The ITV Talon - your thoughts, opinions & comments

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The ITV Talon - your thoughts, opinions & comments

Postby KiraAlitruss » Wed Apr 15, 2020 7:28 am

In this thread, you write and post your thoughts, opinions, comments and the explanation for all three, whether you like the concept or dislike it.
Explaining your thoughts can be VERY helpful when it comes to modifications, additions or removals of certain aspects of the concept. It can be incorporated in refining the concept as a whole. This doesn't mean you are restricted to only "hey do x" but you should generally give out your opinion in a coherent, clean style that clearly states something, and explains how you came to said conclusion.

or just post whatever you think I'm not gonna moderate how people type tbh, just don't be rude
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Re: The ITV Talon - your thoughts, opinions & comments

Postby Bricker98 » Wed Apr 15, 2020 7:42 am

The things here are just my opinion.
The good:
I like the feeling of a small, compact crew where everyone knows each other and has a clear role, because there is only one of each role everyone works.
The idea of an independant, non NT related ship is innovative and refreshing, it makes sense that there is people around doing their own things, and gives a new way to interact with the outside for the Tether crew.
The Bad:
There is currently nothing to do, you can go salvage but we have no drills or jetpacks, even if you get a drill, the most probable outcome is the tether ignoring you because they had a good haul, in other words, we have nothing to trade with the crew, even on a good round.
The lack of a clear objetive and the means to do said thing usually result in everyone going AFK or just docking with the station and staying there.
The Suggestions:
If I could change anything from the Talon, it would be that the security wing is way too big, I would take the last cell away and add hydroponics, or something like that to pass the time/ get resources.
Either specialize the ship or give it more ways to do a broader range of things.
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Re: The ITV Talon - your thoughts, opinions & comments

Postby Rekeme » Wed Apr 15, 2020 6:40 pm

My thoughts after having not engaged with it at all, yet:
The Good
This sounds like a neat way to get into the setting and have wider opportunities for roleplay events and character diversity in the space setting. There's a big opportunity here for some collaboration with running events here.

The Bad
This seems like exploration but unshackled from having any responsibility to the station/NT. It almost strikes me as something should be it's own server, space, or group event thing. IE a recurring group would run DnD sessions except it's BYOND spessman crew sessions in the TALON.

With only five slots and the expected familiarity members of TALON should have (Or should they? It's not clarified) it invites opportunity for cliques and exclusionary behavior depending on who gets to join during a round.

Give some structure to this medium. Most of the community seems engaged from the chatter on the discord, but right now it's primarily "What the hell can I do and how do I make sure if I do join I don't fuck everything up?"
* Define a goal for this feature. "We introduced this so that players can..." "We introduced this so that staff can..."
* Mechanics: What are each role's responsibilities and where's the user manual for the TALON's bits and bobbits?
* What's a believable range of characters for TALON?
* OOC, what are some general do's and don't's about being on the TALON?
* Game Masters, what kind of activities do you like, that you would want to engage with when there's a crew on the TALON? What kind of activities would you want to avoid engaging when there's a crew on the TALON?

Get some answers for these and into a quick and dirty wiki page to give this whole thing a nudge in a good direction. Setting these expectations early will really help avoid a lot of hearsay and nonsense in the long run.
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Re: The ITV Talon - your thoughts, opinions & comments

Postby Serkii » Thu Apr 16, 2020 3:55 pm

I don't have much to add that hasn't already been said, but here goes. I like the idea of the ship and the ability to play non crew jobs but in the current state it just doesn't feel fleshed out. Generally a ship will have some sort of purpose, is it a survey vessel? Salvage? Is it just some rich person's yacht? Etc.. I feel like it could stand to be more defined I guess, and maybe expand what is inside the ship itself to better fit the more defined purpose of the ship.
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Re: The ITV Talon - your thoughts, opinions & comments

Postby TheDavestDave » Fri Apr 17, 2020 7:33 pm

I would like some non-technical jobs added to the talon. As well as some doubleing ups of jobs encase people lewd waiting for stuff.

if we are reworking things I'd rather a mess hall than a bar with a garden/cooking area. Also gives the excuse of a maid role.

A problem the talon has for trading is it's really hard to find things the teather wants.
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Postby H0lySquirr3l » Wed Apr 22, 2020 6:29 pm

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Re: The ITV Talon - your thoughts, opinions & comments

Postby A potato » Sun Jun 07, 2020 9:28 am

I don't like it. You know this by now, probably, if you remember what happened in the cadet academy and frankly, even after all that time, little has changed on my opinion on this.

The main problem of mine is still that on a mapping aspect, things are being tried to shrunk down, thus we have a whole area dedicated specificly to 5 people that noone else can realy get to in the middle of nowhere. That is not to say that I don't like the idea of different crews doing different crew stuff, this is to say that the current map is not good for this type of concept. The tether is already too huge as it is. Now if it was a map with 3+ small stations with some outposts thrown around, that could be a fun map concept to explore with the new ship-code but as an addition it just feels bland.

Speaking on the matter of different crew stuff, welcome to corporate regulations, which only applies to the tethers crew and not to crew outside those hired people. Does talon crew count as visitors? What if no heads are online to give the code out and they just force their way in somehow, is it now piracy? Who knows, regulations have not been updated for this and it gives me a headache everytime talon-crew decides they want to stay on the tether and noone can give them the docking codes.

Next comes that the talon regularly has nothing to do, thus the tightly knit group of spacecrew badasses just sits on their ass in the bar, doing nothing. Sometimes even in the tethers bar. At that point, the entire point of the talon went out of the window.

That's more or less my 3 big main problems right now. Some of those can be easier fixed than the others and from what I've read in the thread so far, I'm not the only one who at least thinks in the same direction.

TL;DR, map feels not suited for it (yet), corporate regulations/SoP is not updated on what to do with talon crew should they do crime, talon needs something more concrete to do.
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