map concept: jungle asteroid

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map concept: jungle asteroid

Postby warbrand2 » Fri Aug 07, 2015 5:18 pm

Yeah I am working on this... ish work sucks.

anyway a concept for a location on the station, people would get to it from a shuttle near cargo and it would be "public access"

the idea is the asteroid would have a reinforced shell and a large amount of life on it from passive creature to hostile ones... all would be vore creatures in some way either prey or pred depending on size.

point of the rock... would have unique plant and animal life as well as a "lake" in the center which has been secured for rest and relaxation.

areas of the asteroid

public areas

1. docking station: contains the main entry and docking point as well as a small dorm area and break room.

2. central path: a large path to the center of the rock has reinforced plasma glass and is well lit allowing people to see the native life.

3. the lake has 3 entry points two are from the main areas all have air locks and are gaurded by turrets equipped with stun weapons. this is the relaxation zone and is well secured.

4. emergency soft suit storage x4: 4 suit storage bays containing soft suits incase preasure is lost in the lake area also can be used by pub users to leave the lake an explore the main asteroid though that is not recommended.

private areas

mining point: a small room off the docking station with two hard suits, an air lock, and ore processing. is used for mining to get rare ores from the rock. (which has a high amount of plasma and uranium.)

xenosec: an area with 3 cages and an armory is used by sec and xeno biology. sec can head out an clear hostile creatures for xeno bio to study. has 2 hardsuits one for xeno bio and one for sec also has an independant air lock.

botony: an area wiht 5 plant locations used by either xenobio or botony to grow mutant plants.
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Re: map concept: jungle asteroid

Postby Aces » Sun Sep 27, 2015 5:13 pm

Actually I have wanted to make a jungle map for a while, but not an asteroid. I did however also want to include a hidden clown temple on the map with a more puzzle-based system than combat based as with previous gateway maps.
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