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Make gateway missions or shiny new stations, then get help when you can't figure out why the fuck there's no air in the rooms. Maybe post finished products to be shared.

Re: New Map - Tether

Postby Xennith » Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:15 pm

So upon examination of your mockup, I decided I definitely need to go and throw together some versions of my orginal xenocontainment designs to share, and ran into a few problems while doing so that pose some interesting roadblocks to the idea of having this kind of containment setup.

First, I'll just show this, which is point-for-point a very, very basic example design that hits all the necessary features of a containment unit, with roughly the same general setup as what you put together.

What this showcases are some of the key features that a safe and effective (see also: usable) xenocontainment needs, based roughly on the current station features, and with the highest-lethality species it's intended to keep at bay being actual xenomorphs (whether or not that's what they actually end up containing, they're a good benchmark for danger).

  • Phoron reinforced borosilicate glass windows.
  • Electrified grilles.
  • Shield Generators in line with the windows (for space efficiency).
  • Emergency blast shutter in line with the windows (for space efficiency).
  • Reinforced walls blocking direct access from inside to the shield generators.
  • Enough space movement (both for working with specimens, adding furniture in rounds, and the comfort of specimens.)
  • Double-safety windoor airlocks- space efficient while allowing for a safety net when entering/exiting the pen.
  • Controls for each independent set of emergency shutters for each pen.

However, after making this and reflecting on it, and some of the feature of the new map, I realized that the design as is, both mine and the one shown in your post, don't work for some very important reasons.

The new map has a phoron atmosphere outside. This means that the mobs out there will either be able to survive only in a phoron atmosphere, or both that and a normal atmosphere, but regardless it means that any entrance leading into the pens will be exposed to the phoron atmosphere of the Tether planet, which means any route between the main xenobiology area and the outside, including inside the pens, needs to have atmos-filtering airlock systems in place.

This simple fact made redesigning the system a bit more complicated, but I think I settled on a layout that meets all the needs of the key features of being a safe, secure xenocontainment system, while also managing the atmospheric difficulties of working on a Phoron-atmosphere planet:


This design replaces double-glass-windoor airlocks with a much more robust dedicated entryway to the xenopens, which should have an atmospherics cycler to change out the air so that the interior of the station can remain nice and habitable for the scientists, and the pens can match the exterior atmosphere.
Each set of windows (including the two windows into the airlock system) should have their own independent blast-door controls, so that depending on the conditions in the pens, and in the lab, each one can be handled on its own.

The end result of this design is that a scientist can herd (or kite) a specimen in through the big, outer blast doors, and immediately retreat into the internal foyer, sealing the specimen inside while hopefully now safe from any more aggressive specimens. This is probably best done with a team of two scientists, but one alone can probably pull it off.

In a perfect world, there would also be both air injectors, and scrubbers in both of the xeno pens, so that in the event of non-phoron-based life being available for study, the internal atmosphere of each pen can manually be changed out for something more habitable.
To that end, the airlock system might be a little bit complicated to set up, as I've never worked with that kind've atmosphere changer. In theory all it should really need to do is, when cycling to the interior, make sure the air is filtered to match the station, because the other way around doesn't really matter (and leaving it open-ended, if possible, allows for different atmospheres inside the pens, if that's a thing).

Either way, this general design sort of hits all the bullet points of Dr. Lessen's designs, and should do a pretty damn good job of containing everything from simple stuff to dangerous, or even player-controlled mobs, and has room for a bit of redesigning too, as long as the key features stay intact.

The other things the xenolab really should have are some simple medical facilities, like a surgical table and possibly a body scanner. Even if surgery on alien mobs isn't like, an explicitly supported feature, it really fits with the theme of working with/around/on alien life.

Hopefully this was, if nothing else, helpful in providing ideas.
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Re: New Map - Tether

Postby arokha » Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:41 pm

I can work with that!

FYI putting this here for posterity, I had to remove O2 from the atmosphere, so now it's CO2 and N2 and Phoron. We'll have a way to split the O2 from CO2.
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