Yell at Ace thread

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Re: Yell at Ace thread

Postby Wickedtemp » Sat Mar 28, 2020 5:34 pm

That was a thought I had when he made this forum thread. That he has no intention to look it over, or at the least, has no intention to take anything that's said here to heart. That the only reason this thread was made was for two main points,

1) He can say "Oh but see I care so much about getting better! I made the thread so people could voice their complaints about me! See? I wouldn't do that if I didn't want to improve!"

2) If a forum thread didn't exist, people would resort to blowing up space-lobby and his Discord messages, which results in actual notifications, pings, and little visible banners whenever someone sends a message, so this was to redirect the spam.

You have no idea how much I would like to be proven wrong, but that's where I'm at right now.
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Re: Yell at Ace thread

Postby Ketrai » Sat Mar 28, 2020 5:35 pm

I've already told you about my gripes in pm many times in the past, but I guess I might as well explain here too, especially if you're more open.

- Being over-hasty about using host veto to close/merge prs on github, or otherwise leave a comment that heavily restricts discusion or basically forcing a dev's hand by dissaproving of a certain pr. Rarely would other admins actually comment, making it hard to push prs like that through. It's gotten me to flip out over stupid shit many times, whilst I rarely have issues contributing to other codebases. It's also primarily the reason I don't really feel like playing on vorestation, or contributing to it. I'm a creative person, I like to create. I've also asked for a policy to make prs go through slightly quicker. Sometimes prs are left for weeks without any conclusion, and everyone just waits for ace to say something or it might as well stay open for months. There need to be some thorough guidelines on contributing.

- I've also always found resistance trying to discuss some of the roleplay policies regarding vorestation. Felt like it's grown a little bit too much into a glorified chatroom, and with a map so big there's almost nothing for people in less active timezones to do (let alone find people to talk to). Yes I'm part of a minority, but the minority still interacts with other people from main pop. When we leave, others do too.

- You often flip out at me and immediately give me some kind of punishment. I'm pretty sure, but not entirely certain that if you check my logs... I'd get outright banned whenever ace deals out punishment to me. Or some other permanent punishment. Idem for discord. I know I'm an abrasive person, and I occasionally need a slap on the wrists. But a warning tends to be more than enough. Everyone else gives me warnings unless I've been particularly annoying multiple times recently. Which in that case I'm totally fine with the punishment. Otherwise I just feel immediately drained, and without desire to actually play. You can see that whenever I've gotten banned... which is like two times? I always wait like weeks to months before appealing, as I just don't feel like playing anymore. I'm currently still muted indefinitely on the discord, and I just really don't have the desire to make an appeal for it. It's just too much at this point. I've stuff I want to share with the community, conversations to join... but every time I think about making an appeal, I just think about you ace, and I just don't feel like playing anymore at all. I don't have anything against you as a person. You're a cool guy and you know how to have fun playing a game or connecting people. I just have an issue with how you administrate. Which isn't too hard, for me to get an issue with an administrator that is. I'm pretty rebellious after all.
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Re: Yell at Ace thread

Postby AnastasiaOccult » Sat Mar 28, 2020 5:39 pm

Hey hey people, Ana here.

I know what I said, that I was gonna pack my bags and leave. But boy oh boy, I knew exactly what I was doing when I initially responded to you Ace. I exactly predicted this moment would come and I'm glad it did. Christ, everyone could make improvements here, but none are as urgent for improvement as you. You've been given more than enough chances to change and improve and yet you drop the ball every time. What's one more apology going to do for the people already smelling out the bullshit? You manipulate people, you abuse people and yet you still don't give up the facade that you've done nothing wrong, all in the name of maintaining control.

But what's my word worth on the situation? Why not say for it yourself?

You approached me a couple days ago asking me to snitch on the other admins upon my withdrawal from Virgo, and as much as you try to "politely" put it without any semblance of malice, I'm not completely oblivious.

Aces wrote:I'm curious for my own sake if there is anyone in particular that you wish to direct that comment toward or if it's just the staff in general. If it is the staff in general I'd like to know if there's anyone who is an exception and not part of the norm.

I'm fully aware I myself haven't been nearly as active as I'd like to be. There are both internal and external reasons why that is the case, which I am not going to get into, but I have been paying attention to the community regardless, so I'd like to know more if possible.

"Okay", I thought, "I really have no quarrel in this and I'm not directing my hate towards others."

