[Discord Suggestion] Separation of Vore

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[Discord Suggestion] Separation of Vore

Postby WanderingDeviant » Thu Jan 23, 2020 2:46 pm

After a brief flurry of debate on the discord, an idea was proposed that there could be a separation of #nsfw-vore-only into two channels: One channel being focused on sexually explicit vore (as #nsfw-vore-only already covers with it's common trends of CV and UB and other such images of vore that provide a heavy focus on genitals of either parties) while the other new channel would be a place to post non-sexually explicit vore content. Seeing as that discussion soon became mired in the usual flurry of discord chaos, hopefully this forum topic will allow for a little more organized debate. I'm going to be arguing in favor of a channel split as best I can, hopefully while also outlying even why a split might be considered in the first place.

Main Idea: Separate #nsfw-vore-only into two new channel entities, preemptively idealized as #nsfw-vore-explicit and #nsfw-vore-non-explicit.
The actual names for the channels are fully up for debate, but at the moment I am simply short of words to use to help clearly and succinctly separate the two. The main rule for what image types go into which channel is potentially (further clarification/alteration possible): If an image involves display, focus, or usage of sexual organs/genitalia or nudity then it should go into #nsfw-vore-explicit. Otherwise it is safe to put in #nsfw-vore-non-explicit. The 'nudity' aspect I feel is needed simply to keep this rule consistent.

But Why Even?: Every now and then the classical debate occurs about just how 'sexual' vore is innately, as some parties find gratification from implied sexual acts involved with vore, some with genital usage for the vore itself, some simply just like creatures eating other creatures. This separation, similar to how long ago the original porn #nsfw channel was split off into baseline #nsfw images and then #nsfw-vore-only, would further help people find the content they wish to see without having to wade through a barrage of images that could potentially disparage or even disgust them based on prefs. By allowing more sexually charged vore, such as images that rely on expression of/give heavy focus to the genitals of a creature, to be distinct from nsfw images that simply focus on the act of eating or guts in general ('vanilla' vore if you will) like-minded individuals will have greater ease sharing and viewing deviant images they fancy. It will provide a small blanket of separation away from extreme topics of art on either end of the varied spectrum that is vore.

Potential Pros Summarized:
-Easier to find more baseline vore content (OV, TV, Slime Vore, etc) when you want between the two channels

-Easier to differentiate between what you expect to see in regards to vore in either channel, allowing those who dislike one aspect or the other to safely ignore a channel while still finding new vore image content/new artists

-Fostering a better art-sharing environment between the varied extremes of the vore community we play host too

Potential Cons, and Some Counter-Arguments:
-It will add yet another channel to the server, potentially disparaging vore-image traffic: Considering the number of channels we already have I do not believe one extra channel will be that much of a tipping point. We already have channels such as the RP channel sitting underused, and even recently created an entirely separate IC-chat channel specifically for nsfw topics and chatter. One more additional bit to scroll past should not weight to heavily on the discord.

-This is too niche of an idea and seems unnecessary: A bit of a broad con, but I figured I'd try to address this point here. While this is certainly a bit more of a small-scale appeasement idea, I still believe it would overall be a benefit to the server. Even as an individual that likes quite literally near every type of vore, it is sometimes annoying to check #nsfw-vore-only and see an endless stream of one specific type of sexual vore. Sometimes it's a slew of CV pictures, sometimes it's a simple lack of any variety within it, but having a channel devoted to the more selective idea of baseline vore (guts and eating and etc) appeals to me because that variety is quite often the one with the most depth. This is a fairly personal opinion, but I'd greatly enjoy the option to have a den of guts to browse when I'm not in the mood to look at swollen cocks or vaginas.

I'm sure there's more Pros and Cons that could be brought up, which is exactly what this thread is for. Overall I support the idea, but this isn't a community of one. Or two. Or three!

So have at it folks, what do you lot think?
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Re: [Discord Suggestion] Separation of Vore

Postby Heroman3003 » Thu Jan 23, 2020 3:14 pm

IMO, main problems with every split of content like that is that its only going to create more grey areas and more room for uncertainty. "Is this explicit or not? Oh, it has big badonkers, you shouldnt post it into the nonexplicit one!". There already are some weird grey areas since the split of regular nsfw and vore-only one, like CTF content or similar absorby/mergy stuff. Would it be more under vore or regular nsfw transformation? Hard to tell. Plus, there's always an argument of it ending up a slippery slope for a dozen of channels each dedicated to its own kinks. There have been similar complaints and in similar amounts (at least in my personal perception) about disparity of GENDERS in the nsfw channels and imo, its almost the same issue in the nature of potential solution, that being "just separate it into different channels". While I think it would be good were the server more aimed at specifically art-sharing aspect, I think any more nsfw art sharing channels will just be bloating it for little payoff, and extra layer of "WRONG CHANNEL". So don't quite support, even if I myself would often like to filter away some types of content from NSFW channels.
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Re: [Discord Suggestion] Separation of Vore

Postby AegisOA » Thu Jan 23, 2020 3:21 pm

In short, I think I'll go ahead and give this my support! It kind of helps that you used a few points I made during the Discord conversation in the OP, after all.

