Exploration rebalance

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Exploration rebalance

Postby TheDavestDave » Sun Jul 08, 2018 12:25 pm

A lot of the older vertran explorers have stopped going, and newer ones don't see the point of going because they keep dieing. There is also the longer problem of it being too combat focused and attracting the sec shitter rejects who are only on the sever to doom guy it up. Virgo 2 still needs investment from mineing so that bullet wounds can be treated. And while that is ment to be the hell combat one I think it's okay. BUT

Virgo 4 is worse. Beacuse of the constant deathclaw spawning it's not possible to do without power gameing. Because they will break bones in one hit you need kite them. One person argos them and the rest of the team shoots. Until the deathclaw decides to attack someone else. Abuseing ai like this makes more sence for combat drones but a deathclaw wouldn't just stop attacking the thing right in front of it to chase so guy who shoot it across the room.

We also have the most OP weapons and it still isn't enougth if you don't abuse the ai. They have twice the shots of an AEG, an prototype super gun, and half the size. Even comapared to a normal laser it is half the size and doesn't need weapon cells. But even with this teams keep being sent home due to bone fractures with out seeing a PoI because of death claws. The void suits provide good amour to rival sec ones aswell, but even that doesn't stop bone fractures. As well as lore wise the phasers are ment to be grandad's old war rifle as well.

If someone can bleed that means someone will get it internaly due to the deathclaws. So you NEED clottting meds that the SAR doesn't start with. And you need to be pretty much self sufficent for everything. If you want to set up power. You will have to do engineering duites because why would an engieer go when you will get swamed with deathclaws. Or to hack doors when you need to be taken into the caves.

There's also little IC reason for us to be sent as is. Becuase everyone is dieing with little reward. Even when RPed out it is rather unintresting at this point. You just get boreing things from trash piles that you could on teather. No Zorren posters to find, or other simmiler artifacts. Not even something that would be useful to R and D, who also just see you as a drain. And RPing reports is only useful to admins at this point, if they decided to muck about with the team. It only provides the head of staff something to read if they aren't lewding as is. And that is only if you go super hard into writting paragarths makeing things up with what you find. That you often lack the time to write if you did pull off because you spent so long fighting to find any PoIs to connect to each other, or the team keeps getting sent home because of medical problems before fully exploreing one.

Most of virgo 4 problems could be fixed by just removeing death claws. You'd then have OP guns, but the holdout phasers would be good enougth at that point. (if still too small) The phaser high power mode could then be nerfed as there as less scary things you have to fight. No one has to wait for clotting meds to be ordered because they won't be needed, or atleast every time you go.
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