AnastasiaOccult wrote:It's not directed towards anyone, I just don't want to putz around and waste my time. I've already pulled out and just decided to leave the community in peace. I'd rather just keep it that way for a while, I don't see my situation improving any time soon and no one need to accommodate for me. If you guys don't want me, you don't want me, leave it at that and I'll understand, but I'd rather not perpetuate this and cause any unnecessary frustration of having to argue this.

Your response?

Aces wrote:It's not a matter of me wanting to engage in an argument. I just want your point of view on things. If you feel the staff are being hypocrites in that they are not as active as they could be then I feel that it is a valid complaint which should be heard.

If some of the staff are in my situation where real life prevents them from participating more on server that much is understandable but when they have the ability to log in and yet float around in ghost mode, that is less okay.

I'm obviously a little ticked off by this response. So, I'm gonna post my full response to this for proper transparency so you don't ever twist my words at the end of all of this.

AnastasiaOccult wrote:Okay, what do I have to be worried about? Like I said I'm not coming back any time soon.

Yeah, I think the admin staff is hypocritical, I think inactivity is a legitimate problem for a good portion of them. Hell, it's not even just the admins, it's the gamemasters too, even Brad admitted to ghosting while he's been a GM. I don't think it's fair to someone like me who wants to be more active and interact more by planning events and actually interacting with the community, getting told that I can't be an admin because I haven't dumped enough time idling in the server. I seriously have better things to be doing than just being idle, I'd much rather interact with others in the community outside of the station and do planned scenes uninterrupted and with more time flexibility. I'm a fat and hedonist fetishist, I'm guilty to admit it, but it leave me out of a lot of interactions on station because my fetishes don't line up with a lot of other people. That's fine, like I said, maybe Virgo just isn't the right place for me. But don't just tell me that I need to be more active when there is no incentive for me to just sit around and waste my time.

Seriously, this place was a nice community at first for me. It was a nice escape after I had a falling out with another friend group of mine and I got to do a lot of scenes almost immediately. This place has changed, I see no community here anymore and no reason for me to keep trying to find a scene and end up depressed and disappointed when I find nothing. I'm done and I'm moving on to find something else. I'll also admit, people around Virgo probably don't like me as much as they sing praise for me on my application. I had to reach out and bug a whole bunch of people to get them to show their support, against my reservations on the issue, but that's apparently how people become staff here. I think you guys find me annoying, gross and ultimately a fucking whiney crybaby. I wish to improve, but no one tells me what I'm doing wrong. So I made the executive decision to move on and continue improving the way I know how, lone wolf trial and error.

There, hope that was a satisfying answer.

Yeah, I'd say I was obviously frustrated, and fuming a lot of my anger into this DM. I'm just as responsible for stoking the flames here out of spite. But good lord, you need to have your constant tyranny put in its place. I'm not going to let you turn my post into ammunition against the people who I still do care about. Because, I'm gonna be real. I like the admin and GM team. I think they are really fun and nice people to be around. Are they inactive and sometimes not always the best at their jobs? Yeah, but people have lives and suffer from the same issues as I do. And as I cooled off my head, I realized that it was understandable. People have lives and a community like this isn't as important as it is to others. I was venting that my reason for leaving was my own issue. You decided to take it and run with it, not initially taking the hint. I didn't want to take my anger out on anyone, but you'd be more happy to be opportunistic in such a scenario that would give you any reason, any evidence to stand your ground if anyone spoke out against you.

Ace, pure and simple, pull the trigger already. Just leave. You aren't an headmin, not even a GM. You don't have the level head for it and you sure as hell don't have the assertive nature to lead this server. Virgo doesn't need a host, especially one like you.

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Re: Yell at Ace thread

Postby Sebbe » Sat Mar 28, 2020 5:41 pm

Gonna put this here:

I feel like this shows one or more of three things:
1) Ignorance or refusal to see issues brought up.
2) Lazyness or unwillingness to change
3) not really caring, calling shit a hoax etc

I feel like the thread more or less shows that we the players, don't fucking matter.

That's all I have to say.
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Re: Yell at Ace thread

Postby Christy » Sat Mar 28, 2020 5:48 pm

Well, to be quite honest. I'm not surprised with what i am reading and hearing about Ace.

His ego hasn't changed and has only got worse since i saw him first popping up on ekas at least a decade or more ago. From his "role play excellence" Certificates he'd give out to people, to sucking on ekas toes from aryion.