I'm very much someone who doesn't really mind things as they are currently, because I have a wide range of likes and moods. Non-explicit ones for cute, cuddly OV stuff, very lewd ones for raunchy CV shenanigans, and everything in-between for other vore types. What I do see, though, is that there has been some distinct interest in a separation of channels like this for a while now, and I can see why. It's important to stress that nobody is currently "at fault" for doing this, because they were simply posting what they like in the channel made for the things they like, but, as you said, it's all too easy for someone to, say, go on a binge of posting a whole bunch of hyper CV... or, maybe, a ton of stuff that'd likely fit in with #nsfw-general if it weren't for the vore parts. It can be mildly irritating to scroll past it if I'm not in the mood for stuff that... sexually charged (?), but, that's minor compared to someone being actually turned off or disturbed by it, because it's not quite as easy as, say, spoilering graphic digestion stuff for people who don't like it.

It might also help, should this happen, to be extra clear on what would make a vorish picture considered "explicit" or not. You mention that nudity should play a role in that, and I agree, but what constitutes, say, an improperly nude furry prey? Or, what if the artist just doesn't go to the extent of drawing sexual organs on their otherwise nude human prey? This goes back to what you mentioned earlier on the whole sex bits thing; going by the currently suggested differentiation:
- A pred/prey is visibly enjoying the act of doing/being done the nom; satisfied/flustered grin, big blush, you name it... but no visible sex parts? Non-explicit.
- A pred/prey is visibly enjoying the act of doing/being done the nom; satisfied/flustered grin, big blush, you name it... but, say, the prey has one of those shameful/genuine erections? Explicit.
- A pred/prey is visibly enjoying the act of doing/being done the nom; satisfied/flustered grin, big blush, you name it, no visible sex parts... but, big, leaking tiddies? Explicit.
- A pred/prey is visibly enjoying the act of doing/being done the nom; satisfied/flustered grin, big blush, you name it, no visible sex parts... but someone is being absorbed into a big gut? Non-explicit.
- A pred/prey is visibly enjoying the act of doing/being done the nom; satisfied/flustered grin, big blush, you name it... but someone is being absorbed/CTF'd into a big cock? Explicit.
A lot of possible cases, yes, but for most of them, there's clearly a binary Yes/No.

... I realize that was a rather wordy way to approach it, but, given how split some people are on the whole "vore is inherently NSFW because it's a fetish, but it's possible for it to be either sexually explicit or non-explicit" thing, maybe it'll help?

tl;dr Would probably support just to ease those occasional debates. Unless you're just blindly posting art, it should be easy to tell which way a piece is leaning.
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Re: [Discord Suggestion] Separation of Vore

Postby gameaddict0700 » Thu Jan 23, 2020 6:14 pm

Something that quite bothers me is the fact that we have:
    #art-share and #nsfw-art-share
    #off-topic-main and #nsfw-off-topic
    #ic-chat and #nsfw-ic-chat
And yet we lack a #vore-only to go with our #nsfw-vore-only.
It just doesn't make much sense that in a server built around vore, we have just one single place for every type there is to be dumped. There are those, such as myself, who would greatly prefer that there be two places to post vore: one for explicit art, and one for non-explicit art. Some people aren't interested in having a screen filled with genitalia whenever they're simply trying to find some good tums to look at.

When this was being argued back on Discord, some people were making the claim that vore is inherently NSFW. That's not exactly the issue at hand here, though. The issue is whether or not the art is explicit. Yes, while you probably wouldn't want in your workplace to see you looking at vore stuff, you can say the same thing about quite a bit of what goes on in #space-lobby, a channel listed as SFW. The term NSFW is not used literally, but rather as another word for "explicit". To claim that vore isn't work-friendly isn't relevant.

