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[Suggestion] Programmable belly text

PostPosted: Sun Dec 22, 2019 8:46 pm
by radiantAurora
This is an idea I've been playing about with in my head for the past hour or so, one that I think could improve the rather basic belly message system we currently have.

The basic idea of it is to make belly text programmable, so that players may choose to have their belly text for one vore belly, such as examine messages, change based on variables of their choosing. As an example, you could set a single belly to have different examine texts to reflect the size or number of prey within.

As for actual implementation, to overcome the fact that not everyone in the world can program, we could have the menu for customising this be modular, in that you can create conditions with a list of pre-made variables, such as prey size, number of prey, prey size relative to pred, cumulative prey size (all prey in that belly added up to one size), and so on, and have the player select conditions like more than, less than etc. At the moment, the only way to have adaptive belly text is by either having multiple bellies or by changing it on the go.

I'd work on this myself, but I don't really have the experience with DreamMaker or SS13 (especially virgo-specific) code to actually get it done reasonably, so I thought I'd post here to let anyone who'd like to mess about the idea themselves have a go at it.