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[OFF/UN] Looking for an RP Partner

PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2016 10:53 pm
by lordquailius
I'm looking for someone to roleplay via Skype, Steam, or another conventional format. (Hell, I'd even do with PM's back and forth here)
I'm pretty new to the forum, the server, and altogether the vore community in general, but I've been roleplaying for a long time. On the server, I've primarily RP’d as Cassandra Jadaumus and Lily Goldfield. I roleplay both genders and generally have no preference over either of them. I also tend to roleplay pretty "straight-forward" gender preferences (gay/straight/lesbian/bi).
If you just want to roleplay a specific scenario, or only want to roleplay a handful of times, that's totally fine! If you're interested, just send a PM my way. It doesn't even have to be vore or sex related in any way!
If you have any questions, please ask me. If you have any comments or criticisms, please tell me. Communication is essential in order to make sure we both get something out of it~
Nothing on this list is absolute.

Also if someone could link me a creator or something for one of those pages that makes a huge compilation of your kinks and the ranks, that'd be lovely <3. I wrote all of this down on an Ipad, the first draft at least. Fingers are aching and I'm nowhere near done ;_;.


Weight gain: Mostly for females, this one is a "big" kink for me, especially if it happens to an underweight character, and at a relatively slow pace.
Transforming: Ties in with weight gain, but transformations can apply to both genders, and most transformations are good (don't forget to ask me!)
Force Feeding: Again, ties in with weight gain.
Height Growth: Same as Weight Gain.
Food Play: Use of food to progress roleplay (ie drizzling someone in honey to get them lubed up for vore)
Slime Females: Particularly as predators, though prey also works
Cuddling: Any sort of cuddly, ear scritchy, belly-rubby, lovey-dovey kind of stuff along those lines. That shit is absolutely adorable~
Slave: I love playing as a slave character, either as completely submissive or a struggle bug.
"Normal" Sex: Oral/Genital/Anal/BJ's, anything else along the non-vore line.
Unbirth And Oral Vore: Self explanatory.
Soft Vore/Endo/Digestion: I prefer digestion as a predator, personally.


Watersports/Scat in any form
CV/AV: Unless you can sell me a specific scenario I can get into, I probably won't be for it. I'll maybe be okay if there's a substantial size difference for CV.
Excessive amounts of bloodplay
Strangling/Murder solely for the sake of murder

Re: [OFF/UN] Looking for an RP Partner

PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2016 4:24 pm
by Vorrarkul can help you with prefs, you make a character profile and you can edit your preferences on them from the main screen.
An example from one of my own:
You can have your list be much longer, I just sometimes find really big lists to be difficult to read and so I try to keep it short.