Now, something else that was brought up that is a valid concern is what to do with art that exists in a sort of grey area. There were some who were concerned that the existence of a SFW vore channel would be for "ban baiting", where someone would post something they didn't think was too explicit for the channel, but someone else does. But what exactly would end up in this grey area? Clearly, any visible genitalia or other "private parts" would be NSFW. But what about something that's sexually suggestive, but not blatantly explicit? Something like a thick crotch bulge, or erect nipples pressing out against a top? That's not something for the NSFW channel, because there's no nudity, but it's not exactly something that would be considered "non-sexual" either. I think there's an easy solution, though: spoiler tags.
The current vore channel already uses spoiler tags for content that people might be squeamish about, like bones or graphic digestion. Well, they can be used in a SFW channel too. If there's nothing clearly explicit about an image, but you're not too sure about it, then you can simply put it in a spoiler tag. If someone complains, then it's their fault for opening up the spoiler when they had the option not to. And to be clear, this isn't an issue that I'd see coming up often, as most art is either obviously NSFW, or completely safe. This is a solid solution for an already edge case issue.

Overall, I strongly support this, as I see only upsides to it.
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Re: [Discord Suggestion] Separation of Vore

Postby Wickedtemp » Fri Jan 24, 2020 12:47 am

TLDR: Support.

Vore is not inherently explicit.
Examples: Countless vore scenarios in childrens tv shows, videogames, movies, writing.

Between just normal oral vore, like a clip from Ice Age, and a giant cock-vore artpiece from Freckles, one is clearly more explicit than the other and everybody knows this.
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Re: [Discord Suggestion] Separation of Vore

Postby Haery70 » Thu Jan 30, 2020 2:41 am

This should be retitled to separation between explicit and non-explicit vore due to the goal of the topic.

I was going to write up two paragraphs worth of the good, the bad, and the ugly regarding this idea, but I'll spare you with a gist. The TL;DR for this is: I support the idea, but I don't find it as a necessary thing that should be added. If you want filtered content, then you're better off browsing actual art websites with filters for their galleries.
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Re: [Discord Suggestion] Separation of Vore

Postby jemli » Wed Jun 24, 2020 11:01 am

Honestly, I think it generally comes down to almost a "Would I mind if my workplace boss saw this" sort of thing. Yes, there's generally a lot of examples of vore in cartoons and such, but a great majority of the things associated with the vore I've seen posted about are definitely the type where I'd consider it NSFW. For example... there's a difference between the cartoon depiction of an alligator eating a pirate, and a picture of the same thing where there's an emphasis on things like the tongue curling around the pirate, the throat bulge, and the general body languages of the subjects. Because of that, I don't think there would ever be a reason to have a SFW-vore channel. In terms of NSFW explicit and non-explicit... I think there would be too many arguments about what does and doesn't go into each category on individual pieces... but that's a personal opinion, and if it was tried out, I would be pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong when it came down to it.
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Re: [Discord Suggestion] Separation of Vore

Postby Scree » Wed Jun 24, 2020 11:34 am

As much as I rail against the general topic of being unable to have a room for "non-explicit but still unsafe for work" art in general, I'm worried about channel bloat.

Which is a shame given how often I get annoyed by the furry definition of "sfw". Oh she's wearing full fetish gear but her tits have tape over them so you labelled it SFW? Fuck off, where the fuck do you work where that's safe for it? Soyeah, Haery summed it up pretty well. It's a thing I'd love to have on an art server, and in fact I know a couple that have "clean-kinky" channels where people can post things that are merely risque rather than outright explicit, but that's not entirely the purpose of our server and I've got a big enough scrollbar on the channels list already.
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Re: [Discord Suggestion] Separation of Vore

Postby JoanRisu » Wed Jun 24, 2020 11:48 am

Just so we're all on the same page I wanna say this. People need to keep in mind is that our definition of NSFW is incredibly broad and due to the inherent adult nature of our server, we treat vore as NSFW, sexually explicit or not, so let us put that aspect of the conversation to rest. The context can be the most non-sexual scenario in the world and it would still fall under our NSFW policy.

That said, I understand that it's annoying or uncomfortable to browse the NSFW channels because everything falls under one of two umbrellas: Non-vore and vore-only. With no other categories, nsfw content is funneled between the two and is not filtered based on the fetishes within.

My question is: why does the discord need to do the curation that gallery sites do better? You can argue convenience and that is fine. Comfort is another reason that I can support. The other hand is that this would make the categorization of content complicated and force users to make more considerations than they are used to or even need to. There is also the issue of users self-policing each other and falling into what Heroman puts as "WRONG CHANNEL" conversations. While we can argue that this is an administrative issue that staff should stay on top of, it nevertheless creates more work with little payoff.
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