[UN] Ironclaw on Roll20: Looking for Players (CLOSED)

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[UN] Ironclaw on Roll20: Looking for Players (CLOSED)

Postby Floorface » Mon Jul 24, 2017 4:34 pm

Hello, for a while I have been planning (and repeatedly postponing) to host/GM/DM some form of tabletop RPG.
Despite my inexperience, I have had more than enough time to prepare and I am confident in my ability.
The system I have decided upon is called Ironclaw, which I go into more detail about in the section below.

What is Ironclaw?
Ironclaw is a pen and paper style RPG for an average sized group of 4-5 players. The setting for most of the lore in Ironclaw is the continent of Calabria, which is split between 6 major houses and their subordinates in a sort of feudal European society.

What makes Ironclaw more interesting however is that the theme is largely centred around furries, with every individual being some sort of anthropomorphised terrestrial animal. What results is an interesting mix between Disney’s Robin Hood and Game of Thrones, with major political players vying for power through war, scandal and general bloody murder.

I plan to host a (hopefully) long term campaign via Roll20 using this system and setting, and I invite anyone who takes interest as a player.

What will you need?
No experience is required, although any experience with roleplaying games is appreciated. Though I am completely open to players who have not even touched an RPG before, I only urge that you ask as many questions as possible and seek direct help for learning the system.

The rules!
The rules for Ironclaw are provided as part of the second edition omnibus, for which I have provided a completely legal download link for said omnibus in PDF format.
To save you some time, I have categorized each section of the omnibus by its importance in terms of preparing you as a player:

Strongly recommended:
• Character Creation (page 6)
• How to Play (page 109)
• Combat Rules (page 114)
• Character Development (page 133)

• What is Ironclaw? (page 2)
• Species, Careers, Skills, Gifts, Equipment (pages 13-108)
• Spot Rules (page 145)
• Appendix: Statuses (page 332)

• Everything else!

A character!
As with most RPGs, a player needs a character.

Character creation in Ironclaw is relatively simple, and just about ANY species/career combination will work perfectly fine. It is better to think of the type of character you want to play from a narrative perspective rather than a gameplay perspective, and then choose your species/career to fit that archetype.

NOTE: The sooner I am aware of what character you will be playing the better, as it allows me to plan the campaign around the party and give quality feedback to help better refine your character (either from a gameplay or narrative perspective). So please focus on getting this done, even if you do nothing else.

Dates and Timings
Ideally, I would like to have made a start within 2 weeks from the creation of this post.
Once it is established who will be playing, we can decide on more specific timings from there.

I am available to host on any day of the week except Tuesday, and due to my time zone being GMT the sessions will have to be quite early in the day for EST players.

Ask your own questions!
I should be active enough to respond to any questions you may have, either ask here or via discord.

Resources and Links:
Ironclaw 2nd edition Omnibus: http://www.mediafire.com/download/a5r40 ... on+omnibus
(This copy of the omnibus has been optimized with some handy bookmarks which you can navigate with through Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, and probably just about any other PDF reader but I personally have not checked.)
Roll20 Game Link: https://app.roll20.net/campaigns/detail ... 5/ironclaw

Other Details
Please note I do not necessarily intend for this to ERP related, and I am simply interested in a more standard tabletop experience. That being said I am by no means opposed to sexual themes where they make sense, I just take issue with the impracticality of stopping the flow of the game for the sake of a sex scene. If as a player you find that you absolutely must ERP, then I ask that you handle it outside of game sessions.

Another thing to note is that my preferred method of communication is voice, but I am flexible on this if people would rather use text.
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