above it, it's the bottom right button next to the 0 on the Google calculator. Type in the number, hit that button, type in a 2, and then calculator the answer. Now, we find that the square is 361 and 3025. Add them together, 3386, and find the square root. This button is right above the square button on the Google calculator, hit it and type in the number and you get 58.18. Round that to 58, and now you have the distance variable calculated.

Next, take your X value and divide it by the number you just got, in this case 19/58.18. If your X value is negative, put it in as positive. Now, look for the button labelled sin on the calculator, hit it, and put in the answer you just got. In this case, we get 19/58.18=.3265, and then Sin(.3265)=.3207. Multiply by 100 and you have a percent value, 32.07, or 32. Now, take the degree offset, -6 in this case, and add the number if it's negative or subtract it if it's positive. In this case, we get 38. Next, factor in the quadrant. Add 0 if it's in 1, 90 if it's in 2, 180 in 3, and 270 in 4. If you get more than 360, the offset made you go over a full circle, so subtract 360 to get the degree you need. In this case it's in quadrant 1, so the final answer is 38. Put 38 in as the bearing, 58 as the distance, and you'll have the spare ID for yourself.

The short way with less words
test pad location x=50, y=50, test fire 50 meters with bearing 0, and get 47,98. 47-50=-3, 98-50=48. -3/50=-.06; Sin(-.06)=-.06. -.06x100= -6. The degree offset is -6.
Destination x=69, y=105. 69-50=19; 105-50=55; 19^2+55^2=3386, square root 3386=58.18; 19/58.18=.3265, Sin(.3265)*100=32.07; 32.07+6=38.07, bearing is 38 and distance is 58.

Step three, doing it all over again
You need to do the second step everytime you want to go somewhere, and after twenty or so teleports you will need to calibrate the teleporter again and do step one. Have fun.

Help, one of the numbers is zero and nothing works now
If your destination minus your current location gives you a zero, fear not. Take the number that isn't zero, go to the graph, and find out which direction it's going. North is 0 degrees, east is 90, south is 180, west is 270. Compensate for offset, you have your bearing without a buncha hard math.

Helpful tips
If you build the telepad in the same spot, write down the results of step two before you calculate the offset. You now never need to do step 2 again for that location, just adjust for the offset each time.

If you have a partner, you can teleport one another for advanced thievery then teleport your comrade back out when they are ready.

You can make a portable camera via integrated circuits, toss a flashlight and GPS on it, and use that instead of a normal GPS. See where it lands with your own eyes via a security camera console.
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