Rules regarding map commits

Make gateway missions or shiny new stations, then get help when you can't figure out why the fuck there's no air in the rooms. Maybe post finished products to be shared.

Rules regarding map commits

Postby Aces » Sun Sep 27, 2015 10:32 pm

Due to Github being shit for merging map changes, we're going to follow this ruleset until we get a better system.

For the main station maps
  1. Don't commit for small fixes. Ask me to make the fixes as they are needed. Missing windows, broken wires, etc. Screenshot the problem and submit an issue report on Github.
  2. If you have a large change you want to make to the map, screenshot it thoroughly, or at least write up blueprints. Once the change is approved by CentCom (ie; many players and admins agree on it that it's a good addition), it will be greenlit by the CentCom administrator (ie; me) and you may begin construction on the map. Screenshot your final results and the changes will be added.
  3. If you want to make any secret changes, tell me secretly.
  4. If I cannot be reached for map changes, Kayleen, Joan, Aronai, Ultimated, ShadowLarkens, and Scree are all authorized to do map pull requests. Pull requests for the main map by anyone else will be rejected.

nvm just use github and use the map merge tool correctly

For gateway maps
  1. All gateway maps go in the RandomZLevel folder. No exceptions.
  2. If you have any custom resources for a map, it must go in a folder with the map. (eg: RandomZLevel/ClownPlanet/Map-1.dmm, RandomZLevel/ClownPlanet/clownicons.dmi, RandomZLevel/ClownPlanet/
  3. Don't edit maps you didn't create.
  4. Test your fucking maps. Thoroughly.
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