Improved Zorren Sprites, plus Zorren Markings

Make shiny things to maybe appear in game. Or just dump all the sprites you've been working on. We might use some of them, or other people might use them.

Improved Zorren Sprites, plus Zorren Markings

Postby ArgobargSoup » Sat Jun 03, 2017 5:40 am

So I recently noticed that the Zorren sprites kinda suffered from when they were cut into separate limbs/torso/head/etc. As such, I've spent some time attemptin' to fix them. I've also made some Zorren specific markings, although some work for other species as well.

I'd do a PR, but I'm currently on a shared computer due ta my laptop graphics card failing, and I'm a little paranoid about settin' it up on said shared computer.

Before and after pics of the Zorren sprites. Highland on top, flatland on bottom. Characters used had #FFFFFF body coloration.
Yes, the Flatland Zorren are naturally orange, still. They never got greyscaled...

I've attached the .dmi files in a .zip.

The r_fox and r_fennec files are self-explanatory.

The "argomarkings.dmi" file has male and female belly markings, male and female face and muzzle markings, short and long "sock" markings, and a back patch marking.

The "species_tail_argo.dmi" sprites should replace the sprites in "species_tail_vr.dmi". Or they could be separate, in case people still want the upright tails.

EDIT: Fixed the west-facing right hand sprite in the r_fox file.
Hopefully better zorren sprites, plus markings. Right hand fixed.
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