Recent Talon Rule 5 Ruling

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Re: Recent Talon Rule 5 Ruling

Postby Scree » Thu Sep 03, 2020 8:18 am

Yeah, having so much cross-chatter between characters is actively harmful to what the talon is intended to be, which is a group of characters that are different to the regular station characters.

It's like if everyone on the station was an ex-mercenary or some shit. As I mentioned in the whitelist policy, having one ex-mercenary that fled to the periphery to escape his past and now works as a bartender on a frontier station is a cool-ass plothook that could lead to neato stories later on, but when everyone is a grizzled ex-merc with a dark past the whole thing loses its shine.
Hence, one person being greenlit for that sort of backstory is not a greenlight to say it's okay for just anyone to make a copycat character.

We originally planned for the talon to be mostly consistently talon characters with the occasional contractor that can sometimes be found on both, we even told them we'd prefer it without actually enforcing. Unfortunately people have been disregarding this, the flavour of the setting has been harmed as a result, so we're no longer asking.

Or to put it another way - we have altered the deal. Pray we don't alter it any further.
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Re: Recent Talon Rule 5 Ruling

Postby Konkons » Thu Sep 03, 2020 2:36 pm

This deal is getting worst all the time

Shit post aside, a whitelist/sca does seem reasonable rather than a flat out ban on the archetype. Though if the intention of Talon/off station roles are to be completely separate, I suggest an overhaul to what off station roles are code wise. Examples being removing the front castle walls when science was ceding from the union every shift or exploration becoming its own department when there was issues with them butting into other departments for gear while getting lorded over by the RD for whether or not they would get to play that shift. If Talon is to remain in cycle as a separate entity of the station but then having them dock with the station every shift practically makes them just another department on the station at the moment.

The reasons given make sense, as it cleared up the ruling for me except only the heads part which Kenzie already stated was arbitrary and was what sparked the confusion for myself.
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Re: Recent Talon Rule 5 Ruling

Postby Nanaki » Thu Sep 03, 2020 2:55 pm

It was a matter of what could be had with a universal consensus. Splitting up Talon and Tether entirely did not have everyone onboard (especially since there was a big push in the first place to allow Contractors to work at Nanotrasen for the reason of allowing offmap role players to occasionally bring their characters on station), and outside of a staff meeting it is generally a bad idea to try to hash out differences between staff especially with a large percentage of staff is offline or busy. However, even people who wanted to have a potential talon-tether mix with contractors agreed that it was never intended for people to play Talon one shift, and Head of Staff the next, since more than likely Virgo head of staff would be full time employees of Nanotrasen and not contractors.
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