[ON] Rare things I wish happened more

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[ON] Rare things I wish happened more

Postby Kligor » Sun Aug 16, 2015 1:09 am

I would prefer to play as Andy, my neko character, for the following scenes but the character is 20% negotiable but I still really prefer being my kittyboy.
I really enjoy endo and unwilling together but the problem is most unwilling results in digestion so its sometimes tough.

1) Pred takes Andy by any way shape or form and ends up voring them whether by AV,UB,OV or CV and quickly fucking off to somewhere where him getting out would be deadly as a sort of way to natural keep him trapped

2) Andy is pulled into a semi-lewd situation that, when you read his flavortext, easily leads to vore either inside a 3rd party or not.

3)The pred is a micro that tries to convince Andy of something relating to one organ being stretchy, reguardless of what it is. Then proceeding to show him through a demonstration that costs him his freedom as well as the micro's. (With the exception of Arbon for IC reason tough to explain)
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Re: [ON] Rare things I wish happened more

Postby rikaru19 » Wed Feb 24, 2016 7:22 am

Well, Reika rarely ever digests anyone she eats, and on occasion is sort of a playful jokester pred that will nom someone just to see their reaction.

Methinks Andy could be a target of that in the near future.
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