we could really use an anomly rework please

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we could really use an anomly rework please

Postby TheDavestDave » Sun Apr 05, 2020 12:29 pm

this is in relation to this github "fix" https://github.com/VOREStation/VOREStation/pull/7134

tl;dr stop xenoarch and RDs taking over the belt shuttle without addressing why they are stealing the mining shuttle. I also don't want to turn this into should they use it but fix the reasons why they are. This leads most xenoarchs to go looking for anomalies that has a lot more effects and mechanical challenges

as the common xenoarch pool is repetitive and quite boring they all do the same things and it's possible to learn all their tricks in a shift. Even the talking ones, that I've discovered will replay words for all of mary had a little lamb, only only the last half of crawl out through the fallout.

As is, anomalies have been stupidly rare. I had a week of shifts were I couldn't find a big one in solar, mining, or the underdark. My character got fed up with all that and started creating their own.

A big group noticed that the belt mining area regenerated its xenoarch pool on command. Getting round the issue of some never spawning. Not only that but due to it not getting used until late shift, there was no risk of minings, mining the anomaly away. Understandably this annoyed some miners

A second bullet here is the teleporter reworks. It used to be possible to teleport science members with the t-pad to a few planets while the explorers were doing their thing in caves or dorms. Using the explorers shuttle doesn't really work. Many pilots see quantum pads as "job stealing" so will refuse to set it up, as well as the explorer's shuttle being used by the explorers, and the supply line that goes with it. Non-explorers are still treated as an out group by enough explorers to make life difficult. In this odd spot of needing protected too much to be left to do our own thing but not deemed good enough to help exploring.

so as is to see what anomalies you might get 1 or 2 every 13 hours and it kinda sucks. It might even just get dug by a miner with no clue it was even there. Mutiple fixes for people being stupid have slowly limited what people can do by reduceing the z levels they can spawn on, or xenoarchs have access to. But never increasing the spawn rate. Without changes I can quite see the next step being anomalist and xenoarch players picking pathfinder or RD to take over the explorer's shuttle to do anomaly testing. Or even CD to disappear and take over the belt mining area still. If we make anomalies more common on the planet, that problem should be fixed before they try, and it will make all the rule following anomalist have a job to do.
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Re: we could really use an anomly rework please

Postby Aces » Sun Apr 12, 2020 11:06 am

It could be beneficial to buff the frequency of anomalies showing up, that much seems apparent.

But, you guys fail to realize, part of the fun with Xenoarch is a part that for some reason none of you ever bother to do. I keep telling you guys when you find something cool make up some bogus fluff about what you think it was meant for or what you think it is and send a fax to CentCom.

The admins and GMs LOVE to use xenoarch findings as an excuse to trigger a small event on the fly. Yet, none of you ever do this! Only when I remind people in OOC announcements do you once in a great while fax about a Xenoarch finding. We don't just do it for the big artifacts, but the small ones, too!
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Re: we could really use an anomly rework please

Postby TheDavestDave » Sun Apr 12, 2020 8:24 pm

I used to do it a lot, but I never even knew if they got read.

if I write reports there are mostly just for me, or for this one published in the libary. A lot of the things we have also feel so samey and the big anomlies so rare it doesn't feel like a point most of the time

NT anomaly containment guide.
Y month and year of first documentation, month is always in double digits
X identity number
Z spawns from another anomaly

NTA 1032564
item : small statuette
class: safe
containment procedure: keep in a bag, locer, closer, or room without sentient creatures or synths capable of verbal speech. If containment is broken the anomaly is to be placed into such a container without any talking as soon as possible.
description: The Small statuette always depicts a creature, often humanoid. It always is showing a clear emotion and is always found buried in rock. Anomaly is not always found active, and can activate at any time. When active the anomaly will shine glowing red eyes. As the anomaly acquires charges the eyes with flash ruby red more often, bright enough to be seen inside of any container. To gain a charge someone needs to talk in sight of the anomaly. The anomaly doesn't respond to any recorded, or live streamed voice. When someone talks to an anomaly they will bleed, or take damage if they are a synth. After two charges have been taken anomaly NTA 1-03256401 (Wraith ) will appear. NTA 1-032564-01 will float around aimlessly for a short time, knocking any crew out if they bump into them. NTA 1-032564-01 is not stopped by any physical objects and wails while it is visible. After four charges 2 incidents of NTA 1-032564-01 may be summoned. After at least 6 charges anomaly NTA 1-032564-02 can be summoned. Anomaly NTA 1-032564-02 (Kreses) is a highly aggressive life form attacking anything in range, using its massive mouth to bite, but not eat any creature in sight. It’s massive eye appears to be it’s only scene organ.

During this time we are unable to tell what happens after 6 charges due to the high damage cost of getting that far. It is unknown if brogs or AI activate the anomaly as they are lawed to avoid damage. We are currently unable to get a parrot to see if the parrot can activate the anomaly. Communicators, radios, tts and advanced tts devices are unable to activate the anomaly. We are unable to test is positronic brains can activate the anomaly

NTA 1-032564-01
Class: keter
Containment procedures: N/A
Description: A

NTA 1-032564-02
Item: mouth
Class Euclid
Containment procedures: NTA 1-032454-02 is unable to pass through walls, it will however smash glass to get to its target. Keep in a locked room out of sight of targets

NTA 2-032564
Item: cultest sword
Class :Safe
Containment procedure: Don’t use NTA 2-032564 as a weapon. Disorientation and despair caused by holding NTA 2-032564 will pass after five minutes of holding it has passed. This effect also doesn’t occur to people who drag NTA 2-032564 or put NTA 2-032564 in a container and carry the container.

Description: NTA 2-032564 is a black longsword with a red emerald in the hilt. Welding NTA 2-032564 causes dizziness and a sense of doom. Attacking with NTA 2-032564 causes injury to the user as NTA 2-032564 flies out of the wielder’s grip. Dealing no damage to targets.
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Re: we could really use an anomly rework please

Postby Aces » Sun Apr 12, 2020 9:07 pm

Reeeee fax these and title the papers accordingly by renaming them.

It encourages admins to do fun things.
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