I've been told by others that the massive ego and self-righteous and that the "I'm always right and you're wrong" mentality has always been there, like he was above everyone else and you had to "kiss" the kings toes to get anywhere.

while personally im not always on or involved with Virgo, I've seen the shitty things that have been done, and others have told me when they were upset.

You might be good at stories, but you sure as fuck ain't as an admin with any sort of power.
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Re: Yell at Ace thread

Postby chaoko99 » Sat Mar 28, 2020 5:49 pm

I'm personally not a fan of how Ace has run things, but at the very least I have found it educational on my own personal development as a person. My primary complaint in infraction was when, on the space engineers server, he flat ignored people and then started shouting others down when there was an argument in the discord voice chat. Not cool, bro. Killed my interest in the space engineers.
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Re: Yell at Ace thread

Postby Wickedtemp » Sat Mar 28, 2020 5:52 pm

Well, Joan is now officially in charge of things, Ace is now a GM, though I'm sure I'm not alone in my opinion that given Ace's behavior --that this is just the stuff we KNOW and stuff he's been open about -- I really don't think he's fit to be in charge of anything in general.

But I guess we'll see how it goes from here.
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Re: Yell at Ace thread

Postby James Holder » Sat Mar 28, 2020 5:55 pm

Originally, I wasn't going to say anything, since my input would have just been something along the lines of, "Ace being absent for months and then returning to make sweeping changes despite the informed opinions of more active staff sounds like a big problem." After reading your apology, I have to chime in that it sounds manipulative.

You said you aren't trying to blame the staff, but you appear to be doing so anyway and making a show of shouldering that blame to appear responsible. You say you aren't trying to garner pity, but that talk of how your staff being mad at you is breaking you emotionally or that nothing you say or do at this point will satisfy them serves no purpose but to garner pity. I'm familiar with people who claim they don't want pity while they're in the middle of trying to use pity to manipulate me.

Also, Aronai just posted about the staff change while I was in the middle of typing this, but I feel it needs to be said anyway. I am slow.
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Re: Yell at Ace thread

Postby Jboy2000000 » Sat Mar 28, 2020 5:56 pm

Ace is gone, others have taken the reigns, but I'm VERY skeptical about this. Ace didn't even copy-paste his response to the front page of this thread like he said, and hasn't engaged with any of these criticisms yet like he said he would. Plus, there's still the serious accusations that Ace literally committed a crime in his tenure as server host and headmin by blackmailing people. If those are true, he shouldn't be anywhere near the server at all, let alone a position even as lowly as games masters.
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Re: Yell at Ace thread

Postby GingeraleDragon » Sat Mar 28, 2020 5:57 pm

Honestly, it's funny to see this all happening at once, almost as if it's some sort of karma explosion.

I've had problems with Ace for longer than most people would think.

Ace singlehandedly ruined my reputation, after one little fuck-up that could've been handled with a slap on the wrist and a talking to, no action or warning was taken until I was banned out of the blue after a "sting operation" (his own words) to plot against the "meta-gang" I apparently "led".

Given how I'm apparently not alone in my views, I think it's safe to say Ace & friends were looking for a reason to ban me, and when someone provided false evidence, they jumped on it.

I've been permabanned since for being a "toxic player", and honestly, have had no desire to actually appeal since my problems with the server ran deep with even the staff team, and now that apparently the staff is gone and people are calling for revolution, I feel like I can finally step forward without being immediately shot down and dismissed.

Hello, Ace, I hope you remember me, because I sure as hell remember you. You ruined my reputation within the SS13 community (within the servers that run this code at least). You've put some name on my head that doesn't belong to me and painted me as some sort of villain. If this was your intention, I have no idea, but I can barely go anywhere without feeling like someone is going to ban me preemptively for your own damn bias against me. You broke your own rules to get me banned, simply because you didn't like me or what my friends were doing.

Not a fucking clue what you did this time, and frankly, don't care. You've blown your chance with me, not like you'd care anyway.

You've clearly powertripped hard this entire time, and that much was apparent to me.

Congrats of fucking up this hard, and good luck finding a replacement for your role. You're gonna need it.

I likely won't be back on the server anytime soon for other personal reasons, but I hope everyone who enjoys it here can push past this or find other refuges or whatever they seek out to do.

That's my two cents.
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