I think we could use some survial themed additions

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I think we could use some survial themed additions

Postby TheDavestDave » Wed Apr 01, 2020 10:27 pm

we could really use a way to get something from nothing without heavy admin intervention. This would allow more lost explorer events and would need less planing

And since discord sucks for this and I'm told we should suggest things here. Here I am suggeting things.

A big problem is how every fish is posionus, this has been discussed as on purpose by admins as aparantly fish in the phoron free enviroment (fishing pond) should be toixc, even in they are on a phoron free planet.

a generic berry bush would be need, like a trash pile for berries.

we can't cook with fire

there's no way to make tools without an autolathes, I can't even use a table knifes instead of a screwdriver like I do at home. I think "stone" kinda tools would be a good additon, something that works slower than the normal ones but can be made by hand. Primitate screwdriver, basic wrenth, a way to make cable, as it's used (can we even make cable on station?) simple pick axe (god help you it would slower than the xenoarch tools). A think a good final teir would be the manual lathe. Only able to make wire, basic tools, containers, and apcs boards.

Some kind of wood powered smelter would be good, limited to smelting iron and steel. Having resoruce management makes it worse than the real one.

I also think if we wanted skill based mechanics this is the perfect place to test them. Thing like bucthering with a knife being linked to cooking skill would be cool. Someone with no skill works the way it does now, with only one slab of meat being made. But someone proffesinal in it would be as good as the gibber in the back of the kitchen. Another thing could be linking skills and mechanices could be looking for berries and botney skill.

even if we just made cable craftable and made fish safe to eat and possible to cook getting stuck would be a lot more fun
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Re: I think we could use some survial themed additions

Postby Scree » Thu Apr 02, 2020 2:17 am

fish are only poisonous because carp meat back in early early early early days ss13 when carp were the only fish was poisonous, and nobody bothered making a different type of "fish meat", I'm 100% behind changing that
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Re: I think we could use some survial themed additions

Postby Vorrarkul » Thu Apr 02, 2020 11:37 am

I am in support of non-poisonous fish. Seafood is a major staple of the Dreteyan diet and my characters should be able to enjoy said staple without the hassle of making sure every single fish is detoxified first.

As for the survival crafting... I was originally opposed to the idea, but after thinking on it for a second, I believe it'd be a good addition. The thought of a character fucking off and living in a cave for the whole shift amuses me.
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Re: I think we could use some survial themed additions

Postby ArgobargSoup » Thu Apr 02, 2020 3:45 pm

Well, on the fish front...
PR ta make them non-toxic has been merged, so yah.
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